Sunday, June 26, 2011

QB Battle 22.2

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Added the recent Yukimura Sanada, and the fanmade Black Widow (thanks again to Okami31):

Yukimura is short and her attacks are pretty weak, but her strong points (I think) are that she doesn't get disarmed easily (she gets no damage penalty for hitting with only one weapon), and that some of her moves give great score boosts for the next ones.

Note that I'll be on a work-related trip to the capital for the next several days, so I might not be able to fix any potential mistake until I come back.

Coming next: within a couple of days, the "guide for making custom characters", and for the next version, Taki.

Edit (06-27) : First version of the Guide for Custom Characters is up. I tried to explain more or less the basics, so if you guys want more details on any part, I'll try and get more specific.

Edit2 (07-07) : Updated info about the next Queen's Gate book, Noel Vermillion.


  1. Great job with Black Widow! She's fun to use! Yukimura is a weakling as expected...she's in the same pile as Huit and Risty...

  2. Whatever you did fixed the problem running the game. Just to let you know. Thanks

  3. Cool, thanks for telling me, that's a load off my mind.

  4. The guide to adding characters is very good.
    I'll try to see if I can make one...

  5. My next lady and it’s one of my favorites! WONDER WOMAN!!!

    Watch out Rogue, here comes a major contender!

    And before you complain about the bigger amount of images to work with, let it be known I spent two workdays looking at more than 7,000 pictures in several websites… haha :-P… j/k… I didn’t mind…

    Wonder Woman as an Amazon, may use a wide variety of weapons but I focused only on her super strength, hand-to-hand combat prowess and her lasso. Cuz you don’t need weapons when you can throw a tank across the Atlantic!

    Her gauntlets/bracelets enable her to better block/parry/dodge attacks…I don’t know how you can incorporate this or if it is overkill given that she flies…I gathered enough flying pics to do the whole fly up, land down stuff…

    I don’t see her Lasso of Truth as a whip (though wikipedia states otherwise), so she would be only grabbing with it…disregard the truth-seeking abilities cuz they would be wasted in a fight (there’s no place for interrogation in these matches!)…so what I can see her doing is grabbing weapons (dislodging), dragging or throwing people around (lassoing and flying them into a building, etc.), knocking people down by tying their legs, etc…at one point the lasso had the ability to hypnotize so I don’t know if you want to put that there…

    She has thrown her tiara as a boomerang and even cut Superman’s neck with it in comics but I always thought the shape of her tiara made the throwing act illogical and quite silly so I didn’t put any tiara pic up…

    For her super-strength I did put some pics of her lifting rocks/metal with the intention of throwing them at the opponent…this should be a quite powerful attack (but she would have to land to pick it up, so it could be restricted if she’s flying about)…

    She’s a master at close-combat fighting, so maybe she could have Elektra-type block-and-attack moves…btw of all the pics there was no straight kickin’…plenty of cute/sexy poses with lassos but it was hard to find a simple punch or kick or anything resembling an attack…for such an offensive powerhouse you would think this wouldn’t be a problem…I blame her big boobs and revealing outfit…btw she shouldn’t have any seduction skills because she’s not that sort…

  6. Well... time to add one lady myself!

    Sakuya Izayoi, the Chief Maid at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

    She is a ranged based character. I think Mina is the same as her.

    Her gameplay could be "loading daggers and then shooting then."
    She begins with 3 daggers, and can have 6.
    When she parries, dodges, duckies, charges, do a Vertical or Horizontal attack, jump up or away she gains one extra dagger. When she retrieves weapon, she gains 3.
    When she is Disarmed or Dazed, she loses 3 daggers. When she is knocked down or out balance, she loses 1.
    At least, when she do the "Dagger Throw", she loses all daggers... But add 2 to damage each dagger she has! It would be the "Special move".

    My selection of pictures (I focused on the needed by the guide, if you have further help, just let me know)

  7. Sorry, I forgot the basic:

    Sakuya is a Dagger throwing maid form Touhou who can manipulate time and space.
    Her attacks could be no-named, unless Dagger Throw, that could be "Perfect Maid" or "Sense of Thrown Edge".

  8. @Luis...

    interesting character...wonder if she'll be tough to fight...

  9. leecherboy is gonna hate us for piling up work for him while he's busy at the capital!

    I did an extensive search at the same comic art site where I found a bunch of Wonder Woman pics and found several new Catwoman pics...

    If you consider them better than what's already been done and you cared enough to update them of course (haha), here they are:

  10. Lol, Catwoman is fine as is, and I'm not really a fan of black & white art...

    Good work with Wonder Woman and Sakuya, and as for the latter, I never expected a character from a shoot'em-up. I'd rather have more extra pics just in case, though the selection looks alright, and since it's Touhou, it's not like there'll be a shortage of spare art. :)

  11. I actually knew Sakuya (and the others) from Mugen games. Then I discovered Touhou.
    My idea of adaptation was the Touhou Fighters, Immaterial and Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

  12. I added more pictures of Sakuya. And made the sheet: (I tried to make the number of daggers as "Energy". And make the restriction "E", that means "only if has at least 1 energy left".

    Height: 4
    Attacks: 1
    Body Points: 11
    Tactics Points: 15
    Weapon:Silvered Daggers
    Cloth Armor
    Metal Weapon Always
    Initial Energy = 3
    Maximum Energy = 6
    Special Name = Daggers
    Vertical Slice,Heavy,28,56,1,O,0,E
    Vertical Slice,High,10,56,0,D,0,E
    Vertical Slice,Low,2,56,0,U,0,E
    Frontal Slice,High,32,56,0,D,0,E
    Frontal Slice,Low,14,56,0,U,0,E
    Vertical Slice,Low,42,56,-1,U,0,E
    Vertical Slice,High,12,56,-1,D,0,E
    Dagger Toss,Snapshot,22,60,2,D,1,1
    Dagger Toss,Sniping,38,60,2,U,1,1
    Sense of Keen Edge,Perfect Maid,44,64,6,O,1,6
    Sense of Keen Edge,Propelling Silver,48,54,6,D,1,6
    Sense of Keen Edge,Square Ricochet,6,58,6,U,1,6
    Special,Sakuya's World,34,56,2,U,0
    Special,Wild Swing,40,56,1,Y,0,E
    Special,Disarm Opponent,30,56,-3,U,0,E
    Special,Retrieve Weapon,46,52,-6,G,0
    Sakuya Stopwatch,High,26,56,-2,G,0
    Sakuya Stopwatch,Low,4,56,-2,G,0
    Extended Range,Charge,50,0,2,W,0,E
    Extended Range,Sense of Keen Edge,64,0,8,K,1,3
    Extended Range,Square Ricochet,58,0,4,K,1
    Extended Range,Propelling Silver,54,0,6,W,1
    Extended Range,Magic Star Sword,60,0,4,W,1
    Extended Range,Block and Close,56,0,0,B,0
    Extended Range,Dodge and Retrieve Weapon,52,0,-6,B,0
    Extended Range,Sakuya World,62,0,-6,B,0

    I'm working on her restrictions now. The matrix (and AI is same as Mina).

  13. Nice, you're getting the hang of it :D
    If she uses those many daggers as "ammo" and doesn't "equip" them, yep, they'd be "energy" indeed. The selection of moves is quite fitting, too.

    For some constructive criticism: moves 42 and 12 should be called "fakes" or "feints" (or else it would be confusing), move 34 should be a kick (or a physical attack that can knock down, I don't think "Sakuya's World" is that).

    As for the "E", it'll work the same if you write "...0, 1" as in the dagger throws, since that means: "no need to carry weapon, and at least 1 energy". Also, since it seems she doesn't "carry weapons", the dagger moves don't need to end with "...1,1", "...1,3" or "...1,6", and will work with "...0,1", "...0,3" and "...0,6" (that is, the penultimate number says if she's carrying weapons or not)... I'm sorry if that's a bit complicated >_<

  14. I tried to make Sakuya World is a "use a feint using the time-stopping ability". It is the name of the "clocks aura" she has. (This in the
    Touhou fighting games, is a slow/stop ability, so, I think "knock down" is a good way to represent this).
    And is also her trademark ability, so I wanted this attack on her.
    Maybe it could be an "Shun Goku Satsu", needing 6 daggers and dealing 8 damage AND knocking the opponent down.

    I forgot to put the new pictures in the album. Now, I did it. These are the "clock" pictures, for Sakuya World and Sakuya Stopwatch.

    So the numbers are not "energy that is need" not "energy expended". Good to know. I'll use it on the next character.

    I figured out the 0 and 1 for weapons. I also changed it when I was putting the "E".

    I'll try to finish the restrictions up to 06/06. And I also will put a better sheet that day.

  15. Well, this is Sakuya Izayoi restrictions:

    restriction[0]=No restrictions,Bonus 1,(P)
    restriction[1]=Can't use D,Can't use O,Energy regain 1
    restriction[2]=No restrictions,Unmodified score 0 doubleturn 35 49,Energy consume
    restriction[3]=Only move Jump,Energy lose 3,*Never O,*Energy Lose 3
    restriction[4]=Can't use move Horizontal Slice,Energy regain 1
    restriction[5]=No restrictions,Bonusonly move 1 Single Shot,Energy consume
    restriction[6]=Can't use D,Can't use O,Energy lose 2,*Never U,*Energy Lose 4
    restriction[7]=Only move Extended Range,Energy consume
    restriction[8]=No restrictions,Energy consume,(P)
    restriction[9]=Only Y,Only G,Energy lose 2
    restriction[10]=Only Y,Energy lose 1
    restriction[11]=No restrictions,(P*)
    restriction[12]=Can't use U,Can't use Y,Energy consume
    restriction[13]=Energy lose 6,No restrictions,*Never move Retrieve Weapon,*Never move Dodge and Retrieve Weapon
    restriction[14]=Can't use O,Bonusonly move 2 Square Ricochet,Energy regain 1,(P*)
    restriction[15]=Can't use D,Can't use O,Energy lose 3,*Never move Sense of Keen Edge
    restriction[16]=No restrictions,Bonusonly move 2 Perfect Maid,Energy regain 1,(P*)
    restriction[17]=Only B,Energy lose 2,*Never D
    restriction[18]=Can't use U,Bonusonly move 2 Sense of Keen Edge,(P*)
    restriction[19]=Can't use Y,Can't use G,Energy consume
    restriction[20]=Only move Jump,Energy lose 1,*Never U,*Energy lose 5
    restriction[21]=Energy regain 3,Bonus 1,No restrictions
    restriction[22]=Energy regain 1,Damaged Energy lose 3
    restriction[23]=No restrictions,Unmodified score 0 doubleturn 35 15,Energy consume
    restriction[24]=Only move Extended Range,Energy consume
    restriction[25]=Only move Extended Range,Energy consume
    restriction[26]=Only G,Only Y,Energy lose 1,*Never D,*Energy lose 5
    restriction[27]=Only move Extended Range,Regain 1,Energy regain 1
    restriction[28]=Only move Extended Range,(P)
    restriction[29]=Only move Extended Range,Energy consume
    restriction[30]=Only move Extended Range,Energy regain 2,(P*)
    restriction[31]=No restrictions,Unmodified score 0 doubleturn 35 51,Energy consume

    The only matrix change is adding a 4 as critical for Weapon Disarmed (page 27).
    I don't know is a move can have 2 "Energy Lose" (normal and critical) but it is how I made it.

  16. And then the new sheet:

    Height: 4
    Attacks: 1
    Body Points: 9
    Tactics Points: 15
    Cloth Armor
    Metal Weapon Always
    Initial Energy = 3
    Maximum Energy = 6
    Special Name = Silvered Daggers
    Vertical Slice,Heavy,28,56,1,O,0,1
    Vertical Slice,High,10,56,0,D,0,1
    Vertical Slice,Low,2,56,0,U,0,1
    Frontal Slice,High,32,56,0,D,0,1
    Frontal Slice,Low,14,56,0,U,0,1
    Horizontal Slice,Low,42,56,-1,U,0,1
    Horizontal Slice,High,12,56,-1,D,0,1
    Dagger Toss,Snapshot,22,60,2,D,1,1
    Dagger Toss,Sniping,38,60,2,U,0,1
    Sense of Keen Edge,Perfect Maid,44,64,8,O,0,6
    Sense of Keen Edge,Propelling Silver,48,54,4,D,0,3
    Sense of Keen Edge,Square Ricochet,6,58,4,U,0,3
    Special,Sakuya's World,34,56,8,U,0,6
    Special,Wild Swing,40,56,1,Y,0,1
    Special,Disarm Opponent,30,56,-3,U,0,1
    Special,Retrieve Weapon,46,52,-6,G,0
    Sakuya Stopwatch,High,26,56,-2,G,0
    Sakuya Stopwatch,Low,4,56,-2,G,0
    Extended Range,Charge,50,0,2,W,0,1
    Extended Range,Sense of Keen Edge,64,0,8,K,1,3
    Extended Range,Square Ricochet,58,0,4,K,0,1
    Extended Range,Propelling Silver,54,0,6,W,0,1
    Extended Range,Magic Star Sword,60,0,4,W,1,1
    Extended Range,Block and Close,56,0,0,B,0
    Extended Range,Dodge and Retrieve Weapon,52,0,-6,B,0
    Extended Range,Sakuya World,62,0,-6,B,0

  17. Woah, that's terrific, I'll see if I can free up some time and add her this time :)

    If you have her restrictions, does that mean you know more or less how her pages are distributed, as in, what are her attacks in pages 47, 63, etc?

    For the restrictions, I think the "energy" ones go before the "can't use" and similar (so that the unusable moves are ruled out), and since "Perfect Maid" is a counter IIRC, maybe it could be weaker but, like one of Spider-Woman's, it'd add the enemy's damage to yours.

  18. I'm interested in Noel Vermillion though I have never played Blazblue (but I have played Guilty Gear!)...