Sunday, April 3, 2011

QB Battle 20.1

Megaupload: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)
Sendspace: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)

Finished the Warhammer guys with Kal Jerico, and now Night Owl can choose Gimmicks (ninja tools) to use in the fights.

As for fanmade characters, beware of the bee showdown: not only Q-Bee (thanks to Charles for gathering pics), but also the "Killer Bee", Cammy.

Q-Bee was quite a challenge (because there isn't much artwork depicting her as in the middle of a battle), but borrowing a lot from the Birdman with Lance and Net concept character, she became an atypical flying character.

Coming next: Night Owl gaining extra BP or gimmick points when leveling up, and some more customization through the "config" folder. It'd be nice if there was Ivy too, but who knows.

Edit (04-05): Fixed some bugs and typos Q-Bee had: Megaupload/Sendspace. And coming next time too, Catwoman from DC.

Edit (04-06): Tiny patch for Q-Bee resulting in incorrect ranges sometimes: Megaupload/Sendspace

Edit (04-08): Fix for Huit & Vingt's Chemical Gas incorrectly succeeding everytime, and to improve the CPU's response against it: Megaupload/Sendspace


  1. Not bad, not bad AT ALL~!

    'Cocoon Rebirth' makes me a happy, HAPPY man.
    ...Why does Q-Bee's scorecard read 'Luck', but in game it reads 'Tactics'?
    Simi wished you used the Q-Bee Nurse as the 'alt' outfit as it is indeed her midnight bliss, the one you picked was a girl from One Peace dressed up as Q-bee. :P
    Also her scorecard had 'Gather Bees' as green, but you have it as Red in game as well...

    Also: on level up screen why is it one can't level up Q-Bee's 'Cocoon Rebirth'? As such all one needs to do is level up the other Black to gain 1 BP.

    Beyond this thought I think you did some wonderful work on Q-Bee~! Thanks a ton for your hard work developing her.

  2. oh yes, one last thing, R.M. range has a range modifier of 1..why is this?

  3. Gather Bees is actually green, my bad. And you're right, I didn't notice it wasn't really her there (and I do love my One Piece), I'll replace that with the nurse alt next time.

    Tactics appearing instead of Luck is just a silly mistake I keep forgetting everytime, and about improving moves, you can't improve those who aren't supposed to ever damage the enemy, so she's not the only one who needs less XP to gain BP (Huit & Vingt is in the exact same situation).
    And the 1 in the Ext.Range R.M. is just a typo, and the damage modifier is 0 (there may be a typo on the sheet).

  4. Tis be fine, that's why you got me looking at all of this stuff. I also got a friend interested into drawing new images for her, so there might be a 'reprinting' of her some time down the line (Nothing 'soon' thought, 32 drawings don't get done in a week sadly...).

    Still, beyond that I do like how her playing style works out...PARTLY wish it was 'Gather Honey' and 'QJ' with "Opponent can only jump for 2 turns", but this works just as well. Now to see if I can't take out a few bosses with her...

  5. Chances are a lack of a scan yet for starters, more less unsure if said Queen's Blade book is even OUT yet...

    Also, have a replay of funnyness inbound. Apparently somehow Q-Bee was able to get a back attack...while being back attacked....How the hell does this work?

  6. Oh, I thought he bought the books himself since he's got all of them...Ivy is supposed to be out already...hopefully scans will pop up soon enough..

    I've had several battles where both opponents are "behind you" ...don't remember which characters, but I think it is usually related to the Marvel ones...

  7. Thanks for the update! I played quite a bit over the weekend: It's far more addictive and fun than it ought to be :)

    I'm surprised at how much strength difference there are even between Queen's Blade characters. There's some who are utterly amazing and powerful at both long range and short range with multiple defensive options on top of that (Annelotte, Mai and Alleyne for example whom I beat the Drake Tournament with no upgrades). There's some with an exciting skill set with a lot of options like Echidna or Huit. There's some meh ones that have a redeeming factor, like Risty being able to hit extremely hard with Up + Smash. And then there's some I don't see any redeeming strength like Leina (worse than the already meh Risty in all aspects except for 1 point of thrusting) and especially Irma.

    Does Irma have anything that makes her shine? She has no long-range ability, her close range damage is mediocore, her jumping skills are bad (No bonuses on Up, regular on Dodge and Duck but with move restrictions), her dagger toss is at +0 (Unlike +5 for Echidna, who has 3 reloadable daggers instead of 1), no shield, no "block and attack" moves when in trouble and no "utility" moves like Elina's Trip. Is there any redeeming value to Irma, or special situations that can occur with her that gives her some sort of edge? I like the character, but... not her fighting incarnation :)

    Regarding Nyx Firebird spell, what is considered a "cloth armor"? Same question for Armor Piercing with the metal armors.

    It's certainly only bad luck and bad judgement, but I never managed to actually win a single match while playing Jubei Yagyu. I even got trounced against Skeleton.

    If I were to find enough suitable images of Shizuka, would it be possible to get her into the game? I haven't actually watched all 24 episodes yet, but I like her so far :)

  8. In my games, Huit & Vingt are by far the worst and Tanyan & Sainyan are the best...

  9. Oh, I didn't say that Huit & Vingt are actually good, but at least they have poison attacks, rechargeable power moves and so on. So they have a few positive aspects at least, unlike Irma where I can't find any. Haven't messed around Tanyan and Sainyan yet; I tend to stick to the fighters with the translated text so far.

    Regarding the double back attack, I just assume that both fighters end up being back to back :)

  10. Yep, I'm not the one who scans them, though Ivy did come out on time (the guys at Moeyo do report them on the double).

    A "Behind You" vs "Behind You" situation, from the LW FAQs, means that both are at an disadvantageous situation and recover normally.

    Cloth/metal armor refers to the clothes, basically: unless they're almost naked, any kind of clothes should be "cloth armor", unless they wear an actual metal armor.

    And someone seems to be working on Shizuka already, I'll let you know how that goes.

    I'm not that good at analyzing characters, so I can't say what are Leina and Irma's good points. Tanyan & Sainyan's text is translated, though, I edited it myself some time ago.

  11. Irma is sadly just really weak. Her BEST thing is how her 'parry' works. If she blocks an attack, she'll deal damage as well, guaranteed. Thought the only issue in this is that you have to well...Parry...She comes off honestly as someone who is suppose to be very fast and rapid attacking, but the games system doesn't really let her do such. Maybe if cards where implemented she could get an edge with them, taking advance of her 7 tactics points. Outside of that thought she's most defently lacking in tools to be effective.

    Her throw dagger thought reminds me of Melona and her acid attack, something you don't want to preform till you know it'll kill.

  12. Someone is working on Shizuka? Awesome! :)

    Tried Q-Bee and Cammy: Works well enough, great job!

    Correct about Tanyan... I had Tanyan and Katja mistaken, sorry! It'd have been more acceptable if I had mistook them for Eirin but eh, no excuses!

    Does Nyx spells work in non-queen's blade books too? Like Armor Piercer on Iron Man? Actually, I'll test it tonight, easy enough! :)

    And thanks for confirming my thoughts about Irma. Ah well...

  13. Yeah, tired using her in allot of matches. her main goal to win is to pretty much 'Aim to parry every attack,and afterwords try to go for an orange or a fake for tripping loops'. Her playing style is very awkward due to this, and as she has almost no real way to heal, if she get's hit, it HURTS. Mind you she seems able to get allot of jump loops after a parry with her fakes ( as a parry always counts as a body wound! ), but if you happen to lose such, it becomes a battle to get back into such. Allot of this really requires you to know your opponet's playing style, and the AI can at times still throw me curveballs so I can't really effectively use her agents it.

    ...But hey, I love playing as Melona and Menace myself ( I WILL CURSE LOOP YOU TO DEATH~ ) so my own playing styles a bit awkward as well. Working Q-Bee into my Three man team as well.

  14. A few more bugs:

    'Flight:Diving Seems to only allow green, disabling 'Flight' outright, but afterwords I'll still have the bonus height for the rest of the round as if I was still engaged in it. So say using DeltaA:Strong at +4 without leveling up is possible.

    Fly Back does something odd, allowing me access to close range 'Flight' Attacks even at extended. As far as I knew, it was only to let me access the White Flight attacks correct?

    On Irma:
    I've been able to get to a point where I can beat the Marvel cast AI with her, the most notable being Iron Man, something VERY HARD TO PARRY. But I've come to the fact that she pretty much lives for the fact that: She has many fakes, and her Parry's are very, VERY strong and is how she'll do most of her damage.

    ...Don't use her vs. any melee cast...just don't. But if someone's got a blade, parry them and watch the body wounds pop up.
    A battle of her in action proving she can win decently enough. ;3

  15. ...and hate to be the guy who post so but BUT; Ran into an error that spat out a debug.txt, so figured you would be interested in such.
    It was Q-Bee ( gather bee's set to green, one ranged attack typo fixed to be +1 instead of range page 1 ) vs. Centaur.

  16. I have enough pics of Catwoman and I'm working on the attack descriptions, who is interested in converting her into a Queen's Blade fighter?

  17. Thanks for the replay! Is it actually possible to "parry" characters don't use weapons? I never paid attention to that... I never used Fakes much, but perhaps I should use them a bit more!

    I did a few quick tests, and... Yes Nyx's Armor Piercer actually works on Iron Man :) That must have taken forever to have all the data input for Armor Piercer and Firebird! I did a few quick tests, and here are the results:

    Weak to Armor Piercer: Iron Man and Leina
    Weak to Firebird: Irma, Risty, Ymir, Witchblade, and a random Lost World char that I don't recall
    Weak to none: Echidna

    So Nyx has a move with a massive +8 damage to most characters... That's pretty insane!

    I wouldn't say no to Catwoman :)

  18. To further inspire, I have posted my selected pictures of Catwoman...the "extra" pictures are in case my collaborator has ideas for them...some like "fake" and "jab" will have to be repeated (same pic for fake low and fake high...

    photobucket censored the "retreat and have milk" one found here:

    ...the attacks would be something like:

    Leap and Claw (like Darkchylde)
    Scratch Eyes (like Vampirella)
    Flying Tackle (like Vampirella)

    Jab High (like Darkchylde)
    Jab Low (like Darkchylde)

    Fake Low
    Fake High

    Whip Low (like Balrog or Shigi’s Bind with Chain)
    Whip High (like Balrog or Shigi’s Bind with Chain)
    Strong Whip (more powerful)
    Slashing Whip (could be a side whip attack, armor-breaking?)
    Taunting Whip (weak, forces opponent to attack)

    Counter (a counter-attack against physicals)
    Stomp (kick after jumping)
    Wild Swing
    Dislodge Weapon
    Retrieve Weapon



    (For attacks I guess Whip ones and the flying tackle)
    Block and Close

  19. Blah, at times I hate this site as I did a nice full post and it ate it without publishing it ;~;

    Watch the replay, you'll see me and Iron man do quite a few High/Low's but no parry's resulting in such. Mind you it IS POSSIBLE, but what matrix's, and what attacks to catch are tricky, TRICKY.

    Fakes are awesome. You should use them more. For starters due to the nature of fakes, they have a higher change to Parry, or out beat other attacks, inclduing more 'slow' moving ones, what makes them rather safe. THEN to top it off, if you are stuck doing one color ( like say blue ) you can use a fake to score for the other and as such get in a hit your opponent wasn't predicting.

    Also: Irma's dagger is rather good. Echidna might have the higher damage, and more daggers period, but then again also note that if she tosses one, score or not, she'll be stuck to jump next turn. Irma on the other hand if she scores ALWAYS scores a leg or body wound, and if not, well you lost your only dagger and your parry is no longer so godlike. But it's a great tool to get someone back into stun loops after you get someone in one, and then they guessed right and was able to get away for a moment.

  20. Oh yes:
    Between Risty and Leina

    Risty is Stronger, but she disables herself FAR harsher then Leina. With only a SINGLE Fake attack, she comes off as super predictable. She's also both a Club/Mace AND Shield user, and there are MANY, MANY ORANGE ATTACKS THAT DESTROY SUCH. Case in Point, Melona could, and CAN OHKO Risty with just Dragon Kick if it scores a body wound, with it has a HIGH chance to regardless of what she does to try to counter.

    On the Flip side Leina only has the Shield, useful, but like all shield users can be broken by most others. But what makes her have the edge is, again, all those wonderful fakes she's got. You can't be 100% sure Leina is going to do any one type of attack due to such, and you have to keep out thinking her to stay on the top.

    Last thing to factor in is this: Risty's 'score' pages have her taking overall more damage then Leina. By a single point sure, but that's really all it boils down to, every time Risty get's hit, it's going to sting just that much more.

    Now how does Leina stand up with well...everyone else? Solid enough rather. Her shield ( as long as she keeps it ) gives her allot of safe maneuvers all over the place, and again, she's got fakes to trick up her foes decently enough ( 4 fakes in fact~! ). It really just seems you should start using the fakes more and just see HOW good they can be. They aren't the end all to be all, but their utility is very awesome.

  21. Damn, Charles! You got this down pat!

  22. Q-Bee's Diving isn't really supposed to make you land, and there are a few ways which make her able to use all her moves with more height. I just thought it'd make her "atypical", but if it's making her overpowered, let me know and I'll tighten her move selection. Thanks for reporting the "Fly Back" bug and the Centaur glitch, btw.

    DC Catwoman looks pretty awesome, good job with the pics and the movelist, I'll try my best to adapt her. I thought at first about her having a matrix somewhat like Elina, but maybe one of the concept chars, like the Monk with Flail, could also work...

    As for Nyx, indeed, she affects pretty much all the players, unless they're monsters or basically naked (or I forgot to write the Cloth/Metal Armor in their S files :P).

  23. Correction: Diving seems to have a typo, you're supposed to use Flight after it, thanks for letting me know. (How uncool for me to have so many mistakes in a char... ^^U)

  24. Hehe, thanks for the complement Okami. The catwoman idea sounds like fun, but I'll leave it towards leecherboy's hands to devlop her into something good. While I might be able to study and figure out peoples strength/weakness as I have now a far better understanding of the game, I don't have ENOUGH to make someone just from scratch, more less my understanding of the Matrix system in full is still a bit under developed ( I can predict outcomes well, but I can't on the other hand sit down and make matixes for said outcomes to be possible ). But hey, the more the better I think~!

    She's starting to NEAR OP in my book honestly. At least ATM the 'fly back' bug, thought Flying:Dive reads as letting me use any green, or flying, but I can ONLY do green...

    Regardless beyond this the 'atypical' version works wonders, inclduing that I notice it'll still score me correctly if I get hit, counting it as me still flying in the end. So other then those two bugs needing to be patched up, she's golden. (Also when she lands Cocoon rebirth, is it JUST her that goes to 57, or both? Also noticed that the game calls it 'dematerialize' when it happens.)

  25. Awesome, leecherboy! If you need to contact me for suggestions or anything, feel free to e-mail me at!

  26. Why does Double Dragon Formation do damage at times? I thought they just grouped for combination attacks...

  27. It's got a mod of 0, not -9, so it's still an 'attack' per say and able to deal damage as a result. Even your evasive maneuvers like Jumping or dodging with -6 can still inflict damage on favorable outcomes.

    Also: Wanted to ask one's feelings on how 'far' said images are able to go. Currently gathering stuff to set up a Roomi myself here, but the issue is that I'm noticing allot of what I have that could be viable is...well...Porn outright. I doubt even with this blog going "Do not enter as this is adult content" would mean putting porn OUTRIGHT into the game would be such a good idea, but wanted to get an idea of other's feelings with such.

  28. When I first heard of Queen's Blade I thought it would more explicit, but I've grown accustomed to the sensual/erotic style it shows...since I play at work on my laptop, downright porn would not be a smart thing to have maximized on my window heh...also, it contrasts with the rest of the fighters...but I wouldn't say no to it either haha...

  29. Yeah, that's what I had figured in the end. Regardless was able to figure out enough of normal images where I think something can be developed with all of this.

    Assorted image for Roomi (a few might still be NSFW)
    Possible data:

    "The Fighter Destined for Fame"

    Age: 16 (8 Lutecian years)
    Height: 160 cm
    Bust: 89cm
    Waist: 52cm
    Hips: 84cm
    Weight: 52 kg
    Home Planet: Lutecia
    Race: Lutecian

    Weapon: None
    Protection: None

    From: Galaxy Fight

    Possable attacks:

    -Suppoko Ride
    A grabbing attack where she jumps on top of her opponent and starts to pummel them while they lay on the floor.

    - Star Punch
    A Special Air punch Aimed Downwards, otherwise most of Roomi's air attacks are kicks.

    - Rabbit Blow
    A rapid and stunning 3 hit attack that knocks down at the end.

    - Rolling Crush
    Roomi rolls up into a ball to tackle her opponent.

    - Rolling Bomber
    Roomi does 45 degree falling drop arms first to down her opponent from the air.

    - Giant Knuckle
    Roomi spins up her fist as it enlarges to then hit her opponent with it.

    ...Only real problem is that I don't have everything to fit all of her attacks sadly...Here's hoping something can from all of this thought.

    The only other charaters I might try to 'promote' like this would Be Arina from Waku Waku 7, and then Felicia from Darkstalkers/Vampire.

  30. Oh, Roomi from Galaxy Fight? I've barely even played that game, it'll take some time but I'll do my best to adapt her. I'm looking forward to Arina, though. (And I'd rather not have poses that are too explicit, as you guys say).

    I've upped a patch that should fix those problems with Q-Bee, and also nerfs her a tiny little bit to account for her "atypical"-ness. I'll look into the Centaur glitch when I have more time (how weird that the number of comments shoot up just when I start a new job :D).

    Also, dematerializing takes both chars to page 57, and I'll change that message in Q-Bee's case next time, if I don't forget :p

  31. Alright, I'll keep all of such in mind. At most nothing shall be outright 'visible', and shall use the Queen's blade books as my gauge on limits. And yeah, helps when you got at least one person asking questions, and then another willing to sit down and learn enough about the game and in doing such, be able to give feedback. ;3

    Thanks for the patch, I'll put it to good use right away and see how the new Q-Bee fairs.

    Arina shall be fun thought, I do indeed think there's enough out there where she can have most of her attacks from Waku Waku 7.

    Oh yes, I never DID say how much I loved Q-bee's arcade ending VERY nice job on that much~!

  32. That image and move set for Catwoman looks great! Thumbs up from me.

    Yes, I'll try using a few more fakes :) Since you are the master analyst Charles, can you tell me what you think of Annelotte and Alleyne? Those two (especially the former) are the characters I feel are the best from the Queen Blade related crew. I'm curious about your opinion! :) Also about Shigi maybe: Her Fear move seems to be stupidly effective against anyone using weapons. At least from a few test fights.

    Although, Echidna has the best "stats" for me for some reasons, although she doesn't seem "top tier" on paper to me (Just "high"). She got to 340 experience points without dying, completely unupgraded (I don't like upgrading my characters so I don't use the points) while playing free mode random, which included trolls, hulks and drakes (Only chars I removed are the two dinos).

    Did a few matches with Irma and actually won a few with some fakes this time, thanks!

    Also finally getting the hang of Captain Liliana: I like the character visually, but my win rate was maybe 1/5 at best with her. Just beat Hulk with her so it's looking up :)

    Regarding how "revealing" things should be, I agree that it shouldn't be worse than what already exists. If it's worse than Echidna or Stella, I think it'd be pushing things a bit too much :) From that Roomi image set, there's only two I'd have objections to personally.

    Is there any sort of story for the Rebellion characters, or is there only mangas/animes for the original crew?

    I really should play Arcade a bit more instead of just free battles :)

    And yes, unfortunately the less time you have, the more likely there'd be something fun to do with it!

    I'd love playing a few games with you guys someday if you are interested!

  33. A list of my custom tags:

    airi, rogue: No Touchers
    vampirella, rogue: Vampiras
    vampirella, shingi: Undead Hunters
    vampirella, aldra: Strange Eyes
    sara, chester: Annoyers
    aldra, sara: Battle Kissers
    sara, ymir: Axe Fighters
    elektra, mai shiranui: Thrower Kunoichi
    elektra, irma: Vengeful Assassins
    witchblade, nyx: Weapow Controlled
    witchblade, alice: Pistol Users
    spider-girl, elina: Trappers
    spider-girl, rogue: Marvel Heroines*
    spider-girl, nowa: Agile Warriors
    shi, tomoe: Bushido Followers
    shi, elektra: Samurai Heroines
    shi, elina: Spearwoman
    unicorn, annelotte: Knight and Horse*
    lili, ymir: Dress Dressed
    nowa, echidna: No underwear
    alleyne, huit & vingt: Leaf Underwear
    arafel, nanael: Angels
    cattleya, katja: Mother and Children
    witchblade, darkchylde: Demoniac Arm
    darkchylde, elina: Claw Users
    darkclylde, nanael: Winged Flyers
    medusa, aldra: Medusa Evoluved
    felina, elina: Felina Evolued
    leina, leina 3d: Two Images of Leina*
    sylvestra, alleyne: Wood Elf Evoluved
    grace of val tor, leina 3d: Warrior Evoluved


  34. Continuing:

    faun le fey, nowa: Staff Wielder Evoluved
    chester, luna luna: Entretainer Evoluved
    stella, risty: Red Warriors
    kasumi, junko hattori: Leaves Teleport
    ink nijihara, dizzy: Innocent Warriors
    vampirella, melpha: Power Raisers
    melpha, mina majikina: Holy Priestess
    risty, shigi: Mace Users
    stella, mina majikina: Bikini Warriors
    captain liliana, lilli: Saber Users
    brawmen, huit & vingt: Commmanded
    eldar exarch, jubei yagyu: Eldar Power Evoluved
    eldar exarch, alice: Swords and Pistols
    sara, eldar exarch: Armored
    echidna, dark echidna: Two Images of Echidna
    q-bee, eldar exarch: Stange Creatures
    manticore, q-bee: Poisoned Sting
    cammy, lili: Street Fighters
    cammy, witchblade: Law Enforcers
    iroha, q-bee: Human Form Animals
    q-bee, melona: Ungrateful Summons
    cammy, irma: Special Forces
    ephrael stern, shingi: Holy Knights
    ephrael stern, irma: Vengeful Survivors
    junko hattori, ephrael stern: Swords and Flames

    The idea was make each Queen's Blade/Gate, Warhammer and Battlebook girl appear at least 3 times.

  35. Thanks Ayranwila!

    Btw I found a better pic of "retreat and have milk" pic at:

  36. iroha, q-bee: Human Form Animals
    q-bee, melona: Ungrateful Summons

    ...Both of these got a giggle out of me, and I know I use both Q-Bee and Melona a ton and a half.

    Glad to hear~! Indeed, getting used to what can hit what, more less what all every move has in store really can change your outlook on someone. I'm still a little foggy on the exacts but I've gotten to a fair point of understanding where I can see what everything's intended for.

    Annelotte I had tried using for a bit before I fell at home with Melona. She's somewhat strong in the fact that she can deal high damage ether range, or up close, more less while mounted will chances are high a Height advantage over most others. She's very versatile that she can ether get up close if your lacking in that zone ( gunslinger with whip and revolver/Alice come's to mind... ) or if you really are just on hell of a fighter, keep back and swing at you doing insane damage ( +3/+4 default range attack? bring on the pain~! ). Her weakness comes apparent the most when dismounted. At this point you are going to be fumbling to try to get back on your ghost steed as everything up close, and range relays on you being such. She also has two interesting fakes, but once dismounted she loses access to these utterly, REALLY limiting her options. You just do not ever want to get off that horse...

    Alleyne I never even gave much of a look into till you brought her up. If anything else she's got some interesting play with her staff. Allot of what she does will give her Bonuses following afterwords ( like say Range:Tornado Strike -> Range:Swing -> Any Killing Blow up close. ) witch in turn means doing set 'combos' with her have VERY high damaging results. Then again if your opponent wises up to this, you become far easier to counter as well. But I've noticed while doing a 'Combo' of sorts with her, you aren't very restrictive in movements ether, so you COULD go for the high damage, or use it as a poly to bate out a favorable attack to counter with a different and far safer move all together. Very tricky in Human vs. Human engagements I figure.

    What's nice about both is that they BOTH do have healing options, thought it's only 1BP each time, but with both 10, and 12BP each respectively, that 1 goes a LONG WAY. Overall both end up very 'solid'. Unlike Irma who some people are just going to be nightmare matches with her, these two are able to take about anything without too much hassle, honestly there is very little in the 7~30BP range those two couldn't handle.

    As for Echidna, I do like her 'Drop and Trip' attack, really does let her get in there with her stronger attacks ( Dagger throwing, Down swing Smash ). I DO like how she has 4 different forms of 'fakes', thought two of them requires you to drop your shield to do such, a very big thing to take note of when fighting vs. others who excel at shield breaking BTW, as it doesn't leave you with JUST blocking maneuvers for 'safe' moves. Partly wish in turn Menace could just willingly toss her rod as well, but she would be OP then...

    Honestly she's got allot of stuff to work with. I can see why you've gotten so far with her as such. Been raising my Q-Bee into the 400's of EXP myself. She's been loads of fun, even after the 'nerf', and really fits in with my playing style, inclduing that she has chances are one of the only full recovery in the game, Her 10BP thought, more less HEAVLY reliance on flight is her crutch thought. Taking +2 while flying hurts like a bitch, and it's not too uncommon to be at max BP and in a single trade end up at zero. With I knew what all activated her Enraged page though...

  37. It will be interesting if someone could work on creating a Kenshiro gamebook from The Fist of The North Star: It could be funny to see such a powerful macho guy like him fighting against the girls from QB :)

  38. @ayrawinla: There's a couple of artbooks with illustrated stories (the first one was translated, and a few chapters of the second were as well). But the problem with QBR is that many of the returning (and important) chars haven't been released yet, and the latest released chars haven't appeared in the story yet. I'm looking forward to Rebellion Menace and Claudette the most :)

    @Charles: If you're wondering about it, Q-Bee's Enraged page results mostly when the opponent targets her (inexistant) weapon, like all page 27s. Actually, the nerf was replacing a few of the Enraged results with Arm Wound ones.

  39. Aw, no takers for matches sometime? :)

    Oh, before I forget a second time, congratulations on the job leecherboy! Thank you also for those translated stories! I saved the pdf and the translated text: It should make for good (hopefully) reading for the next few days! Thanks also for the three translated stories on the page here!

    I'm going to add your teams Luis: Some are ingenious! The unicorn as an actual mount would be pretty sweet!

    Going back to Charles' analysis of Risty and Leina... You mentionned that Leina takes less damage than Risty so I looked around at some damage taken value. The difference between some characters is HUGE! While 1 or 2 points difference in damage taken doesn't matter much against big hitters like Annelotte, it definitively makes a world of difference against moves with -1 to +1 or so.

    It also makes the BP value a bit less significant sometime. For example, Stella has high BP, but she takes high damage from everything, while Leina has less BP but takes less damage, so against most characters, I'd expect Leina to survive more attacks.

    Just to point out how insane the differences are... I'll do a quick comparison between Echidna and Irma, who both possess the same amount of BP (12). E: means damage taken by Echidna on that page, while I: means damage taken by Irma on that page.

    Dazed. E: 7 I: 7
    Leg Wound. E: 3 I: 5
    Off Balance. E: -1 I: 0
    Turned around. E: 0 I: 0
    Weapon loss. E: -6 I: -5
    Arm wound. E: 1 I: 4
    Body wound. E: 2 I: 6
    Knocked down. E: 0 I: 1

    Irma takes at best equal damage to Echidna while being hit, and may take up to 4 damage more depending on hit type. So while their BP points are equal, Echidna can actually survive many more landed hits than Irma, especially with low damage attacks. That's pretty significant!

    I've only flipped through a few character pages looking at this, but it seems to generally make sense: Armored warriors tend to get hit for less damage than non-armored ones, although there's some exceptions. From the few I've checked, I haven't seen anyone as durable as Echidna (Arm and body hits damage are extremely low compared to most), and I haven't seen anyone worse than Huit (Definitively not what I expected from a robot that already has low BP). So I suppose that's another reason why I do so well with Echidna, on top of all the ones Charles mentionned :)

    Regarding the "Cat and milk" picture, it's fine with me even though it's pushing the limits a bit :)

    Oh, about the "how much revealing positions and everything can things be"... Rethinking about it, I'd personally say that Luna Luna and Shigi in general are a bit "too much" for me. It's just my personal opinion of course (Which isn't very important since I'm just one random fan), but if for some reasons you wanted my input of what's fine for future sets, Luna Luna = Too much, Echidna and Stella = acceptable limit.

    As usual, thank you for your suberb analysis Charles! You always go a step further than I do, so your insight is very appreciated!

  40. Phallic Luna is shocking at first...haha...especially everytime she "thrusts"...but Katja has underage lesbian girls and Sainyan and Ymir and all the kiddie-looking gals get far more revealing than general taste...but this is Japanese stuff, the land of the perverted, and you can get away with much more stuff in animation and drawing...

  41. @ayrawinla:
    Actually I would be MORE then happy to play ya, would let me test out stuff for more Human vs. Human engagements. Do you have MSN/Steam or something to use to contact you with on a live basis?

    It chances are helps that I've just played allot of Fighting games in my time, so I kinda know what all to look out for when playing with someone the first time, trying to pull out what makes them tick and stuff. If anything else thought you clearly are able to do the same as well, I never really looked TOO in depth on the damage differences, beyond the basic assumptions that 'Armor = less damage, almost naked = more'.

    I actually like Luna Luna and think it's some of F.S.'s best work to date next to Melona and Menace, but I can see how that would wig you out a bit. Doesn't help that she's pretty much F.S.'s most biggest fetish on display without ACTUALLY being on display ( silly would be herm tentacle thing... ), but then again in the end of the day I'm a massive perv, and OK with sharing such, not everyone else is thought. :P

    Regardless if you want me to take looks at anyone else, let me know. I'll do my best to figure out how everyone fits together in this puzzle.

    Ahh, that would answer why it almost never pops up. The AI almost never goes for a weapon disarm, so as such it just never crops up. Thanks for that tidbit. Regardless running into a new issue as of late. Doing replays with Q-Bee, I'm running into a ton where I'll get "You can't preform this move now", thought clearly while fighting I could. Any idea why this is happening by chance?
    Here's a replay showing this off:

  42. I just realized Catwoman is retrieving a necklace from her bra, not a whip...haha...oh well...other "retrieving weapon" choices:

    or from the Catwoman bishoujo statue (same figure, different angles):


  43. If you're going to play each other, may I suggest using Hamachi? I'm pretty sure it works here, you'd only need your Hamachi IPs, and if you create a Hamachi network anyone here could even join at any time, with a little luck.

    @Okami31: You're right, I hadn't noticed. I think I have a good idea on how her pics will be arranged now :)

    @Charles: Oh, that's because the Birdman's page 37 Flying page was used for both ranges, and I didn't notice Q-Bee was supposed to go to page 55 some of these times. I'll post a new patch for that in a second, sorry.

  44. Alright then. Sadly I don't have a payed version, so I doubt I could set up a network myself personalty ( doesn't help that due to high electric bills that PC goes off when not in the most ACTIVE of times. ) but that does sound like a good idea, inclduing that afterwords people can just chat in said Hamachi channel and talk about.

    Thanks for the patch BTW, I can now watch those replays in glee and take notes of what was working vs what. In case I haven't said it before, I am REALLY enjoying playing as Q-Bee here and making her shine in combat.

  45. A bit late to comment, but great job on the updates, lecherboy! It's great seeing so many more characters getting into the game, and people realizing just how great can a game of Queen's Blade be! Truly this is a rough gem, much maligned by it's 'ecchi' artwork! :D

  46. Laundry list of stuff, so point-form time!

    - I'm not sure exactly what Hamachi is, but I definitively can't setup a permanent network: I don't leave my computer running all day. I'll try to think of something better over the weekend but if it doesn't work out I suppose I'll just give out my MSN to the interested people, who want to play with me although I don't use it often.

    - I had noticed that Catwoman was taking out a necklace and not a whip, but I liked the concept so I personally prefer the "necklace" one for the retrieve weapon.

    - Regarding Luna Luna... Well, we'll have to disagree on it! Like her page 41 or page 53 (Look at bottom part of picture)... Yeah. Bit too much for me! Kudo for originality, though. I like her moveset, but... Yeah, not playing her. I'm not a fan of FS characters in general actually: Melona and Menace are two of my least liked characters also. I think Echidna's the only FS I like actually!

    - I personally like Queen's Blade mainly for the strong, determined female characters in a medieval fantasy setting... But yes, it'd be a lie to say that I don't also like the characters design or the "sexy" situations that are sometime occur. It's maybe "one step too far" for what would be perfect for me, but I like it as it is, and it's not as if there's anything that would be "perfect level" for me that I know of. Stuff like Koihime Musou would probably be on a better "revealing" level for me, but then most of the characters are pure idiots unlike the Queen Blade ones, so I actually prefers Queen Blade characters. Plus, well, Koihime Musou doesn't have a kick-ass game either :)
    For reference sake, Alleyne and Captain Liliana are probably the prettiest, most appealing characters to me... Although I can't help myself but think "oh my god!" whenever Mina Majikina is fighting.

    - Where is the picture from Elina's alternate ending from in story mode? The "evil Elina" picture? I'd love seeing a bigger version of that picture!

    - Branwen's story is HORRIBLE! I hadn't played her since some of the images nearly make me angry, but I did her arcade mode to see if she gets out of that attrocious goblin's grasp... And man is that an horrifying story... I hope it won't end with her simply dying in that arena in the end!

    - I just beat the Cold Drake with Huit... Chemical Gas + Low jab x3 = instant win against every AI. Bit cheap though :)

    - I found the uncontested queen of defense: Mirim! Her damage mitigation is just plain ridiculous. Only 4 damage for head hits, 2 for body, 1 for leg, 0 for arm, -5 for parries, -1 for everything else... She's leagues above everyone else! I'm growing quite fond of the little valkyrie :) It's a bit unusual (She's not the style of character I like), but after playing with her some matches, I can't help but growing to like her. She also currently ranks at my 3rd best before dying after Echidna and Alleyne (Not upgraded as usual of course).

    - I got hit for 16 damage in one hit when playing against Iron Man. Out of curiosity, is he the character with the heaviest attack in the game?

    - How does Katja work, exactly? I know that she lose if her first puppet is brought to 0, but what does the 2nd puppet hit points do? I've seen her 2nd puppet being at -1 hp, and then still being able to take damage and seemingly do every action without penalities.

  47. Part 2 since the post was too big to post directly!

    - I read the Rebellion translations you posted... The story is pretty dark! Evil Claudette??? Man, she was one of my favorite character by far... :( Let's hope that she becomes her focused generally benevolent self instead of just getting killed! I feel kinda bad for Mirim too, but... in a way her situation isn't THAT bad I suppose!

    - If I wanted to add a character, what would be the best way I could do that to save you the most amount of work possible? You mentionned that someone is doing Shizuka so I won't unless they drop her, but... I think I'd like to add Lenneth Valkyrie or Katt from Breath of Fire 2. Would the best way would be for me to give you the images on the right pages already numbered with the matrixes present, the move list with modifiers and the other stats? Anything else I could do to make your job easier?

    - DasaMan: I agree completely! It's a shame too: Most people won't give it a second glance due to the "ecchiness" of the game. And the old Lost Worlds characters aren't terribly appealing visually, for the most part...

  48. -I mentioned Hamachi because it's free, because it's a somewhat popular system of sharing IPs (instead of giving your real one, even more if it's dynamic) and because all the guys in a Hamachi network should show up listed in QBB, so you'd only need to select one of them. You could also create a shared document for people to write down some of their contact info, simply one way to keep it organized and easy to access.

    -You can find Elina's pic here. It's from the 1st QB OVA, though she only appears like that in that pic.

    -Oh my god, someone did find Huit & Vingt's cheap trick (I remembered what the AI did just this week, and started thinking of ways to mix it up). I guess that shows how H & V rely on strategy to win, though (a bit of poisoning, some opponent luring, then Missile Punch for a finisher).

    -The strongest attacks, not counting the dinos and drake, should be a tie of +10 between Iron Man, Thor, The Thing and Thorgal (only against dragons). Though, Hulk may reach triple damage, and the Wyrm may halve your health, so...

    -When Katja's partner (Hana) gets K.O'd, Katja can still do any moves indeed, but she no longer recharges energy when dodging, so she loses the robot's attacks fast (it's kind of a shame that even if I keep translating chars, I no longer have time to edit them.)

    -The hardest part of adding a char is getting the proper pictures, so if they're ordered or labeled, that's already a lot. You might add a temptative movelist to make sure I get the char right (I've never played BoF2), but stats and matrixes is overdoing it, not even I can write these from scratch (if the char may be likened to someone already in QBB, that's enough for me).

  49. - I was disappointed in finding out Catwoman was retrieving a necklace...makes sense in the context of Batman's shadow (his hand asking for it)...

    - I really like most character designs (I don't play with Ink cuz she's too kid-like and Nowa is just ugly), but unfortunately one of the characters I find best-looking is Branwen, and she's tied up with that goblin-turd..wished she wouldn't have him, or Alda with that weird zombie/wraith guy...see, I don't mind ecchi or hentai but I never have liked the inclusion of non-sexy stuff in them like tentacles, monsters, forced submission concepts, etc. I understand it's part of their culture and apparently there's a bit of a crowd that enjoys them, but I dislike them enough to skip whatever shows it...

  50. I'll...Admit I've known how cheap Huit & Vingt can end up, INCLUDING agents the AI. Thought I think this is partly due to a mis-action of her poison...or if not that, the translation a bit off.

    For BOTH her Throw, and Gas attacks, it only should be directing to do such 'If it scores'. Allot of the time these...never do, yet suddenly people will end up taking -2BP or on their page read 'Get to extended in X turns!'. I THINK you might need to check this out personalty as she does end up a bit TOO good then.

    On Hamatchi:
    This is our 'Network ID', I figured out that I could INDEED create such a network, and I didn't HAVE to be online 24/7, so huzzah all about! ATM it doesn't require a Password, but this might change later depending on if we get harassers and the like.

    I can tell we have different views on stuff. I'll admit that I didn't honestly bat an eye at Branwen's ending. Thought then again I'll admit some of the more 'darker' stuff ends up more turn on's then turn off's outright.

    I'll admit thought past the draw of bare boobs and a ton of porn from fan artist, I ended up growing into the story, the characters as more then just measurements ( and slime based melona wrapping up so many of my fetishes into one ), and started to really get into it all. Once I had learned a year or so back that the books where in fact GAME books and not just art books, I kinda made it a personal mission of mine to try to figure out how to play, and then do such with others.

    This program since has helped me do just that, and I'll admit without it, I would still be struggling to play with anyone.

    I do think it's a bit silly people skip past all of this because of it's adult thought. Mind you anyone under 18 skipping past this the better, but I wouldn't know why a 30 year old all of a sudden get all wiggled out about a game with bare flesh when by that age it'll chances are be a very common thing.

  51. I knew about the books before I knew there was an anime, and I did check it out. But you know what? I didn't dig it, cuz it was trying so hard to be so serious, and I expected a more lighthearted approach like Tenchi or Slayers. It actually made me like the characters less. It didn't help that the fights were not well thought out strategy-wise like the game implies they would be. Like, Naruto, where they take all abilities and environmental effects under consideration. The anime just goes "Leina, you learned quick by squishing her acid-full breasts, thus killing her..." blah blah...I'm sorry, but if I'm fighting a strange polymorph being full of corrosive liquid, I'll try my best to not touch them, much less squeeze won't see me rushing to hug an alien (xenomorph) anytime soon!

  52. Yeah...I'm not going to lie, the anime starting off was a bit all over the place. CLEARLY it was made for the porn, but it also wanted a 'Deep and dark' storyline of how far people would go for the Queens Blade title...

    But it was being 'hardcore' one moment, and then just pure silly the next, and it honestly didn't know what it wanted to do with itself. It wouldn't be towards the OVA's where it would really sing ( read: Where they pretty much whore Melona out as a wonderfuly kinky joke character. ).

    Outside of that:
    Good to know about how you set up books then. for Arina I'll try finding an apoxy towards her, and then send you the images once I think I found a good base for her. Might end up going back and doing the same for Roomi if you don't already have something in mind with her yet.

  53. @charles,

    Are you saying the OVA's are silly, not serious?

  54. Well lets see:
    All of the Queens Blade girls are in school uniforms acting out a school soap drama.

    It's pretty much at the black witch's lair with Melona, Menace, and Airi pretty much doing utterly silly stuff, it ends with Melona going tentacles on the other two, and the the black witch smacking her good.

    I honestly forget what happens in this one, I've yet to have a chance to watch it past a few tiny snipts.

  55. Haha...okay...I might check them out...thanks, Charles...(your name makes me think of Professor Xavier)...

  56. Yeah, make sure you don't go after the OVA 'series', instead more of the shorts.

    Stuff like this is highly common place doing it

    Honestly the OVA's I think where just them really running with how the series was suppose to be, silly and fun, but as the normally Queen's Blade story isn't all that lighthearted anyway, they couldn't FULLY go that route. This was their compromise.

  57. If the Hamachi thingie works okay, let me know and I'll put the network's id up there at the top of the page.

    @Charles: You're right, the Chemical Gas incorrectly worked all the time (I think the 2 throws worked fine?), good job noticing it, patch coming right up :D

  58. I'll recheck her throw and other attacks and get back to you on that after the patch.

    ATM we are having a few issues connecting, if I can get others to connect and help test this out we could work out a very effective system. But so far I had one person join and char, so it's not a TOTAL loss if anything else. We just need to do more test to figure out a solid system.

  59. Hamachi works fine at the address Charles gave 060-690-602

    Unfortunately, we couldn't figure out how to actually play a match... The best I could do was to play a match against myself (With the default settings in Online), where it simply did the same action for both players.

    So if you could give some information on how you are supposed to set up an online match, please do so :) I tried with inverse settings as Charles but that didn't work out either...

    Anyway, I'll be connected on Hamachi for a bit if anyone reads this message and wants to test a few things out!

    Okami: I personally wouldn't mind tentacles or monsters if it's consentual... It's just that I'm not sure that "consentual tentacles" stories have actually been made :)

    Anyway, I did actually enjoy most of the story of Queen's Blade personally... The first few episodes were a bit more meh (First one especially), but I really liked some characters. I know it's not high literature or anything and I have NO idea why I actually found some scene touching, but I somehow enjoyed Queen's Blade for more than just fan service. I somehow feel ashamed to feel that way, but meh. :)

  60. Oh, regarding Huit, patch looks fine at first glance.

    I don't feel Huit is overpowered in any way or shape though: She does have the best poison, good healing and the chemical move, but she dies SO easily. She has horrible defense (Heck, even her parry is only -1), and 9BP so she dies in 1 or 2 hits in most fights. She's fun though :)

  61. Played a few hours with Charles, was pretty fun! The game is even more with against other players so please feel free to log in to that Hamachi channel and see if there's anyone online! To connect, use "Wan", type the other person IP (right click on their Hamachi name to copy it, use default port 7777 for both) and it should work.

    First, thanks for making such a fun game leecherboy. As a "thank you", I got a few bugs for you :)

    1) If a player picks a character before the other person is in the character selection screen, then the game will never start for the 2nd player.

    2) Whenever there's a decision pannel, both players get the pop-up with the options. For example, if Echidna does Dodge and Draw, both players have the "Keep Dagger, drop shield, drop dagger keep shield" pop-up. If one player picks one option and the other picks the other, the game will bug as soon as one player does an "illegal" move. This seems to apply for every single pop-up that we've seen, including the Gimmick selection screen for the ninja. What we've done is to wait for the correct player to pick the option, then tell the other player what he/she has to pick. It works, but it's not optimal :)

    3) We've experienced a game crash with Nyx and Luna Luna 3 times in the same situation. Nyx does Dodge on first turn, Luna Luna does that black dance move. All three times the game crashed, but never in the same way (One time the game stopped for both, one time one player advanced but not the other, and third time we got an error message).

    I'm sure Charles will correct me if I missed any bug, but that covers the ones I remember about :)

  62. I'm glad it actually works, I never got much feedback about the Online mode or Hamachi. :D
    Remember that, if you don't want to write a usual rival's IP each time, filling the data on the "Buddy" tab should make them appear in the "WAN"'s tab list.

    Thanks for the bug reports, I'll see if I can fix at least the first 2 soon (the Nyx vs Luna Luna one is really weird :p)

  63. Yeah, not too sure what to say on that one ether sady, nor would know what would cause it.

    Beyond what ayrawinla brought up:

    -Happy to say that 'Random' worked and WILL display correctly to both players.

    -Kal jerico got a few errors. For one his 'kiss' attack doesn't deal himself damage, and then his fake High is marked as blue instead of red, making it well...very, very useless.

    -Hamatchi's working like a pro and it's been going strong since start up. At this point we just need more people interested and playing. I have Hamatchi whenever I'm online, so if you happen to get on doing GMT -6's Afternoon/evening, you'll chances are catch me for some matches.

  64. About Kal Jerico, it's his Hiver Kiss' page that has a typo, it should only damage you if you score (like Claudette's or Kharn's headbutts), and yeah, you're totally right about the Fake High (you can guess by now, this latest update could have used a little more time).

    Now that we got a proper network going, I figure it's just a matter of time until everyone interested in playing online joins. I might drop by sometime for some matches, and to check that weird 1st turn bug you reported (since it doesn't happen when I try a "side-by-side online solo play").

  65. It could might just have. Then again just means seeking out bugs and the like just becomes part of my role is all for ya. Currently trying to figure out images for Arina...the problem with both her and Roomi is that there's maybe just a TINY handful of images ALLURING towards attacks they COULD be preforming...Honestly almost debating making a cheap 'spin' image for Roomi to have her rolling attack, and then an edited image for Arina for her Star attack ( she'll NEED something other then pure physical... ).

    ...thought if I could reach 'TheGel' anytime soon I'm sure he could just DUMP stuff on my lap to make my days easier.

  66. Charles pointed out to me that there's actually 4 QB books that are published in English. I'm thinking of getting Alleyne (definitively) and Tomoe (maybe) from Flying Buffalo's site. Is there anything that would be REALLY handy for Queen's Blade Battle to have since I'm already ordering?

    Regarding Arina, I have no idea who that is :) All I know about Roomi is the image pack you've shown last time too...

    Bug for local vs: If you have "Quick Select", and that you pick a move for someone then select another move without pressing Cancel first, the game doesn't progress foward.

    Is it normal that the Wyrm keeps self-incapacitating itself all the time?

    Also: Mirim is pure awesome. Currently at 640 experience points (all unused as usual) through free Random (with only the 2 dinos missing) and she's still living. She might not be flashy, but she's so durable that it doesn't matter :) Brought down Wyrms, Hulks, Things and Iron Men with her on this run... Maybe I'll get to see if you can reach 4 digits exp :)

  67. Oh, questions about Captain Liliana / Daniel.

    Break Jaw: It can deal 3 "temporary" hit point damage. So does this mean that the only time this matters is if the opponent is at 3 hp or less?

    Shoot: Is it normal that the crossbow starts not loaded? Alice guns, gunslinger gun, and similar things start fully loaded at game start.

  68. -That's why I said the hardest part of a new char is the pics, QB requires such a specific set of frontal pictures, you need to skim through hundreds of pics to find them (that's if you find them at all). It does limit the number of possible characters to add...

    -I'm not sure if there's anything necessary. Bill said he had the few missing LW books, and the guy who's working on Shizuka said he could try to scan the extra cards. But once you get them, if you could transcribe the translated conversations (just for personal curiosity), I'd appreciate it :)

    -The Wyrm's case is not normal, that's a carry-over bug from the past version's change.

    -Indeed, temporary damage only matters if the opponent's low on BP. And as for shooting, it's not really clear what's the starting point, but I'll have Alice and Gunslinger's starting bullets at 0 for the next time (since most disabled moves aren't available at the start).

  69. CAMMY!!!!!!!!!!! OMG....thankies leech >.< u really made my did u knw that she's my most fave and most used character whenver i'm playing capcom games.... thankies so very much XD

  70. @leecherboy - I do have all the LW books, what I don't have is time. LOL

    Finding artwork is a problem. No-one wants to paint a digital masterpiece of their favorite character getting his sword knocked out of his hand, or falling on his face.

    Maybe this week I *might* get time to get the next dino ready. Should I go for the Allosaur, or one of the plant-eaters?

  71. Hmm, Allosaur would be awesome, also: DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THE ROBOTECH/MACROSS BOOKS?!?!

    ...These...These books...I wish to see them added...Just because I am a fan of YF-19's and the like.

  72. I agree, the Allosaur would be nice (I'll have less time from now on, as well -_-).

    @Charles: if you mean the 6 Battletech ones (not exactly Macross), I did find them and intend to add them, but adapting an incompatible series sort of leaves me drained. If I start analyzing their battle system soon, maybe I can add a couple sometime next month.

  73. I've had two fights where the game crashed when fighting Sir Percival (error during AI decision), and I got a debug2.txt file from it. Do you want a copy of it?

    I played with Katja a bit more: I hadn't even noticed the energy meter that goes down so the explanation you gave me makes a whole lot more sense now. Is it normal that the meter always return to 10/20 (Same as game start) whenever the range return to Extended?

    Regarding Captain Liliana, I was sort of hoping to have her start loaded instead of having the other characters start not loaded :) I love her, but my win rate with her is baaad so I figured that might have have helped bit! But I agree that the important thing is to be consistent: Either have guns and crossbows loaded for everyone, or for no one (Unless specified in the book of course).

    Bill: I personally wouldn't mind drawing my favorite characters dropping their weapons! The only problem is that my drawing skills aren't hot at all... The result would unfortunately be about similar to the worst old Lost Worlds books visually.

    Actually, I just might draw a book for drawing practice (It'd actually be extremely good for that), but I unfortunately don't think it'd be worth leecherboy's time to implement her!

    I played an Airi vs Cammy match... It's just ridiculously unfair since EVERYTHING Cammy does result in her getting 2 hp drained.

    I'll abstain about voting for the next dino: I tend to use 9-16 BP characters, so it's a tad unfun. I got the hang of beating the 35s like the Thing about 50% of the time, but the dinos are a bit too much for me personally :)

    It really sucks that we couldn't manage to connect yesterday leecherboy :( Hopefully we'll manage to make it work another time!

  74. I had noticed something wrong with Liliana...I like her character design but she does not compete well against most gals...

    I always wanted to have the talent for drawing, alas I only have a deep, rewarding appreciation for art...

    Despite her popularity, I had a bit of trouble finding pics for every pose for Catwoman...problem is in part, that all her pics are divided among her different costume styles (classic, Tim Burton, Halle Berry, modern, elseworlds/anime) I know now that lesser-known characters may be impossible, like Yoruichi from Bleach...despite her being a very physical character (high kickin' ninja!), I could only find one "kick" image and one questionable "punch" image...yeah, plenty of sexy poses, but they are just "standing there" poses...haha...

    I have had Cammy vs Airi fights...unfair yes, but Cammy is going barehanded into a sword fight...she asked for it!

  75. Yeah, that unfortunately pretty much removes any chances of having Katt too unless I draw her! I admit that getting 30 pictures of the same character in various fitting position isn't easy... Well, some of the official books do "cheat" a bit and reuse a few of the images (Like slightly zoomed out for extended range moves, or exact same image except slightly different face for Mirim parries), but it's still quite a lot.

    I think there might be something wrong with Echidna/Flaming Cherry. If you look at Flaming Cherry's move list, it states that you need to have a dagger out only for Throw. It also states that you have to announce that you are dropping your shield to do the "Sword and dagger" moves, and that you can't do blocks until you pick the shield up again. Which only make sense to mention if you were using the shield before the maneuver.

    So from my understanding of the move list and of the text on the two related pages, you can actually do the Sword and Dagger moves while using the shield: The result is that do the attack, drop the shield (if applicable) and draw a dagger (if applicable).

  76. btw...leech i took the liberty on searching some cammy dodges and some moves if u want to make some minor changes to some of the ya go... ummm it depends on u if u want to use it ;)

  77. If you stumble into any "debug.txt" (which is just a cut-off replay), sure, send it my way.

    Katja's supposed to work like that back at Extended Range, and I guess that's the key for knowing what moves are available at the start: if page 57 doesn't unlock them, they're initially disabled.

    About Echidna, I don't have the images ATM, but I always thought that was more of a "reminder", or maybe you aren't necessarily obligated to announce your decision before that. Realistically speaking, she can't wield the 3 at the same time, so she should choose at the moment she does now, imho.

    And yeah, we'll eventually play one day. You guys will probably beat me, since I'm more of a theoretical fighter, but that's fine too :)

  78. @etherblade

    nice set of pictures...the only ones that I particularly see in need of changing are the "cover one" and the "parry one"...but these new ones can add a bit more variety...

  79. leecherboy: Officially approved translation for Echidna:
    Check the entries for pages 5 and 51. I just see it as a "surprise quick draw" personally, which makes sense considering both are feint moves too. I'm pretty sure I'm correct :)
    Here's what we have that support my theory:
    1) Flaming Cherry character sheet has those moves marked as "Announce shield dropped", and not as "Need dagger drawn" like Throw.
    2) Flaming Cherry page 5 and 51 illustrations both have the shield dropped on the ground.
    3) Flying Buffalo's officially approved translation for Echidna states directly: "** You must drop your shield (if you still have it) to perform this
    maneuver. Announce the change to your opponent."

    By the way, based on the translations on Flying Buffalo site (, Huit & Vingt actually start with the gem/missile punch loaded at game start. It's not explicitely stated, but from my understanding of Alice officially approved translation, she does start with guns loaded (They mention that you can reload if you run out of bullets, which implies you start with some). I'd assume it's the same for Captain Liliana: It makes sense to have your weapons loaded before you start fighting!

    Regarding etherblade's pictures, I'll admit that I like a some (not all though) of those better than the current ones :)

    I like the current Parry personally. The ones whom I find less clear are Arm Wound, Dazed (Though I like the image itself), and Behind You. Especially Arm Wound: Whenever I see it I think she's doing a super move, not taking damage :)

  80. What I don't like about Cammy's "parry" is her's not symmetric, having her right side looking like it's missing a bit...I supposed it's a dynamic pose (body parts look deformed with high speed and flexibility) but it doesn't look attractive... "dazed" is a pretty pic indeed...i can see "behind you" being "arm wound" makes as much sense as "body wound", neither looks painful or battle-damaged, though "arm wound" has a black splatter...haha...what can I say, we must do with what's available...

  81. Hmm, those are good Cammy's pics, but I can see only a couple of them being more fit than the current ones...

    And regarding Echidna, this really isn't me being stubborn, but the "Inventory Management" section in that PDF says "At any one time you may be wielding up to two weapons or one weapon and a shield. [...] Any time you are allowed to draw or retrieve a weapon you may drop an item that you are holding to make space for the new one."

    And well, as for Huit & Vingt, they're based on the Zombie, who throws a rock (and his sheet says he "must have rock to throw"). Maybe the ones that do have a weapon should have it ready at the beginning, it's kind of sketchy (the LW FAQs don't address that)...

  82. On Cammy's "parry" I meant her left side, to my right of the screen...whew confusing...

  83. "this really isn't me being stubborn" Haha, that's not the feeling I'm getting at all in this case :)

    I personally don't see how the line you mentionned clashes with the rest:
    "Any time you are allowed to draw or retrieve a weapon you may drop an item that you are holding to make space for the new one."

    And then you have:
    "** You must drop your shield (if you still have it) to perform this
    maneuver. Announce the change to your opponent."

    Everything fits together perfectly in my opinion. Your line state that you have to drop an item to make space for the new one: In this case, you drop the shield to make space for the dagger. It's really no different than Dodge and Draw, except that it's a feint instead of a jump.

    I mean, it's directly mentionned that you have to state to your opponent that you are dropping your shield when doing the maneuver. It's directly stated that you have to drop your shield if you still have it (Thus keeping with the 2 item rules, since you have sword + dagger now instead of sword + shield). If you need to have a dagger already out to perform those maneuvers, why would they only state that you need a dagger out to use Throw, but not for the other maneuvers on the character sheet? It's pretty much identical with Dodge and Draw, but with a +0 feint instead of a Jump.

    I mean, it's your game and it's your choice. I'm definitively going to keep playing the game even if it's not changed, but... I personally feel that the evidence is pretty overwhelming that I'm correct on this! :)

    Regarding the "Ammo full or empty" part... Well, I personally feel it'd be better to have full ammo at start. I think it makes more sense to start full, and for the most part the "ammo using" characters aren't exactly overpowering in the first place so they'd feel more balanced with full ammo at start. If you are unsure, maybe you could add a pool so that the community could vote on if they prefer full or no ammo at the start?

  84. Man, this Echidna discussion is starting to annoy me, I don't like this kind of arguments... =_= Do you realize it'd barely make a difference "when" Echidna discarded her weapons, if the end result would be the same? If it's about mind games with the opponent, why would she have powerful offense & defense available like that?

    But I'll still do a last recap to summarize my point:
    -Dagger Throw says it needs at least a dagger because you can do it with dagger & shield, sword & dagger or dagger alone, instead of the Sword & Dagger and Sword & Shield moves that are self-explanatory.
    -I'm pretty sure you "announce shield dropped" because you start with it on you. You don't announce "dagger dropped" when doing a block, and it'd be just as valid. Btw, Flaming Cherry doesn't have the "if you still had it" part.
    -I'd think the only times you're allowed to draw and retrieve a weapon are in the maneuvers explicitly named like that (while at that, making Dodge & Draw actually useful). If she had a "Draw Dagger & Stab" maneuver like the Retarius, it'd be another thing...

    But that's enough about Echidna. About the starting maneuvers, if no-one thinks otherwise, I'll assume you're right and enable loaded weapons and "readied mechanisms" (like H & V) from the beginning.

  85. Honestly I think it would be for the 'best' to have everyone loaded starting off. Otherwise it becomes too predictable what everyone's 'starting' movement would be and plan ahead. Here they don't feel forced to dodge starting off to reload and the like and can ether aim to be more offensive, or defensive. Only person I feel ATM who shouldn't get such is well, Q-Bee, for good reason on that. Otherwise I don't see a problem in the shaft an rather embrase it.

    ...I'm going to admit thought that this Echidna talk has gotten a bit more out of hand then JUST a little bit. I trust leecherboy's judgment on the matter, and I don't think it's something worth fighting over.

    ...and it was Battletech?...Well STILL hyped...but...not AS hyped as I was before hand, silly dyslexia...And yeah, if their system's that far gone from the standered, then understood, but you have all 6 then and not just the 2 they can still print out?...That's very welcoming to hear then~!

    ...Do wonder how you got your hand on allot of these thought, is there a forum or something that keeps logs of the books? Or just happened to know all the right people?

  86. Well, I still pretty much disagree completely, but I won't bring the Echidna subject up again, and I do apologize for having pushed too far. *burries topic*

    Thanks for the "loaded at start" :)

    I'm surprised that they made only a few books with a different system like the Battletech books: That limit playing options a lot! Unless the concept is pretty different due to them being robots instead...

    Do you have any idea if the Ninja comes with his gimmick cards? Alongside with english Alleyne and Tomoe, I'm thinking of buying a few of the more interesting cheap books that don't use Magic spells. I figure that if I have some books, I MIGHT be able to convince a few real life friends to try it. It's a long-shot, but not impossible... The ninja is fairly cool, but only if he comes with his gimmicks and I'm not terribly willing to buy separate card stacks when I'm not sure the books will get used in the first place.

    Played a bit more with Charles tonight. It's strange, I can't connect to him before he's at the character selection, but I can afterward. The first two games bugged (no error messages, but the game stopped progressing) but every other game after that went silky smooth with no issues of any kind.

    Quick character analysis time: Junko is pretty amazing. She has 4 long-range attacks of +4 to +6 base damage (Which means critical hits), Smoke Bomb which is an extremely handy "turn around while dealing damage", good close attacks, a "turn around" move that I've never actually seen fail yet, multiple hilt attacks that are easy to land and give +2 damage to following move, and a cute outfit when doing her 'ninja' moves.

    She's slightly below average regarding BP and taken taken, but man does she hit like a beast and can control the enemy like no one else!

  87. I apologize as well, I might have come off too rude because of something else entirely (being frustrated at solving one of the bugs).

    I guess I'll try the "loaded at first" approach, and if they become simply top-tier, I'll reset it back to how it was.

    About the Battletech books, I figure they'll all pretty much play with a system similar to Katja, though I still need to analyze them a little deeper. For the incompatible series, I've been looking for them on my own, but the QB and LW books were graciously provided by the QB community at Hongfire, or the guys who found out about the app and contacted me afterwards.

    After googling for a while, it seems the Ninja could come with 2 different packs of gimmicks (1-4 or 5-8), and there's a "Gimmicks Pack" for sale containing the 8 of them...

  88. @leech: well it's your call...and some of those pics really needs some this cammy turned around pic i modified for a bit... :P
    now that's a sexy butt ;) XD

  89. and u can always change the size of those overly large JPG's in photoshop..and adding some little spice in to i did... :P XD

  90. btw...if want me to style the other cammy pics like that..i might consider it :P

  91. Nice work there, etherblade...except for the "oppenent" :P ...

  92. Yep, good job. Though it kinda gives me a "black Magic the Gathering card" vibe, I'll admit it looks more interesting than my simple design. If you want to redo all the pages like that (and maybe change the "Jumping Up" and "Spin Drive Smasher" with the ones in your previous pack, since those 2 looked quite good), I think I'd replace them with your versions.

  93. yeah...i kinda saw that...but i've already fix the error in my end... good thing i saw it early or who knows what would have happend if i started the whole thing already :p XD

  94. really?! upload the source pics in your end leech...i'll do it tonight :P got nothing else to do coz i'm blu-ray animes XD

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. no no okami...i use those blu-rays as source vids in encoding mini animes...the bigger the size the more clearer it the output when it comes out...i'm a mini encoder on a certain website ;) XD

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. have u ever found sites that turns like 2gb of anime vid into a 67 or 70 mb size???w/ minum lost of quality? coz if u have that's the kind of work i do.. XD

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. yup2 if like u can try visiting the site i work's you'll love it knw...and the same goes for u leech...try coming to the site if u want mini size anime to watch and store in HDD :P XD btw...where are those source pics >.<

  101. Well, I'm not home right now. You'll have to wait a couple of hours for me to get home and upload them :p

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. ok.......i'll do em' tomorrow's already 12 mn in my part so i can't w8 a couple more hrs for it...i'll comeback here tomorrow...well then pipz ja'na btw do the checking on the ones i did finish...i'll read ur judgement when i wake up tomorrow morning XD

  104. I like that Cammy turned around pic! If you want to spend the effort to "stylicise" the book I'd say go for it! The current Cammy book actually looks great overall in my opinion, but Awesome > Great :)

    I'm not going to get involved in the piracy debate, but I did join your site. Amongst other things, I never watched the entire Queen's Blade second season (Or the newest 6 episode one), so I figure I should do that sometime! Plus my internet connection over here is kinda limited so things like 1g for an episode doesn't cut it. I don't feel particularly bad about grabbing the 2nd season since I do own the first season DVDs and I'm going to buy the 2nd one when it comes out anyhow :)

    I tried one match with Charles this morning during my morning break at work: This computer has better protection and firewall than my home computer, and it did work flawlessly. I thought it'd fail, but nope, you were right: I didn't even get a popup from my firewall asking permission. I actually even could connect first unlike usual. So I'm even more confused as to why we couldn't connect last time! The game was running off an USB key, to boot.

    When looking for which books to order, I noticed the following two books:
    BITRA: the Man/spider with sword and crossbow
    DRIATAUR with battle axe (a kind of minotaur)
    I assume those two are in Bill's pile of books? I'm kinda curious to know what a Driataur looks like :)

    I have a question regarding Aldra (R), her Hellfire ability in particular. Is it normal that it deals damage even on leg wound, body wound, knock down and so on? The ability feels absolutely overpowering right now.

    In-game description says: "Might heavily damage opponent only if it's blocked against." So from my understanding of that description, I think it should do the constant damage 7 damage only on Parry or Block pages, not against leg wounds, knocked down and the like.

    It doesn't help that the AI spams the hell out of that ability in my experience :) Anyway, if you feel the current way is correct it's fine: I won't throw a tantrum this time!

    Thanks again for the "Loaded at start" change. I really doubt we'll see those characters being overpowered with the change, but I suppose we'll see after the update :)

    Talking about overpowered, I unfortunately have to revise my opinion of "godly Annelotte". She still hits extremely hard, but she has a fatal flaw: All her different "block and attack" moves have a Score of 1. Which means that even when the move is succesful, there's a good chance she'll actually take more damage than she inflicted, plus she has a relatively low BP pool to start with. Combine that with her small moveset when dismounted and she has real problems as soon as she's put on the defensive. She's still good, but she's definitively not as dominating as I first thought she was.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. @ayrawinla:
    I DID kinda warn you about Annelotte. But interesting to learn about that as well. I should experiment more with the 'guard' attacks.

    Aldra (R) I think is fine. Hellfires no more Overpowered the Firebird for Nyx :P When it scores, it DOES score hard, but then again the trick is to...well...score. Honestly it seems that 'Hellfire' is a Magic attack outright that arcanthus might have had access towards, so instead of letting Aldra (r) just pick from a list of cards you may, or may not have, they just set her up with a damaging 'spell', and a defensive 'scroll'.

    ...MIGHT be best not to discuss said topics here...

    Even if that was a joke, don't push someone into such debates like that...Lets at least TRY to keep things on topic? ^^;;

  107. @Charles:

    I do not understand. I didn't push ether into a debate, I made a humorous accusation (the "haha" was a dead ringer!). I do agree it was off topic, for that I apologize.

  108. It was calling him a pirate multiple times. Funny first, not needed afterwards.

    Thought Okami, going to try the Hamachi group at all? I'll admit it's up and running, and we could use everyone we could to join, get some testing in, and mostly talk and chat in an environment that in the end one could joke about such and just be silly. :P

  109. @Charles:

    You a tough crowd, a one-time joke audience...geez...hah!

    Sorry, Charles, I just run solo tournaments between the fighter gals...I'm weird like that...Tanyan & Sainyan are still leading the pack! (I also play Magic the Gathering by myself, so I'm used to that)...cuz once I play humans, then I gotta worry about strategy and what comes after what move and what's making it fun so far it's the wide variety of characters and moves...

  110. @etherblade: Yep, good work indeed. Here are Cammy's original pics:
    Remember that Extended Range versions, like E.R.Body Wound, should appear "larger" (or close range versions should be cropped a little more, whichever you prefer).

    @ayrawinla: The description there is a typo, she does splash damage "even if" they're blocking. Double-checking her restrictions there, it seems it aditionally restricts the opponent's moves for a turn, too, like the "Fire Ball" red spell, but it's probably "do 7 damage regardless of score", I'll change it if I can confirm that (it's a pity the "QB official translator" quitted and now the job is up to me).

    As for those 2 books, yep, Bill has those, most or all of the few live-action ones and the 4 missing dinos. Which means that, eventually, we'll only be missing Marvel Battlebooks' Spiderman, Storm and Colossus. :p

  111. Mmm...a Storm book...well, wait, she might not have one of her better costumes like Rogue's book...maybe eventually I'll search high and low for better Rogue pics...

  112. Does the other live-action ones have different movesets? I kind of assumed that they were copies of existing characters (Since on the "make your own book" page they offer you only a few basic weapon templates), but... The Secutor and the Retarius actually have unique movesets. I haven't seen anything good about the Secutor (especially with the -1 hp helmet), but the Retarius is actually pretty interesting. If the live action books have the same quality of the Retarius one, then I'll definitively be looking foward to it!

    So Hellfire might be possibly become even BETTER? Man, I guess Aldra (R) will remain my worst bane, which killed by herself roughly 2/3rd of my 250+ experience characters. Last time I met her with my 760 experience Mirim I just decided to run away instead of risking getting Hellfired to death :)

    Yes it's too bad that the translator stopped doing them and that you have yet another job added... I took a Japanese class at university and I can actually translate Japanese (including Kanji, but only very slowly). The problem is that while I can translate something relatively correct according to context, it's probably not precise enough for rule semantics. So I can try helping with that but... My help is probably not worth much! Actually, I'll try tonight a few pages from Captain Liliana and see what the result is in case I'd get pleasantly surprised :)

    Actually, IF I can manage to edit a currently Japanese book back to english, would you be willing to incorporate the translated version to the game?

    That sucks about the ninja gimmicks. Half isn't bad, but... It depends which half :) Plus if you buy the gimmick pack (which isn't available on the lost world site from what I've seen), you end up with a bunch of duplicates. I'll probably pick another character then.

    Regarding upgrading the Rogue book... I kinda like the current Rogue book personally. If you do make a new Rogue book, I think it'd be a good idea to have a new "character" for that book, like for Dark Echidna.

    Oh! Question Okami: In your tournaments, where does Mirim rank? After having played a lot, she's my definitive little tank of utter destruction. She's a bit plain, but she seems incredibly effective, at least when I play her... So I'm curious to know how good/bad she does in your tournaments :) I do try Tanyan and Sanyan once in a while and I do okay in general, but I never get far before dying for some reasons (Maybe because her sword is made of glass when I play her and it gets broken like 3 times per fight).

    Anyway, if you do change your mind Okami, you are more than welcome to join us! We aren't terribly competitive and it's all just for fun :)

    Quick silly question leecherboy: What determine the order of the characters at character selection? On one computer, all my characters are in alphabical order, and on the other one they are in alphabitical order except for the three newer one (Cammy, Q-Bee and Kal) who are right at the end. I don't really mind either way but I'd love if I could have the same order on both computers: I sometime stupidly pick the wrong character because I'm so used to have them in a particular place in particular page :) Like for example I'm used to that first char on page 8 is Mirim, and wham, I end up with Menace when on the other computer. I know that me taking half a second more to select could fix the "problem" but if there's a tiny tweak I could do in the files (or copy a specific one from the other computer) then I'd rather do that out of pure laziness :)

    Colossus book? I wonder how many BP he has! I expect something slightly insane!

  113. Oh, I only meant changing Rogue's pictures, not the moves, which makes it even more difficult. I don't know exactly from what era they pulled that costume from, but I would much rather have her typical green attire and looking hotter as she deserves...hah!

    Mirim started doing really well but has fallen into a rut lately (17 wins, 16 losses), every damn fight with her does take twice as long to finish than the other gals...Tanyan, Airi, Eirin & Ymir, Alleyne, Rogue, Spider-Girl and Witchblade seem to be pretty constant in superiority...but in real human vs human fight, I could see Tanyan being quite predictable...she has very few moves available after doing "crush rock shock" or even "charge"...

  114. the cammy revised and re-styled pack is finish
    you can already use the pics if u want but better w8 for leech's judgment if it's a go or needs further editing coz i might have miss something in the texts...typos for example...well...use @ ur own risk just copy over and replace the files in the cammy folder in char game main folder... :P

  115. @etherblade:
    That is...greatly awesome dude and REALLY gives Cammy a 'complete' book feel~! Hell, if I can find enough stuff for Arina/Roomi valid enough to work, or when my friend finishes drawong the Q-Bee images, to come towards you to give it a really good 'finished' look over if willing. =D

  116. sure...i still have some time to's summer break now here in my end..and i only have one class this summer...i'll be here if the pics are finished :P

  117. Niiice job! That's a professional-looking character book :) I'll admit that in a few cases I prefered the original illustrations, but that's only personal preferences of course. I'd have to say this book might now look better than a few of the official ones, actually...

    Leecherboy: I meant to say this a while ago, but "Good job on the story mode"! I'll admit that at first, I thought to myself: "Man, some of those are really flimsy reasons for a fight!", but then I figured that it's actually a perfect fit for the anime: That's exactly how it goes there too, so you did it in the best possible way. I like the two ending choices too!

    Okami: I always considered the Marvel characters to be a power level higher than the Queen's Blade/Gate cast or the baseline Lost Worlds chars (Though I might be wrong) so I'm not too surprised at those ones. Tanyan & Sanyan I can see also, considering that the +2 HP when at extended range can stack up fast especially considering that most AI like extended range. I feel that Alleyne is incredible so no big surprises there either...

    Airi does surprise me a bit, but the biggest surprise to me is Eirin & Ymir. While kinda fun due to the expandable moveset, they don't have anything "exploitable" by the AI that I'm kinda amazed that they do so well in your tournaments!

    For Mirim fights taking twice as long as the other ones... That's exactly why I like her so much :) Getting in a slug fest and "trade hits" is the best thing you can do... but if the AI keeps moving her back to Extended Range, then I can definitively see her doing pretty meh.

  118. A tiny something I forgot to write in the other post, but it has blown my mind so much that I had to post it.

    Leina wears pants in her Rebellion outfit. PANTS! Full length, completely opaque and revealing absolutely nothing. Isn't that completely illegal in the Queen's Blade world? :)

  119. lol i'm glad that u liked it...although i'm still not impress w/ my work >.< but considering the fact that i need to redo all em' if i did...let's just say it will be a pain in my end... :P and being a cammy fan that i am, some of those pics had some pretty ugly faces...i mean..blehh :P so i tried to find some pics that were rather cute or tough or cool.. and of course they all have faces that u can behold on XD and tried to pic the most suitable theme for cammy...considering that the ink splatter theme is the trademark of SFIV so i picked that as my's all about matching the suitable theme for the character ;) i dnt knw bout leina..not a QB fan :P ...but i do like hyakka ryouran samurai girls more XD i'm not a fan of excessively large in larger than normal large XD even if it's in english ver and the blu-rays are now available to DL in the site i work for...the thought of getting the copies and watching it never really crossed my mind... although i am familiar w/ the story and cast XD

  120. -Can't look at the new Cammy set right now, will give my opinion later, but I'm fairly sure it'll be great.

    -About the live-action books, Junko, Ink and Aldra (R) are based on 3 of them (or at least, the former QB translator claimed that), so I'd think they're original chars :)

    -On the subject of translating, sure, if you or etherblade feel like editing the japanese ones, I'd replace the old versions on the double. Luna Luna is already "officially" translated, and I have almost-complete, readable translations of the rest, so give me some days to tidy them up and I'll upload them.

    -If you want a silly answer for your silly question on the character order: "I don't know (lol)". Or rather, it simply depends on how your PC arranges them. It should be alphabetically, but if the latest chars appear at the end, maybe that folder has some kind of "memory", so shuffling them around or putting them in a new "char" folder could solve it...?

    -I'm glad the feedback on the Story Mode has been positive so far, I was rather disappointed with the QB anime story and (after being inspired by Blazblue) decided I could do it more justice even if I had to write it myself. In fact, if I had proper SD pics of the chars, maybe I'd get the crazy idea of adding "Teach me, Captain" non-playable mini-chapters to explain the overall story and pour in the silliness.

    -Now that you mention Eirin & Ymir, the recent announcement of a certain fighting game made me think of another possibility for adding chars here: if you guys can't find enough pics to complete 1 book, maybe pairing them up with another char could get you a complete, shared book like theirs.

  121. @ayranwila...
    Marvel characters are more powerful indeed, so to balance it out a little I brought their life to 12 points max, like most of the ladies...

    With Airi, I guess is her "touch" and "poison" that does them in...she doesn't have many moves and loses life when dodging...yet again, Menace has a curse hand and she generally gets her butt kicked...I guess Rogue and Spider-Girl are the better combinations of draining/poison and physical power...

    Eirin & Ymir, I can't put my finger on what exactly they do, but I guess they're just balanced enough to duke it out with anybody...the way I play, randomizing their attacks (more prone to choosing a damaging move when opponent is dazed, knocked down or off-balance, never choosing wild attacks or disarming when it's pointless) shows (if anything I guess) who's versatile enough to win without repeating their most powerful moves...


    Your job with Cammy is awesome! If I'm permitted to lodge a small critique in your labor of love and dedication which should not be subjected to negativity from the freeloadin' peanut gallery (haha), is that the style you chose seemingly reduces the size of the artwork...take for example page 35 "extended range body wound", without a doubt a lovely pic, but Cammy feels like a contortionist in a little box...I don't know if the solution would be to raise the verticality of the image or if Queen's Blade gets off tricking the eye with white backgrounds...once again, you shouldn't take my petty criticism too seriously, because without your work, we wouldn't have a very pretty alternative to playing Cammy (making her extra-fresh to fight again!)...

  122. @leecherboy,

    I had also thought (albeit briefly) of pairing up characters with small image sets (like my poor Yoruichi), but that would make it harder for you to concoct a proper move set...I dunno...if possible, I'll personally try to make it a single person, but I guess if that is absolutely not possible with what's readily available then what the hell, tag team! ... are you referring to Street Fighter + Tekken? or tag-team in Mortal Kombat 9? or Marvel vs Capcom 3? ...there's so much going on in fighting games this year...I love it!

  123. Split character books are a great idea!

    Is it possible that there's either a calculation or translation error for Tomoe Smash move?

    After landing Smash once and then doing an head hit, I routinely get damage like these:

    It's awesomely fun, but that does feel slightly higher than a +2 score bonus :)

  124. hmmmmm O.O (revised edition of cammy_23) (ver.2 if your not satisfied w/ revised VER.)

    and if your gonna ask about the dazed pic...well it's the best i can do considering if i want to show the butt, that's the only choice i can make... just take a look @ the source pic:

    and if you want to see the pic of the EXT range body's the source pic:

    and i did what did because i dnt want to distort the pics further...well some were easy w/ less noticeable changes but the others were rather hard....i want to show pics w/ less preserve the beauty of the pic... ;)

  125. I think your original choice is best...the source pic does not leave many options to work with...same with dazed, they have a "sliced" head to focus on the obvious asset of lady Cammy...

    never mind, ether, stick with what you've done...great job finding the pics!

    Btw, I wouldn't presume to force changes just on my voice...I would have set up a democratic voting procedure then eliminate all those who dissent with me...haha...African style y'know?

  126. it's cool dude..i'm open minded so don't worry...all in all leech still has the last say in this coz he's the admin :P so if he considers some of the pics need further editing i'll it w/ the best of my abilities...although i can vector the pics...sad thing is..i'm still learning vectoring skills in Photoshop... (TT_TT) that's y i can't manipulate those hard to edit pics yet

  127. oh wait, I got one more annoying suggestion if you promise not to shinkou hadouken me or hire Vega to come beat me up after I get out of the shower!

    The ink blot splatters...can they be contained outside the frame? example, page 21 "turned around", ink blot covers one of Cammy's lovely thighs...I understand the theme you're going for, but maybe removing them from the actual pic (no invasion of dark blots on white background of pic) make the pics spiffier?

  128. for short censoring?XD well i was rather annoyed to by that ink blot too...w8 for a sec i'll edit it for a bit :P

  129. all done :3
    turned around ver.2:

  130. great job, ether! much better now, and you're lightning quick!

  131. a little preview of what to expect from Ivy's book:

  132. Awesome, Okami! Can't wait until Ivy is in leecherboy's game!

  133. @etherblade: Indeed, it looks great. If you correct the scores in the "Turned Around" and "Dazed" pages, I'll feature this version of Cammy in the next update.

    @okami31: Don't worry about my "concoctions", I like challenges :D, and if the poses resemble the QB standard somehow, I'm fine with it being split chars. The matrixes are more interesting that way, too (btw, yep, I was referring to SF x T).

    @ayrawinla: Oops, that's being caused by both a typo in the translated book (Tomoe's "Splitting Helm" should happen on score), and a mistake when I added the Gunslinger, sorry about that.

  134. I prefer the "not censored" version too personally: It's a Queen's Blade related game and I don't think there's anything that needs to be coverered over by the ink blotches or excessive zoom in that image set :) Like I prefer the new "turned around" pic to the old one. I was about to say that I'd have prefered a few of the other pics not being as "zoomed" in to show a bit more, but after seeing the originals you had to work with, I'll admit that it's fairly impossible to do unfortunately! To be honest, if you had only given me the source pics, I'd have answered that there's no way to do a page with them... So big kudos in managing to do that so well! :)

    Based on those preview screenshots from Ivy, I got to say that her defensive scores are surprisingly excellent! It's not as incredible as Mirim's, but it's actually quite close and she MIGHT be the Queen's Blade/Gate character with the 2nd best defensive scores. I mean, 3 damage for a Body Blow is pretty awesome (For reference sake, Mirim has 2, Echidna has 4 and the other 4s like Leina have worse Arm Defense than Ivy does and the rest of the cast is 5 or higher). My interest in Ivy just went up a lot! :) No news on the scans yet? If it seems that there won't be any, I could add the Ivy book to my order at worst.

    No need for apologies leecherboy for the Tomoe thing! It's been pretty fun to overkill Hulk in 4 turns :)

  135. Nooooo!!!

    Dammed Skywalker! There goes my Mirim :( Reached there without using an exp (I wonder how many BP I'd have got if I did :)), but I wanted to reach 1000 points to see if it went to 4 digits.

    I'll hate Star Wars forever now.


  136. @ayrawinla - I do have all the dinosaurs, all the 1%-Inspiration books (Driataur, Bitra, Mutant Hill Giant, etc), and all the live-action books both b/w and color version, plus a couple of my own designed characters, plus all the texts for the "Peter's characters" which is about 60+ additional characters some guy named Peter designed. But those have no artwork. I used one of them for the Balrog, and suggested the leecherboy use another one (the flying man) for Q-Bee.

    But real life gets in the way of working on these things - I coach two youth soccer teams so that's 2 nights a week plus half of Saturday gone; I'm taking an Oracle class 2 nights a week; and try to get to a taekwondo class at least one night a week.

  137. @ayrawinla: too bad...u can always try again... XD
    @leech: sure...what kind of editing those the scoring on daze and turned around need???coz the only scores i've found on the original pages that u created were on dazed only "score: 1 critical:5" is that wrong? O.O give me the correct ones XD and what about turned around?? i didn't saw a score something on the side of the pic on the original...if it did, give me the info also XD

  138. If I remember correctly, Dazed was "Score 6, Critical 10" and Turned Around was "Score 0"... both should appear at the Cammy version I edited.

    now that's settled...all's left is for u to replace the ones in the prev pack that i uploaded w/ this two...then we can say "Beginning mission" (cammy's line from SFIV game :P)

    fun fact:
    you dnt want to knw what kind of pic i used for dazed ver.2 :3 XD

  140. dammit...photobucket removed the daze pic... >.<

    cammy update:

  141. @etherblade:
    ...I know I would dude...Just because I honestly am that perverted. Thought after looking at it I think I have that image set...

    Honestly why not join us on the Hamatchi? If anything else would allow you to chat with us in a far faster moving environment, more less if you wanted to show off a few things/screw around, that too works.

    Also: Would HIGHLY recommend Imageshack over Photobucket. Including if you are just uploading w/o an account. Photobucket's taken down allot of 'safe' artwork I noticed, a bit of a shame as well honestly.

  142. talking bout the did came from a H* pic...and u dnt want to see what's going on the other side of that me.. ;) XD

    and hamachi...i did installed hamachi once...i tried to use while attempting to play magical battle arena online..but to no avail..i can't connect or theirs just no people playing it now O_O but in any case..i can chat online..that's if i don't DL some blu-ray animes in torrents...w/c i am doing right now...( yasuga no sora BD(20 gb) and you're under arrest the movie BD(11 gb) using only a 3 mbps pre-paid* internet... O.O) so you do the math what would happen if i started hamachi while me DL is still on XD but i'll maybe try installing hamachi again some of this days...maybe i can even play a match or two w/ some of guys :P

    @leech: looky what i found while surfing the net
    hehehehhe....(evil smirk) (look in the last part of the comment box... and try looking @ the title of that user...O.O) XD

  143. damn..forgot to post the link
    baka me :P XD

  144. Well then do you have say MSN or something? Anything to be reachable? I just rather not over-inflate this blog with sparse chit-chat if we really don't have to. ^^;;

  145. yup..if u want u can add me on facebook if u have an email is it also works on yahoo messenger if u have one :3

  146. Hurray!

    I did need to Escape 3 times (I figure that's why the Escape button exist in the first place anyhow), and I was a bit nervous when I met Skywalker when I was at around 940 points and that I was down to 2bp, but... Meaningless goal accomplished! It actually only took an hour so it wasn't that bad... Anyhow, I'm not going to try to reach 10000: I'll just assume that the game does reach that high :) The high point of the run was bringing down the Cold Drake. The low point of the run was having to escape against Eilee, the puny 6bp faerie. She landed her charm, and the only non-edged weapon Mirim has is a bow with -2 that didn't seem to be able to do any body or head hits... So had to escape against the game's weakest character :(

    Thanks for the complete book listing, Bill! I did see Peter's books while looking on the web (I was looking for descriptions of a few items and magic cards to see what exactly they are) but I didn't sit down to analyze their specifics. From the two implemented here, they do sound pretty decent. Regarding free time... I have karate classes 3 nights a week and a 5-days a week 9 hours a day job and I feel busy enough already: While I do have free time, I usually feel tired enough so that I rather play something rather than do any of the ton of interesting more productive projects that I keep considering. With your heavier schedule, I can only imagine that having the time and motivation to scan books is a bit hard to find :)

    I think I'll keep the previous Dazed Cammy page personally: The new does fit better but I prefered the previous pic a tiny bit. It's nice that we are able to pick and choose based on our preferences! :) By the way Etherblade, you are more than welcome to join us for a few matches if you want to give Hamachi a try again: The game is certainly more fun with other players!

    Did anyone ever deal with
    ? The Lost Worlds books are a bit cheaper, shipping is cheaper, and they seem to have enough interesting books (plus they have a shopping cart that actually works unlike Flying Buffalo). Only thing missing is the Ivy book that I wasn't really planning to get in the first place unless there's no scans of her at all. The site looks legit enough at first glance, but just looking for confirmation in case any of you guys did buy there.

  147. @ayrawinla: kk i'll try hamachi again one of this days...and question...y are u stocking up exp??? i mean the purpose of that thing to use to further improve the BP and damage of ur current y? i mean i've already stocked up like 3817 points on cammy and i use it every time i finish of a high exp character...and currently my cammy can whoop anybody...given i'm not on my challenge mode w/c is like stage 78 w/c the challenger can be really challenging to to finish off because they have a major2 MAJOR advantage on my about super handicap...damn u leech >.< i get more prone to dying in this stages..1 crit hit takes off a whooping 26 or 30 off my BP...esp the dinos and drake... and i esp hate the bp sucking characters like airi..i dnt knw how to counter their moves..every time i hit em' they gain like 3 BP...every single how am i supposed to beat those type of characters in challege mode??i mean..hell they regain BP as fast as i can hit em... XD

  148. More than 1000 experience points? Challenge Mode stage 78? Wow, that's pretty crazy, you guys XD

  149. yeah well...i tend to be carried away @ times...that what happens when you're playing it all alone...XD

  150. There's two reasons why I never use my experience points:
    1) It's fun beating the odds and crushing characters like the Hulk with your 12 bp character. If your character gets godlike, then crushing weaker characters feel pointless. That's also why I never play anything stronger than the Queen's Blade/Gate characters.

    2) Playing Challenge mode like you do is definitively a valid option, but the problem is that (for me at least) a lot more attacks become +4 damage or better. +4 or better means a critical on every type of Wound which result in losing parts of your skill set IF your character is recent enough to be vulnerable to injuries. I feel that Injurable characters kind of have different rules than the non-injurable ones, and that only gets worse if injuries are more common due to damage levels increasing through experience points. At base strength, injuries only occurs from the biggest attacks from the strongest champions or from big attacks after certain types of Jump and I like it this way personally :)

    "More than 1000 experience points? Wow, that's pretty crazy"

    Nah... it did take about an hour or so, so it's not the craziest thing in the world :) "Quick Select" is a must obviously. Here's the blueprint to domination with Mirim.

    Extended Range: It's impossible to do any damage with any Swing or Thrust so don't bother with them. If your enemy has no good long range attack, just charge them no matter what. At worst, you'll get a leg wound with 0 damage or something similar which doesn't hurt much. In most cases, you'll simply trade Charge damage (High charge value and lowest damage taken), and you'll always deal more damage than you took. And in best case, your charge land and your opponent gets an injury.

    If your opponent has decent long-range attacks, then your best option is Dodge. By dodging, you avoid the nastiest long-range hits of nearly all characters, and if you do get hit, it'll be things like turned around or pushed off balance to which Mirim has a -1 value so damage will be very minimal and it'll get you at close range. Against characters with healing you might have to risk a charge once in a while anyway. Block and Close is also an option, but it's normally riskier than Dodge, and you don't get bonuses (Plus your attack set is a bit limited after a block).

    Close range, Swing High, Swing Low, Thrust High, Thrust Low and Dodge are your bread and butter. For the most part, those attacks out-priorize the Smashes, which are the most dangerous. Those moves are relatively safe, and it'll be very rare to get hit by Dazed while doing them. It's not that uncommon to get hit while landing another hit while doing those maneuvers: That's to your advantage.

    Definitively do use the other attacks for additional damage (If you spam one move the AI actually do seem to catch up to it), but they shouldn't be your most common action. Thing is, Mirim has TWO turns where she is forced to jump when she gets knocked down, unlike every other character in the game which is only one. So, it's imperative not to put yourself in a situation to get knocked down when you can avoid it (So in general, don't go for the power moves when your opponent has an entire attack list available). Also, Mirim is especially vulnerable from being disarmed: Mirim doesn't even have Kick! Her main moves prevent a regular Disarm from landing.

    When unable to do any attacks, Dodge should be your most common action for a few reasons:
    1) Ducking will get you insta-dazed by an opponent Smash. AI loves to Smash. It's their highest damage hit, on the location that deals the highest damage. Duck at your own risk if the opponent can do Orange.
    2) Jump has the same issue as Duck except without the insta-daze (It's merely common instead of instant). Unlike a lot of characters, it also gives no damage bonus of any kind to Mirim so it's usually a poor option.

  151. 3) You don't want to be at Extended Range, so Away is usually a bad choice. However, against other opponents who are only able to fight in melee, it's not a bad choice as you usually will either knock your opponent down and stay in melee, or bring you at extended range for a new charge.
    4) Dodge gives +2 damage bonus to Mirim, which allows her to land Criticals with 3 different attacks. Beside Charge, Dodge + either Smash, Protected Smash or Strong Swing are the only ways she can inflict critical hits. As far as I know, Dodging also completely prevents Mirim from getting Dazed.

    Shield Block is also a valid option especially with the nice +2 damage bonus and her massive -5 on parry or block, but there's a few issues that prevents it from being amazing.
    1) Mirim's shield seems to be made of paper and tends to break easily. The AI tendency to do Smashes doesn't help matters either.
    2) Mirim shield blocks don't tend to land her opponent on Score pages very often, so the nice +2 bonus very often goes to waste.

    Finally, when trying to accumulate exp, the most important part of a fight isn't winning it: It's to not die. Sure you'll end up winning most fights, but when not winning you want to make sure not to die. Mirim's worst score page has a score of 4 for Daze. So if you are fighting an opponent that has +3 attack at most and that you are currently at 3BP, you are actually 100% safe. In the same situation but with 2 BP, you have to make sure not to get Dazed, but you can afford being hit by something else: Adjust your strategy accordingly based on opponent damage and your current BP!

    And... that's my overly long and detailed strategy guide to Mirim :)

  152. YORUICHI and SUI-FENG from the anime BLEACH

    If you don’t have an idea of who these two gals are, let’s just say they are elite ninja with centuries of experience. Yoruichi is called the “Goddess of Flash” for how insanely fast she is, so maybe she could get a “Move Behind” type of move. Sui-Feng (recently changed from Soifon) is fast too but prefers to use her poison stinger for assassination purposes (if she hits the same spot twice, you die, but for this game it’d be better to just be a regular poison-effect).

    I couldn’t find enough Yoruichi pics and I figured since Sui-Feng has a long-time crush on her boss, hinting of lesbian tendencies, they’d be great fighting together. Also, the boss said he didn’t mind the challenge. :-)

    This a brief overview of how their attacks would be.


    --Kick (strong attack, not just de-stabilizing kick)
    Could be Kick low and kick high)
    Kidō (close range energy attack)
    Leg Sweep (knocks down)

    Armor (opens the armor abilities for use, until some non-armor attack is chosen?) (these moves should be like protected moves, they might hit hard but also safeguard your joints from damage)
    Armored Attack
    Armored Smash (very powerful move)

    YORUICHI SHUNKO (you can name it “Flash Cry”)
    Shunkō (opens up Shunkō abilities, next physical attack should be very powerful)
    Shunkō Counter (block and attack)
    Shunkō Punch or Shunkō Attack
    Shunkō Thrust (you could put it as a regular thrust attack without the Shunkō special…the electricity could be just due to its power)

    Kick (strong attack, not just de-stabilizing kick)
    Sword Slash
    Sword Thrust (thrusting down so it could be a jump and thrust down?)
    Suzumebachi (stinger, poisons, you could just have a Sting Low and Sting High attacks)
    Shunkō (no further moves to open so I guess it just powers up next Sui-Feng technique)

    Combination Shunkō (opens Yoruichi’s shunko abilities and could be an attack itself)
    Combination Attack
    Combination Block or Defense (could be a block and attack)

    Wild Swing (maybe yoruichi extra 1 should be the pic for this?)
    Disarm Opponent


    (Whichever you deem necessary)

    Block and Close
    Heal (Yoruichi and Sui-Feng together)

  153. Hey, that's... quite a fine job, actually. There are more pics and attacks than necessary, so picking the more appropiate ones shouldn't get too hard (one of the pics was censored by Photobucket, though).
    Wait, hasn't Yoruichi used her Armor only once? How could there be that many pics of her in it...?

    Is this the start of a wave of anime chars in QBB? (I hope so :D)

  154. An Idea for Suzumebachi:
    A) It is only allowed if your opponent is on page 21. (Shunkō effect could be: Turn your opponent to page 21).

    B) It disables Sui Feng attacks. (They should be enabled, as Ymir's in Erin & Ymyr book.)

    C) If kills the opponent on second sucess (Sucess: the opponent is on a score page). Suzumebachi has no damage at all.

  155. yoruichi and sui-feng rest (this is the most ecchi one)

    knocked down

  156. @leecherboy,

    I'm very glad that you liked them! I was concerned with not having enough attacks with both yoruichi and sui-feng, so I even searched for Urahara moves for a trio of characters...luckily, I had an image search breakthrough today, on a site that just had bleach pics without labeling them individually...

    So far she just used the armor against Aizen and it was mostly to prevent her from breaking her arms and legs against the tough skin of the enemies...I guess artists liked that idea and I do like the pics they came up with! haha...

    I hope I'm not coming across as a guy who has a cat-people interest in potential characters is sorta random...I swear! (felicia might be next anyway..hahaha)


    creative solutions for suzumebachi indeed! Didn't even think of them...

  157. ooohhhh...........QBB anime collections....i'll maybe take part in it some of there days nod* nod* :3

  158. I figured an easy way to use Roomi:
    Use Endril book. She begins "unarmed", but the only weapon attack is Orange ones.
    When she would "Cast magic", she would "draw" her weapon, the Giant Knucle (I know, in Galaxy Fight does not work this way, but could be simpler). She can use it untill is turned to page 27.
    She also use Suppoko Ride as Kick (and it does a lot of damage, like a +4).
    She does not use "Retrive weapon" and "Nock Arrow".
    She also does not has Loose Arrow, instead she has "Extended Range Giant Knuckle Slash" (can used only armed).