Sunday, April 17, 2011

QB Battle 20.4

Megaupload: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)
Sendspace: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)

Added Catwoman (thanks to Okami31 for the pics) and updated Cammy's images with more professional-looking ones (thanks to etherblade).

The files you modify in the "config" folder won't be overwritten by updates anymore, and most of the choices in Online battles won't ask both parties now, except for gimmick selection and color selection (like Luna Luna's or Darth Vader's).
By the way, if you want to fight online against other players, be sure to join the Hamachi channel featured at the top of the page.

Coming next: Choosing your own music for each screen, Bleach's Yoruichi & Sui-Feng. (I'll postpone the Night Owl earning Gimmick Points when leveling up until I understand those points better).

Edit (04-27): Ivy confirmed for next update, Yukimura Sanada's preview pics here (she doesn't have a "double matrix", as I assumed her "speed mode" would need, though).


  1. Yoruichi's jump 2 was also censored at photobucket...

    Glad to play as Catwoman! (even if ye got me number lucky I like 13 too...haha)

  2. well the cammy lay-out were a test that i've gotten the hang of the basic lay-outing i can now know how to create professional looking page for the queen fighter series..given if that particular character catches my attention... (like cammy :3)

  3. and "Choosing your own music for each screen" now that's a trick i need to a couple of cool battle songs due to all the anime OST's that i DL.ed w/c includes some BG mp3's :3

  4. Here are the translations of the japanese books I promised last week (including Luna Luna's for completion's sake, even if it's not my translation):
    So like I said, if you guys want to edit the books and make them readable, I'll replace the current japanese versions.

    @Okami31: you're right, I credited you with the wrong numbers, my bad ^^U

  5. Just pullin' yer probs...

    I don't know what's with Tomoe all of the sudden, but she's kickin' butt...were there any changes to her moves?

  6. Her splitting helm move didn't work right (more like, "could be used to defeat anyone in 2 turns"), so after that was fixed, she shouldn't be stronger that before.

  7. Then it's just me...haha...

    By the way, I don't know if you're fully Spaniard but your English is excellent...kudos for all your hard work!

  8. I'LL DO IT!!!!! OH LET ME DO THE TRANS >.< i have some of the HQ scans of books.... oh lemme100X >.<

  9. @etherblade: Eh, sure, go ahead, I'll appreciate it if you do :D

    @Okami31: Yeah, I'm a native Spaniard all the way, thanks for your kind words.

  10. it's a date then..i'll maybe have it up 2 days from now coz tomorrow i'll probably be busy coz i'm having a anime marathon in my house tomorrow together w/ some of my friends...but i'll try to finish 1 or 3 of the books later tonight... XD although....i can't quite get the idea you've put on the edits on lili:
    "(*): The original page 49 restriction seems to say "add 1 if you score with
    Spine Shoot, Bloody Masquerade Lance, Flat Trip, Kick Weapon or
    Mustang Lance next turn". But, since she's at Extended Range, half
    of those moves aren't available and Flat Trip isn't even one of her
    moves, I'm going to assume she just gets a normal bonus
    (**): Like above, the original page 51 restriction seems to say "add 1 if you score
    with Chop, Fake or Wild Punch next turn". But, since she's at Extended
    Range, half of those moves aren't available and it looks suspiciously
    like page 43's restrictions, I'm assuming this is a typo too and she
    just gets a normal bonus"

    kindly make it more in in grade school simple...coz although i play the game...i dnt quite understand the technical terms coz this is my only exposure to lost world battle book game (and yes, if i hadn't stumbled upon your site as i did (by accident) i even wouldn't know this kind of game existed XD)

  11. You can ignore the comments on Lili if you want (in fact, the comments that aren't "special rules" shouldn't appear in the edited version). Those are just typos in the japanese text that should be officially addressed in the QB site's "errata page", but aren't yet, so I put those small foot notes just in case...

  12. Aw, the translations got deleted already... Can you reupload there somewhere like Mediafire or some such?

    Anyway, thanks for the version! I really didn't have much time at all to play, but it looks good so far. Catwoman looks great, although I haven't actually managed to win a match with her yet.

    Looking foward to Yoruichi: I don't know the characters, but the images certainly are swell! :)

  13. Nah, the translations aren't deleted yet (maybe you copied the period after the URL?), but anyways, Mediafire link here:


    Album link

    As promised, I bring the last part of my feline trilogy of character proposals.

    There were lots of pics for Felicia, but very few actually showing an attack. Artists just want to make her look cute I guess.


    Claw or Swipe (High and Low)

    Punch (High or Low)

    Multiple Swipes

    Leap and Claw

    Leap and Kick

    For representation of her video game fighting moves:

    Rolling Buckler should be “roll.jpg”

    Rolling Buckler Uppercut should be “uppercut.jpg”, but in MvsC 3, you can end the rolling buckler into a low, medium or high attack, so I don’t think it’s necessary to have a rollinb buckler uppercut because it’s up to the player in Queen’s Blade to choose what move comes after…it could just simply be an uppercut…

    Delta Kick might be “kick2.jpg”

    Cat Spike she throws a ball then spikes it…so “claw 1.jpg” could work…

    Sand Splash…I got nothing…I’m sorry…unless “kick.jpg” looks sandy enough…

    EX Charge…she powers up…a more feline or aggressive pic of her should do…

    Hyper Move: Dancing Flash can use the more mean-looking “uppercut.jpg” or “claw6.jpg”

    The other two Hypers in MvsC3 have Felicia clones helping her, but I didn’t see any good pic with more than one Felicia, and this is her solo fight…

    In Darkstalkers 3, Felicia has supers that are stronger versions of her regular attacks, like Flashing Buckler, Delta Flash Kick and Feline Spike…so you may go that route too…

  15. Oh, how cute, terrific work with Felicia there, you got most of her moves. I'll see what I can do for the ones that are missing :)
    Also, as usual, a pic was censored, in this case "turned around 4".

  16. To me uploading in Imageshack is more annoying than Photobucket, but the latter one is prone to censoring tame pics...

  17. Trilogy? I know of Catwoman and Felicia, but who is the third?

  18. Yoruichi from Bleach...leecherboy is working on her...

  19. Ah, sweet! Never been a big Bleach fan, but I'm sure it will be a great character!

  20. Yay, Felicia! Love the image set :)

    To be entirely honest, I've played Dalkstalker for about 20 minutes at an arcade, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 for about 10 hours at most on the PS2, but... I do like the character either way. I love cats, and I do like most catgirls characters, so I like Felicia too! Plus, she's kind of the iconic cat-girl character, anyway.

    Catwoman can win: Charles beat me twice using her so that's proof enough :)

    I had time to play a few matches, and the "loaded at start" aspect for the Captain and Huit does help in making them a bit more 'on par', so thank you for that.

  21. ummmmmmmm i've manage to translate Lili, capt. liliana, and branwen (gasping for air) it's really hard editing the source scans then correcting the colors and the angle.... and here i thought it would be easy work....goumen if i'm taking to long to do the trans... TT_TT (doing jubei yagyu @ the moment) and i saw the complete ivy scans in minitokyo last time i checked probably the book has already been released :3....(plz dnt add her to the trans project yet TT_TT)

  22. Just take your time, we're not in a hurry here... ^^U
    And yeah, I've been following the flow of Ivy's scans, I'll confirm her for the next update as soon as her character sheet appears :)