Sunday, July 10, 2011

QB Battle 22.5

Megaupload: App + Media (update) + Extra chars
Sendspace: App + Media (update) + Extra chars

Didn't have that much time, so it's only the fanmade Taki (thanks to Okami31):

Coming next: Touhou's Sakuya and Wonder Woman.


  1. "Only Taki"?
    It's fantastic! You didn't have much time and still made a character.

    The next character I'll send to you will be more complete (I only don't know how to make the pictures look like are on the book, but I'll name the pages of then).

  2. I would like to see a new feature. I would like to see my book above my stats when I play. I know the game does not play like that but it should be a option.

  3. If you mean an option to "reverse the images" and show 1P's pic on the left and 2P's pic on the right, then I guess sure, why not :)

  4. My next character is mean, green and yet sexy!

    Enter SHE-HULK!

    If Hulk is the epitome of anger, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, wouldn’t She-Hulk be the angriest being in the world and the most powerful if you were to make her mad? Haha…

    She-Hulk is not as strong as her most famous (or infamous) cousin Hulk, but she’s more agile and keeps her wits about when she’s fighting though she’s still a pure brawler…

    Her fighting style should be getting in your face and pummeling you and if you’re away, she’ll probably throw something heavy…unfortunately I couldn’t find any pics of kicks or jumping (it’s always something) so you’ll have to get creative on those…

    Regarding her “enrage” ability, it could have two levels like a focus attack, and use her more bestial pics for a super-pissed-off power-up on all her physical moves, maybe only available when she’s low on health or if she’s gotten angry already…as always it’s up to you…

  5. Great job with She-Hulk there!

    I'd have thought she was too obscure to have enough pics, but I guess appearing in MvsC3 really boosted her popularity :)

  6. Thanks! Yeah, it must have, though her fighting style in MvsC3 is a mexican luchadora...I haven't gotten the grasp of it yet...

    I have read many comics but very few of She-Hulk...the writers tend to make her stories a bit goofy which are not to my liking (I have Deadpool for that)...

  7. hello leecherboy. this program is amazing! I have had the queens blade book scans for a while now, but could never figure out completely how to play, nor could I find anyone to play with. I found this a few days ago and toyed around with a sakura (street fighter) character. it is basically just mai's data with the fire attack restrictions removed, and the move names changed. If you would like to check it out, let me know. maybe you could tweak her to make her a more unique character.

  8. Thanks.
    I wouldn't mind working on adding Sakura, but only if you have a more or less fitting set of pics for her (the last character request I accepted without a good set of pics is Chun-Li, and I still haven't gathered enough good pics for her ^^U).

  9. alright, cool. i have all the pics already set up and in the right order. (already tested ^_^). the only thing i have not done is put up the matrix numbers at the bottom of every pic. i think the only pic i am missing is a 2p pic. my email is if you want i can email you the files and everything. when i get my hardrive back i was also thinking of making haruko from flcl.

  10. Oh, you do have the pics? My e-mail is in the "Help->About" part of the app (sorry for the hassle), so yeah, feel free to send me those or post them here in the comments like other nice fellas are doing, and I'll see what I can do :D

  11. I've seen quite a bit of Chun Li pics around, I can help you with that...

  12. Alright, I sent the files. I think you will like the choice of pics.

  13. @Okami31: it'd be awesome if you could complete Chun-Li's set, I seem to be somewhat busy lately, with all the new chars to add and stuff :D. Here's what I found for her:, she'd be around halfway there, but missing some attacks.

    @nabesean: Great job, a neat selection indeed. I'll try to give her a more unique spin and add Sakura soon, then.