Sunday, July 24, 2011

QB Battle 22.9

Now there's a 3rd link with only the fanmade characters:

Megaupload: App + Media + Extra chars + Fanmade chars (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra chars + Fanmade chars (update)

Added the fanmade Wonder Woman and Touhou's Sakuya (thanks to Okami31 and Luis Carlos), as well as an option to show the images in the reverse order:

Coming next: She-Hulk and Sakura Kasugano.

And don't forget, Lyla is to be released this coming week...

Edit (07-26): Fix for some of Wonder Woman's punches resulting in Lasso attacks: Megaupload/Sendspace

Edit2 (07-29): Next week I'm going on a business trip again, so I'll see if I can get at least Sakura done for next version.


  1. Good work, leecherboy!
    The new separation and new characters were very good.
    Sakuya is very cool. The new images are very better than mine. The new engine also is (better than a low modified Mina).

    And my requests:
    a) Make a file of "banned CPU characters" from Tournaments and Challenge. And a selectable list of bosses for Drake Tournament.

    b) An option to "lock experience" (so no one gains it at any mode) would be nice too.

    c) At last, make the custom QBBattle characters (Tifa, Sakuya, Cammy, Ryu...) be a route of Arcade mode (Ryu as boss for everyone).

  2. Thanks, I'll get on that.
    I'm assuming the "Lock XP" option prevents you from "dying and losing it all", as well.

  3. Awesome job with Wonder Woman! Thanks! I'll work on Chun Li soon!

  4. Is Wonder Woman supposed to "Hook Leg" with her "Low Punch"?

  5. Oh, silly mistake, fix'd, thanks for the heads-up.

  6. Whew, I finally got done with CHUN-LI, the first fighter femme!

    You should have a hard time choosing pics just cuz there are so many.

    You may use a regular kick pic for her lightning kicks because the only ones I could find for that move were cartoonish. There should be enough kick pics for her overhead flip kick, lightning legs special (senretsukyaku), ultra lightning legs (housenka), stomp kick, etc. Also got enough kikoken pics for a kikoken, super kikoken (kikosho) and maybe a fake one (I think she did that in Alpha, where it would be the kikoken motion but nothing comes out, but I don’t know its tactical value)…you can even have focus attacks like Cammy, but I’d rather you don’t get rid of some of her bona-fide moves for the focus attacks, y’know?

    Have fun with her!

  7. Whoa, no kidding, that's some crazy amount of pics, excellent work! :D
    It's weird that her lightning kicks, of all moves, is under-represented, though...

    And well, due to my going on another trip, next update will be smaller than I expected, too bad.

  8. I guess the artists can't find a serious way to show three or more legs at once...haha...unlike the spinning bird kick that apparently everybody loves...

  9. Quick test to see if I can finally post on this blog again...

  10. Yay! It FINALLY works after 2 months!

    Super nice job on all the new stuff since then! I'm too low on time to make a long comment on everything I want to, but...

    I have finished making a complete image set with constant formatting for a new character, but a few images might be too "riske". If possible, I'd like for you to say if the image set is acceptable or not, and if it's just a few specific pages I can try to see if I can scrounge up something (Worst page is right at the start, just so not to scare you too much about the rest).

    If I get your go-ahead, I'll make the movelist, and edit the page numbers, names and descriptions. If I don't have your okay... well at least I won't have wasted 100% of the time required to make a new character :)

    Thanks in advance!

    ***WARNING: A few of the pages aren't exactly 100% worksafe, view at your own risk!***

  11. Wow, the unmistakable Shirow, I was so surprised I even failed to notice the nipple slip in the first page ^^U. But yeah, the pic with the obvious tentacle molestation would be too much, and I'm not that sure about the couple of pics where she's pantiless...

    Of course, the art is gorgeous, so great job with the rest!

    On a side note, there may be good news on the Lyla front, she may even be added in the next update if the lightning-fast scanner guy from 4chan gets her early :)

  12. Gah, it's probably not possible to make a character out of Christabella then :(

    Since seeing Taki, with her nipples in plain view and a super detailed camel toe, I figured that maybe I'd have enough pictures for Christabella after all. The tentacle ones, yeah... I figured that was unlikely that'd pass :) Nyx does have some tentacle molestation (her heal in particular) but it's not that bad. Problem is that I'm EXTREMELY limited in the pictures of the character...

    About the pantiless part showing nothing, I'm surprised that this doesn't pass though! In the default set, we have Echidna who's permenantly pantiless, and we have tons of "torn off panties a quarter inch of showing something".

    If things like christabella_013 is acceptable, I probably could make an awesome Shion (from the Hellhound books and others: There's roughly 3 times more pics of Shion than Christabella) book without the other more questionable stuff: I'd just need to scan my two books first though. If christabella_013 is not acceptable, then I don't think it'd be possible to make one from anything Shirow unfortunately. Your game, your choice!

    If things like Christabella_13 isn't acceptable, there's no way I can make this current book work. If it is, maybe. Here's my list of the problem pages in my opinion and solutions, if any (All pages number refer to the image name, so page 6 means christabella_6.jpg):

    Actually, will be in next post due to character limits.

  13. Page 6: I... think I saw a more version somewhere, I'll try to dig it out.

    Page 11: My biggest worry. This page is the most critical one of the entire moveset, and there's no possible replacement. Problem isn't noticeable at first glance but it's there... I'm not good enough at editting to fix it, but maybe a kind, talented member of the community could?

    Page 15: Worst page out of the lot... I think I might have like 1 unused picture of her clothed that wouldn't really depict 'unbalanced'... Or maybe if I just keep the top part of the image it would be okay?

    Pages 23, 23_ver2, 32: Closest to "body wound" I have... is there any of the three you'd consider acceptable? If so it could be reused for the extended range one. Else I have a grand total of ONE clothed image I haven't used: The rest are worse than what's present in these ones and the clothed image is extremely bad (hence why not used).

    Pages 12, 13 and 16 are fine to me since we already have worse than that in many of current books (Well, okay, 12 is discussable), but if they are not fine to you, I unfortunately have no replacements at all... :(

    Please get me back when you can if possible on that so that I know if I can work on this book this weekend, or work on the Shion book, or if I scrap the whole thing and do something else entirely :)

  14. Hm, alright, I'll put on my serious hat now:

    -Pics 12, 13 and 16 get a free pass: I guess pantiless is fine as long as the front doesn't show, and you're right about other girls being pretty close to that already

    -Page 6 and 11 are real subtle. There's indeed a version of 6 where she's wearing a white shirt & stockings (let me know if you can't find it), and as for page 11... I guess an edit is the way to go. I tried my hand at it and got this, it should be good enough:

    -Page 15 is the real problematic one. Since it's just "Off Balance", if you can replace it with any pic when she's just a little surprised (or even if you repeat one picture), just do that (for example, page 46 of the book where she's picking up the treasure chest)

    -Pages 23/v2/32 are within Nyx' levels, so I don't see a problem with any of them (and even if the clothes are wet, it's within Taki's levels)

    And well, about Shirow's books, do you actually need to scan them? I see the 6 volumes of Pieces can be viewed online, those should contain most of the pics, if not all.

    (And just for random nitpickiness, isn't her actual name Christabel P. Athamastus?)

  15. Uh? There's scans online for Pieces 4 and 5? I saw scans for 1, 2, 3 and 6 but I've never seen any for 4 and 5! That'd certainly be very handy if you could point me in that direction :) My scans have a strange 'lining' in them, and there's a graphic difference at the page borders (I'm not going to cut off the pages off my books just so that they are 100% flat), so if there's better scans out there, it'd make for a nicer result.

    Thank you for the ok for the character! :) I'll fix the pages, make the moveset and all that jazz and post it once I'm done. I might only be done next week or so and I know you have your business trip and all, but at least it'll be ready for whenever you'll have the time and inclination to put her in!

    About the name... I just rechecked and you are completely correct. I stupidly mistook the 'ru' at the end for a 'ra' and read it as Kurisutabera instead. I'll change the name on the files to Christabel :)

  16. Here's where you can find most of Shirow's works (and lots more stuff), just look for "Shirow" and you're all set (NSFW link, though):

    Looking forward to the QB-fied version, let me know if you need some help with the matrix or something (I should improve the Custom Guide's info on the matrix, but can't right now ^^U)

  17. Are Felicia's "Claw Low" and "Leaping Kick" working fine? I keep getting the pic for "Claw High"

  18. I'll see if I can check that soon, but I guess I can only fix it by the next version.


    And... done! My hats off to you: Making a new character is a TON of work! I know you probably have templates already done that would save a bit of work, but it's still an hefty process!

    Text alignment isn't perfect, but it's definitively not bad as is.

    Since there's no Matrix guide yet, I used Captain Liliana's / Daniel's. By my understanding, everything should be perfectly spot on: Every move should go to the right pages when using Daniel's pages.

    I also used the exact same restrictions as Daniel: I didn't include a restriction file since it should be identical to Daniel, and the scoring pages are also identical (It's my first character so I'm still learning).

    There's a few major differences though:

    1) Christabel has an extremely strong Cannon attack that requires two Cannon Preparation counters to use. Cannon Preparation replaces the awful "parry" skill that Liliana has: The Cannon Preparation page is still a Score page (at -2), so it is easy to interrupt, and the parry rarely worked in the first place on Liliana (I assume the matrix numbers for it are very defavorable). So even though the damage on the cannon shot is extremely high, I think the preparations prevent the move from being overpowered (Might be underpowered even, but would need some field testing to know first). Also can only be used/prepared at close range.

    2) Extended Range Cursed Gold forces on a score page the opponent on extended body wound + can only do jumps, and close range Cursed Gold forces the opponent on the Daze page (It's -9 so it does no damage though). It's kind of similar to Elina's trip attack, but without damage and placing on Dazed instead of Knocked Down. Pretty much a free canon preparation when you can land Cursed Gold.

    3) Damage values on most skills are diffrent (New values are all marked on the card at page 38). Since Christabel use slashing swords, I increased slashing damage and reduced thrusting damage. Pistol attack deals a bit less damage to compensate for slightly superior moveset.

    All in all, I expect her to be roughtly similar to Captain Liliana strength-wise (A bit underpowered but viable), but she should be a bit more fun with the new options. Plus, the art is just beautiful :)

    Feel free to change whatever you feel is necessary/helpful, of course! I'll try to make something more unique for Shion (Pieces 4, 5 and a few artbooks), but... uh... absolutely no ETA on that :)

  20. That was fast, I'll check her properly when I have the time, and if there's nothing wrong, she gets right in (I guess she doesn't have an actual bios, and I can get a gist of her story somewhat). Just take your time with Shion, there's no hurry here :)

    And well, about the tools I have for creating chars, I mostly use a mini-app to combine matrixes of different chars (that I plan on adding to the guide one day), the rest is just manual work, though (I don't even use a template for the pics, as their width changes all the time).

  21. Regarding the bio... I haven't tried translating anything from Pieces 6. I have a few pages of Pieces 4, but it's REALLY hard to translate compared to what I usually do: I'm not terribly confident in the accuracy of what I have so I didn't bother torturing myself over Pieces 6. At least not until I magically improve my Japanese tenfold.

    I was flipping through my Hellhound and toguihime books, and I saw a whole lot of usable pictures, a lot of ideas popped to mind. Some are obviously not possible with the matrix system, but I have a few that MIGHT be possible:

    1) Would it be possible to have two entirely different books for the same character? At first glance, I think I could make both a "Kickass ninja Shion" and a "Dancer, seductress Shion", with completely different movesets, without duplicate images (or at least, extremely few). There's just too many good ideas that popped up to fit onto a single character book :) Enabling the character to change between the two matrixes/modes would be the best solution, but I don't see that workable... So if you allow me to have two different Shion books in the game I'll be happy anyway :)

    2) Is it possible to invent something that doesn't exist in the game yet? For example, moves that can only be used while an enemy character is Knocked Down for example. I think I might be able to pull off something pretty swell if it's possible to add such conditions to your game (without breaking all the code of course!)

    3) Does temporary additional hit points exist? If so, does it mean that it pretty much "shield" that amount of damage if you get hit next turn? For example using numbers pulled out of thin air, could I do a Shielding Dance which gives 2 temporary hit points, which would mean that if I get Scored upon next turn, I would take 2 damage less than usual? If that mechanic doesn't exist, would it be possible to add it into the game without excessive amount of time?

    No hurries about adding any of that of course: I'm not planning on doing more than brainstorming for a while. It's just that it'd be useful to know if those are possible or not!

  22. I can answer your questions

    1) Yes, but for all purposes they would be treated as two seperate characters. Refer to the Leina and Leine 3-D charactrers.

    2) He hasn't implemented them yet but the Lost WOrlds game has "tactics cards", they're very much like the ninja gimmicks. You "purchase" them for your character before the battle, and can use them when ever appropriate in the battle. You could specify on the tactic Card: Only usable if opponent is Knocked Down.

    3) I think temporary hit points do exist, but I'm not sure which character has them or if he has implemented them.

  23. Bill's basically right, but just for further info:

    1) Yep, Leina/Leina3d, Aldra/Rebellion Aldra, nothing more to say :)

    2) I like to say I could add any restriction that only affects the current battle (it'd be quite complicated to keep track of a restriction between battles), so sure, feel free to come up with whatever crazy stuff you can think of (just think about balance issues, though)

    3) Temporary "additional reserve" BP for next turn don't exist per se, for now it's temporary "instant damage", used by Daniel, Cpt Liliana and Cham Cham, IIRC. But like I said in the previous point, if it's something interesting and fairly simple, sure, go ahead and use it, it won't be hard to implement.

  24. Thank you very much for the answers! Two books it is then :) I'm not planning anything too outrageous, and I don't think any of it should break game balance, but... I'll bring up the details when I get passed brainstorming time!

    Quick review/bug reports of the added characters I played since I could last post on blogspot (Ivy and Yoruichi & Sui-Feng release). As always, I might have missed some important points of the characters, and a lot of personal taste obviously creeps in (Especially about the images :)), so don't take anything too much too seriously :)

    Tifa - Overall: Very good. MP system is interesting: The starting pool is quite big but in long battles (against a Mirim for example) you really have to manage it, especially since there's no way to refill it completely in one move unlike most other resources in the game. Dual materia is neat especially since both have good spells. Images are pretty nice overall too.

    Power: Average. Base damage is average with some good boosts (+3 for Haste, selective +2 on Up and Duck) for good damage overall. Ice is an excellent tool, but Bio feels pretty underwhelming for 2MP: Unless you hit someone that has very bad defenses (or a daze), you'll hit for 2 damage total on hit. It's not 100% useless since it will still deal 2 damage on shield blocks/parries, but... Still not amazing. Average-ish defenses, roughly average BP. A bit better than average in short battles where MP is no concern, and a bit worse in long fights. Pretty well balanced overall!

    Bugs: Time Materia: Slow goes to the Punch page instead of the Materia: Slow/Haste page. The Haste spell does work correctly, though. Whenever I use Final Heaven, I always end up on page 3 (Punch) instead of page 5 (Final Heaven).

    Wonder Woman - Overall: I don't play much with the Marvel/Super Heroes, but at first glance she seems to fit right in. Nice images, flying moveset ala Nanael, snares, much stronger than a QB character but along the lines of the best superhero ones. Pretty swell from what I saw, but since I mostly play randoms she's a bit too strong for that :) I'll skip the analysis due to not having enough experience with those characters.

    Taki - Overall: 'Meh' comes to mind, which is a bit unfortunate since Soul Caliber is by far my favorite fighting game serie. Extremely plain moveset: No resources, no big damage boosters, no utility moves beyond a turn around. She's extremely similar to Kasumi, which was one of the most 'meh' of the original characters to me. Image quality varies from "My god that's amazing" to "", but I'm genuinely impressed that a full set could be completed this well (I had briefly checked for a Sophitia set in the past and figured it was pretty much impossible to do a Soul Caliber character... Okami and you proved me wrong :)).

    Power: Unsure. On paper, she's very bad: Even worse than Leina. Her damage is extremely low, with the important +4 value (for crits) only reachable with Up + Orange, with her average usable damage being around +1. That's roughly Mirim-level damage, but without the superb defense that goes with it (Taki got slightly under average defenses). However, I'm finding myself doing much, much better with Taki than the raw numbers would indicate. Either I'm simply constantly lucky with her, or Taki has an extremely favorable matrix as she seems to get hit very rarely. At around 25 matches currently, I'd tend to lean toward the second option... If that's the case, I'd say that Taki is surprisingly fine power-wise. A bit bland, certainly not amazing, but surprisingly viable. We'll see if that holds :)

    Possible Bugs: Not a bug per say, but Parrying Low (49) has no Score value on it.

  25. Black Widow - Overall: Genuinely impressed. I just started playing with her (I'm no fan of Marvel characters in general so I hadn't touched her), but she's pretty swell. To begin with, images are certainly awesome. The knife-pistol moveset is swell, I like the "Throw knife-shoot gun" dynamic and she has a good diversity of attacks with positive modifiers.

    Power: Haven't played enough to make a great assement, but... So far I feel that she's much weaker than all other Marvel character beside Gambit: She's more along the line of a strong QB character (Offhand I'd say that Nyx, rebellion Airi, Alleyne, Junko, Alice and maybe a few others are better, but not many and not by much)... Which suits me just fine personally, since it means I can actually use her for the modes I usually play :)

    Yukimura - Overall: Absolutely detest her visually... But gameplay-wise she's surprisingly pretty decent. Her base damage is horrible, but has a ton of moves that gives her extreme bonuses. I like characters that have something else than just hit-hit-hit (Mirim excluded), so she's pretty fun to me (Although I might change the images :))

    Power: Average, maybe slightly higher than that. While her regular damage is the worst in the game, her boosted damage is very good. She has 4 attacks (plus her Up and Dodge) that gives +3 damage to multiple moves. This bonus enables her to have the important +4 (for crits) damage on multiple moves. She's one of the very few characters that have +4s across Orange, Red and Blue, and this allows for more mindgames than with characters with a single power hit. Not only that, her boosting moves cover all attack ranges plus two jumps so it's extremely easy to have boosted hits every 2 turns without being predictable and easy to counter (unless you get hit). On the negative side, she takes damage very badly, but at least it's not as bad as Sakuya (plus Yukimura has 12BP, at least).

    Sakuya - Overall: Extremely fun character, I love her but she has a critical flaw in my opinion. She got an interesting resource system (Quickly used but quickly regained), a swell unique move (Perfect Maid), better than average dodging bonuses and she can put out some out some great damage (up to +6, potentially more with Perfect Maid). Images are consistently good, too.

    Power: Very fun, but definitively underpowered. She often lose in a single hit, and if she survives the first hit, odds are that she'll get killed on the second. She has 9 BP, and gets hit for 8 damage on Daze, 6 on body wound and 5 on both arm wound and leg wound. Those are HORRIBLE! Even Huit isn't as bad.
    Compare her to another 9BP character: Alice. While Alice is one of the best default Queen's Blade/Gate character, the difference between Sakuya and her is simply HUGE. Alice has near infinite resources (6 shots, reloaded all at once with Dodge), has multiple +5 damage hits both at short and long range every single round, can still attack without ammo and takes damage MUCH better than Sakuya. 5 Dazed, 3 body wound, 3 Leg wound, 2 arm wound: Including possible height penalities, that's 1 to 3 damage less per hit on a character that deals more damage more often than Sakuya. I'm not saying that Sakuya should be as good as Alice, but... I feel that Sakuya definitively dies too fast, especially since her damage and utility isn't godlike to compensate (It's good, but not 'I die in 1 hit' good).

    Possible Bugs: Slash Low leads you to Dagger Throw, which causes you to lose a dagger (without the damage accompaigned with an actual dagger throw). Fake High has the same issue (lose a dagger for a -1 damage hit?) Low slashSakuya Stopwatch adds 2 damage to Sense of T.Edge, and the text on the page says 1 point (I prefer the 2 point version personally). Not exactly a bug, but... if you hit with Perfect Maid on -attacks (like jumps or dislodge), you hit for 0. Makes logical sense but it certainly degrades the move.

  26. Felicia - Overall: Pretty good. Very good long range attacks, great boosts (+2 on all jumps, +1 to +3 on other moves), good varied repertoire of attacks and a base +4 damage hit to threaten criticals with. She's fun and she has a pretty nice and fitting image set.

    Power: Average. Low base damage, but good boosting abilities brings damage up to par, and a big damage move to threaten with. BP is a bit lower than average, and defenses are average, but she heals for 2 points instead of 0 or 1. So a bit less survivability for a bit more damage than the "average" character (Especially long range), extremely well balanced overall. Thumbs up!

    Bugs: As Okami mentionned, Claw Low and Leaping Kick goes to the Claw High page.

    I haven't played as the robots, so I can't speak about those... except that so far the only character I could beat Griffon with was Alleyne. Man are they tough!

  27. Thanks for the nice comments, ayranwila! I do my best to find as many pics as I can...Wonder Woman and Chun Li were exhausting...I saw thousands of pics of WW and maybe a 1000 of Chun Li...haha...

    Black Widow is definitely an ass-kicker and fun to play as to boot!

  28. No probs for the nice comments about the image sets... You definitively merit them! :)

    I played a bit tonight, and I rechecked Christabel pages... I'm wondering if her dodge bonuses might not be a bit too low. The cannon definitively isn't as amazing as I thought it would be: Alleyne already has a +8 hit on Up + Throw for example, Jubei got +12 on boost, Nyx has +8 on cloth armored characters, Branwen has that too, ect...

    I think that maybe Christabel would need slightly better boosts on jumps: Maybe not in damage, but at least on what it applies to. It's currently impossible to boost her cannon shot damage any, and also impossible to improve pistol damage to reach the important +4. Would it be possible to have at least one of the dodge moves improve the cannon and pistol shot? I can edit the images and resend, or you can do that too if there's any other changes you want to apply to Christabel (The version I sent is just a suggestion obviously so tweak her at your heart content of course :))

  29. Thanks for reporting the bugs, and for the chars' analysis as well, it's always nice to hear opinions on the new chars and how they work, since I kinda lose perspective sometimes :)

    I thought Sakuya would be stronger, though, as she shouldn't lose daggers and should actually deal high damage on a trade hit (maybe she can't trade as much with such low BP?). Or more like, with a "lose all daggers & dodge to recover", maybe she's the most turtle-like char?

    As for Christabel, I can't check on her for a couple of days more, so if you want to change anything, you're still in time to resend her. I'll let you know beforehand if I see anything in need of a change.

  30. Updated version of Christabel:

    Include score changes, restriction changes, and visual changes to remove some typos and to clean up/modify a few images that had some border problems. I haven't made a Restriction File for her since I'm not completely sure of the right syntax for everything... I can make one with the parts I'm certain of and you can just add/change modify what's necessary afterward if that would save you some time and effort. It's close to Daniel's, but it's not an exact copy anymore...

    By the way, I noticed that Daniel and Captain Liliana a 100% exact copy of each other: The move that links to page 6 is Red for Daniel and Blue for Liliana. It doesn't effect anything but for the restrictions and dodge bonuses though: For reference, I used Daniel's version for Christabel.

    There's a possible problem with the whole Cannon Loading/Shooting. I used Daniel's parry move for the Cannon Preparation since it was the closest replacement: The problem is, it's also an 'attack' move. While it will always hit for 0 damage, it can occasionally put the enemy off balance, body wound, ect. This makes the two Cannon Preparations a bit easier to do than expected, but on the other hand it means that it can also be dodged, evaded and so on so it might compensate (might). However, from what I can see, it's EXTREMELY hard to land Lunge (the move that Cannon Shot replaces): It either gets outpriorized by all sort of swings, or it simply misses entirely. In 3 matches of doing nothing but that move, I only managed to land it only once (on a parry page at that). So if the loading is a bit easier but the actual landing of the shot is harder, it should be still balanced.

    The 'simplest' way to do things would probably be to implement it this way and give it a field test and then rebalance if needed. If the whole "loading cannon can hit", then... I think we'd need some matrix magic to turn that move into a move that cannot hit...

    Power-wise, I expect her to be very similar to the likes of Cammy, Mirim, Black Widow or Branwen: Very good, solid and dependable characters (Better than the likes of Risty or Captain Liliana) but are weaker than the top tier characters (Like Alleyne, Alice, Aldra (R), Nyx, ect).

  31. Regarding Sakuya, the problem is that she has both low BP and horrible score pages. Most fragile characters have one or the other: Irma has 12 BP, but bad score pages. Alice has low BP, but great score pages. The only other character that comes to mind that has both bad scores and low BP is Huit, and... Huit's certainly is in the top 5 worst characters in the game (She's fun though).

    Sakuya can't really trade hits with anyone in the game currently. She'd get absolutely dominated against any of the mid tier "slugger" characters like Mirim, Branwen, Risty or Tomoe... Well, to demonstrate, let's pick an average frail non-slugger like Elina as an adversary.

    Elina has regular BP, but she has really bad score pages (She's in the bottom 25% for score pages). She's really more of a 'finesse' character, with two superb trip attacks and a counter attack move, but we'll ignore those and put her into a straight up slug fest.

    To further add to Sakuya's advantages, we'll also consider that she has 6 daggers currently, and we'll use +4 (Propelling Silver or Square Ricochet). Elina has an array of various +3 damage moves, so we'll use that for damage. Boosting moves are roughly similar (+2 for Sakuya, up to +3 for Elina) so we'll keep them out of the equation. Now let's see what happens on traded hits...

    Dazed: 8 + 3 on Sakuya = Dead
    7 + 4 on Elina = 1BP remaining

    Body: 6 + 3 on Sakuya = Dead
    6 + 4 on Elina = 2 BP remaining

    Leg: 5 + 3 on Sakuya = 1BP remaining
    3 + 4 on Elina = 5BP remaining

    Arm: 5 + 3 on Sakuya = 1BP remaining
    3 + 4 on Elina = 5 BP remaining

    If you included the boosts, you get similar results (4 kills versus 2 kills instead of 2 versus 0).

    If both survives the damage trade, then you still have Elina with her weapon ready, while Sakuya will be at 0/6 daggers. Sakuya then needs to either do a risky Retrieve Weapon, or do 3 jumps to go back to 6/6.

    If both miss their hits, then Elina is ready to either strike again immediately or dodge for bonuses. Sakuya will be at 0/6 and cannot threaten Elina the following round...

    Even at 6/6, she presents less threat to Elina than Elina presents to her. And that's ignoring all of Elina's superior utility... Elina isn't exactly a top tier character to begin with and there's certainly plenty of better "trading hits" characters than her in the game.

    I'll admit that Perfect Maid can be a game changer, but it's extremely unreliable (You need 6/6, it risks reducing damage instead depending on the enemy move, you lose all charges, and you need to land it 'clean' (If you take damage, you don't get to the bonus damage page)). To me, Sakuya is currently the third worst QB/Guest character in the game due to that (Before Irma and Huit, but after Leina). She's very fun, but strength wise she's not really competitive as is...

  32. Now that I finally know how to use Mediafire to store files and that I AGAIN crashed against Sir Percival... Debug file time!

    That happens about 2 times every 3 matches against Sir Percival: In all cases, it always happens at Extended Range when Sir Percival is at very low hit points. It doesn't matter which character I use, it's a very common crash.

    Not really post-worthy, but since I'm already making one... Might as well :) I just had a "Star Wars" moment. I was Elina fighting against Locust, the giant 2-legged robot. I Trip Wire, it falls down and then I blow it up next round. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but the images of the ATT being tripped down in Episode 5 flashed in my mind instantly :)

  33. Woah, nice in-depth battle analysis ^^U

    Sakuya was actually supposed to have Mina's matrix and her Perfect Maid was just a high-hitting move, but for uniqueness' sake, I mixed her matrix with the unreleased "Siren with Daggers" char and gave her Spider-Girl's counter. If you guys agree that she's become too weak due to that, I guess I can buff her a little.

    I'll look into that glitch, and I'll see how Christabel's cannon thingie behaves.

  34. Well, I'm only speaking for myself, but I don't think the matrix is the problem, beside the "Low slash and fake leads to dagger throw" bug of course. Perfect Maid is very unreliable, but it has the potential to be a game changer: Using it against Jubei's +12 attacks is pretty swell :) It's a unique move, and Sakuya already has two other +4 moves usable in the same circumstances anyway so I do like Perfect Maid. I'm not familiar with Spider Girl's counter, so I won't comment on that. Sakuya's move set is pretty fun, and it looks fine to me.

    I'd say all she needs to be more viable is either a max BP increase or better scoring pages. Cham-Cham level BP and scoring pages would be really appropriate for Sakuya I think: Offense and utility is about roughly equal, and Cham-Cham is an okay character (Slightly weaker than average, but still very viable).

    If you don't want to change score pages, with 12 BP, she'd be along the lines of Aldra (R) survivability-wise (Slightly better due to glancing hits being 0 instead of 1). Considering that Aldra (R) has much higher offense than Sakuya (Spammable +4s of various types with absolutely no restrictions or constraints, a two turn jump plus the game-breaking Hellfire), I'd say that Sakuya would definitively not be overpowered with 12 BP. Sakuya would now at least survive one hit from most characters, and it'd be a great help to her.

    For comparison sake, here's other 'frail high damage characters' BP and score pages in order of Dazed-Body Wound-Arm Wound-Leg Wound-Glancing hit (Turned around, Knocked Down, Off Balance). Lower is better, of course.

    Aldra (R): 12 BP, 8-6-5-5-1
    Alice: 9 BP, 5-3-2-3-0 (Overpowered in my opinion)
    Cham Cham: 10 BP, 7-5-3-4-0 (My personal pick for best fit)
    Huit & Vingt: 9 BP, 8-4-4-5-2
    Jubei: 12 BP, 8-6-4-5-2 (Highest close-range damage in the game by far)
    Junko: 10 BP, 7-5-3-4-1 (Highest long-range damage + great utility)
    Mai: 10 BP, 7-5-3-4-1
    Nyx: 10 BP, 7-5-3-3-1 (Can kill 50% of the cast in the first turn)
    Sakuya: 9 BP, 8-6-5-5-1
    Yukiruma: 12 BP, 7-5-3-4-1

    Regarding Mina, would her matrix actually be good for "normal" characters? The only thing that makes Mina viable right now (Beside kickass artwork) is the fact that a lot of her attacks bring her back to Extended Range. I have the feeling that if she's not doing one of those attacks, she gets hit extremely often. I always assumed that her close-range matrix is extremely unfavorable to her: If I'm correct, then it's nearly a must to have characters based on her to also make good use of "close-range attacks that pushes you back to extended range"... But I'll admit I might be completely wrong on that one :)

  35. Now that I'm back, I was able to check on Christabel, amazing work there! :D
    The only thing I'd change is writing the char's name somewhere on the title page, and she'd be set. The Cannon Preparation should be fine where it is (as is Eirin & Ymir's), and despite the Shot's priority and damage, the slow loading time should make it balanced enough.

    About the Shot being hard to connect with, as a move 06 it does get cancelled by swings, but it has a 2/3 chance of not getting hit yourself, which is what the protected attacks are all about.

    On Sakuya, okay, I guess you're totally right about her score values. Fanmade chars aren't set in stone, so I guess I'll lower a bit her damage taken in account of her low BP. I'd usually like some consensus before I modify chars, but this much makes sense.

    Regarding Mina, I did an automated vertical/move-by-move search of her matrix (for example, her results when using move 04: 17,19,17,17...), and it returns many "100% matches" with other chars, mostly Cham Cham and Alice (though Mina's kicks are different from other swings), so yeah, her matrix is more common than you think :)


    Now with a named title page! I recall reading that page 2 isn't a must for the character, right? I really have absolutely no useable pages leftover.

    I'm getting a bit excited to try her out in action!

    Well, that's good to know about Mina! My perception of her close-range abilities probably got skewed by how horrible she gets crushed in a slugfest :)

  37. About Shion, I did a quick pass through all the pics I had of her (plus I scanned the better ones that weren't online), and did small captures of anything that had elements which could be remotely usable, divided by those needing editting and those who didn't... While doing that, brilliant ideas for a third Shion book flashed in my mind: Summoner Shion, with extremely unique gameplay elements and being totally awesome conceptually speaking.

    There's a... major issue... however: The idea is kind of twisted in nature. For the record, I blame the idea comming to me on the fact I went through those books twice in a day, and not that I'm sick-minded in general or anything :) Anyway, she'd pretty much be a summoner, but without full control on her pets. She'd have very bad score pages but extremely high BP, and she'd take damage/other effects on using most of her skills. She'd also have various points that accumulate as she uses certain pets (For example, she gets Minotaur points for using Minotaur skills, with some requiring a certain amount of that type of skill, some adding some substracting). If possible, she'd also need a skill that is effected by how many points she has: For example, an healing skill where she'd get 0.5 or 1BP per tentacle point (Points would cap of course) and then reset the tally to 0.

    Sounds good, right? Problem is, to make the character work visually... Well, imagine Luna-Luna level pages for revealing content, combined with the bad Nyx-level pages. I definitively have enough great images that I can use that won't show any forbidden bits for the entire moveset, but the concept will be pretty obvious (Like Nyx pages 55 and 63). Revealingness of some of Luna Luna pages and obviousness of the 'worst' Nyx pages... Is that acceptable? If it is, I'll make you an utterly amazing character, but if it's not... I honestly won't be able to blame you for your decision :)

  38. Anyway, Shion books status!

    Kick-ass Ninja Shion: Got an awesome image for every single action. Extremely fitting pages for absolutely everything beside maybe Arm Wound that's a bit less obvious, all high quality images (beside one medium). Extremely pleased with what I came up with. Problem currently is that I have 19 great images for 'attack' moves and only 11 slots to put them and I haven't been able to pick which 11 I prefer yet :) I'll map out the possibilities and decide afterward, but it's very good. I'll need the ability to have two moves only usable on Knocked Down enemies added to the game, though.

    Dancer/Seductress Shion: I got 65 ultra sexy and fitting images that don't overlap with Ninja Shion in any way (including weaponry choice). I haven't had the time to check if I can fit every necessary pages with those 65 images yet, but at first glance it's looking good. At worst I can use a few of the unused Ninja ones if necessary, but I shouldn't have to. A few pages might require minor editting, but I'm very confident I'll have an extremely sexy but acceptable and very fitting image set.
    Extremely unique gameplay-wise, she should be an absolute blast to play and one of the very rare defensive-minded character (although we might need to do a few revisions for balance since it's harder to balance something completely new). I'd need the shield mechanism I mentionned in an earlier post, some non-renewable resources (Like start at 4 charges but cannot increase), and the ability to permenantly increase damage (well, until match end). Not a must, but being able to restrict an opponent attack choice over more than one round (Like seal off blues for 3 rounds for example) would be nice. Finally and definitively not a must, a "passive" ability on the character that would automatically trigger once when under 0BP would be swell as well, but that kind of goes around the game standard logic so it might not be a great idea.

    Summoner Shion: Need to sift through 102 suitable images to see if I can make the "increasing level attacks" work as I envisioned without having content that's TOO objectionable (and without needing to edit pages heavily). As I mentionned earlier, even with the tammer ones it'll be as obvious as Nyx pages are...

    If I get a "maybe" from you (As in, the concept itself as I described is acceptable but you'd need to see the image set to decide it's allowable in the game or not), then I'll make an image set with alternates when able to see if we can reach an acceptable compromise: If it works out, great! If not, no harm done and we'll move on to something else. If the concept itself is simply not acceptable for QB Battle, then I won't bother making the prototype image set for Summoner Shion.

  39. Hi, I found your game a few days ago and I love it , thank you, I can finally play at Queen's Blade;)
    But if I post , it's because I'm French and I would like to try to translate your game if you agreed (so I need the source code).
    I await your reply, I go play;), see you soon.

  40. @ayrawinla: Geez, you're on a roll :)
    When you said "Summoner", I thought it was going to be like this unreleased "Summoner with Rod" char and pull monsters out of thin air, but if it's kind of like Aldra (R)'s demons, I guess it's fine. And about the images, if you can reasonably compare it to existing chars, I'll allow it for now, though we'll still have to see how the prototype book looks.

    (What worries me the most is the "effects of variable quantity" and the "multiple special points" you mentioned; I'm going to run out of space to show stats on... ^^U)

    Anyways, looking forward to the 3 Shions, glad they're mostly turning out okay.

    @joystikman: Translating the game into French? There would be a lot to translate, so I'd be really grateful if you could do it.
    Unfortunately, I can't share the source code, but since it's a Windows application, in this case we can use a separate file with something like this:

    [Battle Screen]

    ...Or whatever the translation is :)
    If you're fine with that, e-mail me at the address in the "help" section of the game, and we'll see if we can start the translation soon.

  41. It's kind of like Aldra (R) demons, but completely different :) I can reasonably compare it roughly to the worst of all standard characters mixed together...

    Thanks for the 'maybe'! I'll whip up a prototype image set sometime. The prototype definitively won't be fully editted: I'll only be doing a super quick and dirty editting job when it's 100% warranted. If the prototype is accepted, I'll then try to make it a tad more professional even though I'm at beginner level in that aspect.

    About values, it's not as bad as I made it sound :) As of current plans, Summoner Shion would need 3 types of resources, but she's not using any weapons so that should still fit and I can keep the effects at a reasonable level. For Dancer Shion, let's flush the passive idea, and as mentionned, the "restriction over multiple round" isn't a must regarding her move set: It'd be swell but not a must. She does have a weapon and a few scores though... Realistically, how many "effect" slots can I have without breaking the display or anything? Ninja Shion is much more straightfoward and I don't expect any complications or problems with her (Beside the need of "Only use this move when the enemy is off balance" anyway :)).

    In a completely different subject, yesterday we had two new players on Hamachi (to anyone who read this, please come play once in a while, it's fun!). They had some problems connecting together for online play and I ran some tests... It turns out that one of the two players can connect to other players, but neither me or the other player could connect to him. The second player and I could connect and play normally.

    Do you have any ideas what could prevent people connecting to that player? Restrictive firewall? Blocked port?

    For the translation thingy, I could offer help for the translation itself since French is my native language, but... It sounds like Joystikman has that under control anyway so I'll just work on my new chars anyway :)

    Oh! Last thing: I draw very occasionally on paper, and it's a relaxing activity after really stressful work days (Like making characters, really). I'm really poor at drawing, but I figure that making a character book would be excellent practice (Since it's placing the same character in multiple situations and animations). Would you accept a character book even if it's drawn as poorly as Mattha's book? While the art style is different, that's pretty much my current drawing level, so... :)

  42. Let's see, "passive" abilities could work, Ryu and Cammy do get the Ultra when under 5 BP (in some cases it fails to activate in that same turn, but I'm working on that). Since Alice has 2 separate special points (L and R bullets), I guess the max special slots would be around 3.

    On Hamachi, I have no idea why it fails sometimes, I couldn't connect myself the times I tried (now that I'm on Windows 7, I'll try again the next time I have some free time).

    I don't particularly have anything about books with amateur-level drawings, it's not like they occupy slots or you're forced to play with them, so go ahead and try your best :)

    And one mistake Christabel might have: Ext. Range Cursed Gold says "on a Score page, turn to page 35 and do only jumps next turn". You said it's like Elina's wire, but then it should say "direct me to do only jumps next turn"... and it'd kinda not need to say that, since page 35 forces you to do Brown anyways. Not that it's a big deal or anything, just pointing that out.