Sunday, May 1, 2011

QB Battle 20.8

Megaupload: App + Media (update) + Extra chars
Sendspace: App + Media (update) + Extra chars

Besides the new file in the "config" folder to set your own BGM (let me know if music doesn't play somewhere it should, or if you want different music in another situations), added the recent Ivy, and Yoruichi & Sui-Feng from Bleach (thanks to Okami31 for gathering pics):

Ivy has rather standard attacks (some fans complained about her not having signature moves). As for Yoruichi & Sui-Feng, I tried to split the pages and maneuvers around 50/50, to make each one feel more independent than Eirin & Ymir.

Coming next: Felicia.

Edit: Small fix for replaying correctly 1p vs 2p battles: Megaupload / Sendspace

Edit 2 (05-03): Removed the "adult warning" that kept getting in the way, and added a disclaimer at the top of the page. I hope no one complains, the content is not that strong, imho.


  1. 3rd try in three days for making a post (Always get an error message) so keeping it super short this time.

    I played a game with Charles a few days ago, and I think there might be a bug with Shigi and shields. I was Mirim, he was Shigi, I got hit by Fear which made my sword and shield unavailable, but I still had the Shield Block maneuver option: I picked it, it worked, and I won the match with it. I'm not sure if it's normal that Mirim can do a shield block with no shields. :)

    Is Hamachi down for anyone else? I can't connect to it either... Anyway, for all the new people on Hamachi, welcome! Don't be shy if you see me there: If I am, odds are it's because I want to play a match so please feel free to send me a message! (When it starts working again)

    Thanks for the update! I just had about 5 minutes to try it so far, but it seems to work well enough. I haven't tried the music option yet; can we add more tracks for battle, so that Random picks between more than 3 tracks?

    For the new chars, Ivy definitively is pretty plain but she seems relatively solid at least: Good defenses (Beside leg and head), decent damage and boosting moves. I doubt she'll be on my "commonly played" character list, but she won't end up in my "never play again" pile :) She looks better visually than I expected, too.

    For Yoruichi & Sui-Feng, character looks good overall, and the moveset is pretty interesting and unique, well done! Character strength I'm a bit iffy about, however: While they do have 14 BP and a two-hit kill move, their damage is pretty low, they rarely have access to their full moveset at once (Due to one character keeping on the attack) and their damage taken values are attrocious. 5 damage for leg, 4 for arm wound? I might be speaking too soon though: We'll see after more matches and our resident master character analyst :)

  2. I noticed an error when trying to edit pages myself, let's hope the Blogspot guys work on that.

    That case with Mirim seems to be just an error with display, since Mirim and similar chars aren't ever supposed to get their shield disarmed.

    For now, there's a max of 3 songs per screen (because I thought that'd be a high enough number), but it'd be pretty easy to raise the max if you guys want more :)

    About Yoruichi & Sui-Feng, I guess I'll wait to get more feedback, as well.

  3. An issue I would like to bring up:
    When watching Replays, if both people where humans, it'll auto play the first actions between both, but after that pause forever and the only way to move to the next segment is to pause/unpause...and you need to keep doing this every step till the finish.

    Mind fixing this so it plays like a Human vs CPU, or CPU vs CPU replay match?

  4. good job with yoruichi, leecher!

  5. For those going on Hamachi: Make sure your chat isn't disabled if you want to play a match! Had some unmessage-able players there yesterday :(

    That's good to know for Shigi: I always found that Fear spell to be utterly ridiculous. A "main weapons" disarms sounds quite a bit more balanced than a "Even your shields and crossbows are gone!" thing :)

    Charles pointed out something interesting yesterday: Ivy's Fakes are inversed. As in, the Fake that hits low is blue, and the Fake that hits high is red... So they're not fakes at all, really. I know it's not a mistake in the game since the scan shows that the character card is that way, but it feels really strange. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an errata somewhere about this!

    Regarding the music, in my case it'd be only for the Battle songs that I'd love a bit more variety. I absolutely adore the "title" music, but since we spend so much time in battle I did get bored of the three songs we currently have beside one. It's really no big deal though: Having the option to swap them now is very welcome anyway!

    So you are watching human vs human replays, Charles? Trying to figure out my patterns and get the upper hand on me? :)

  6. Hehe~! that and watching allot of matches period. If anything else we've had allot of good ones so far back and forth...Thought yes part of it is as well seeing what all you do. :P

    Thought then again also seeing what beat 'what' to getting a better grasp of the jumping movements, more less attack priority. Saying that none of this stuff is all that well documented, might as well make an effort to try to do such myself right?

    Outside of all of that thought: I am enjoying Ivy somewhat...wish she had more named maneuvers, but she's quite playable so if that's the worse thing about her I'll live. I'll need to play with Yoruichi some more thought before I can pass judgment...allot of my losses so far has been due to me doing silly stuff when I chances are knew better then to do.

  7. There is an errata about Ivy, but it only refers to her page 50 matrix (I guess they mostly release those when there are matrix errors), that I already corrected. I remember Melona's sword having a similar problem with fakes, so if Ivy's fakes are incorrect, I'll fix those.

    And about documentation on "what beats what", it can't be really specific since it mostly depends on each character. One of these days, I have to improve my "matrix comparer" mini-app and see if I can categorize the chars in different types according to their matrixes (I'm guessing, "strong" for Cattleya, "standard" for Leina...)

  8. Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII

    There's barely any pics for her limit breaks, so she's just gonna have a bunch of punches and kicks, and maybe a shiny punch for "Final Heaven", her ultimate attack.

    Her magic attack could be split into Ice and Fire...

    I did not include any Summons, cuz that'd be a bit unfair, plus I don't believe she had any personal attachment to one...

    Lotsa extra pics...

  9. Yay, Tifa was one of the characters I wanted to add one day, so kudos to you. Even if some poses are missing, I'll do my best.

    It's a pity there aren't more pics of her using Materia, to make her play more like her Dead Fantasy incarnation...

  10. Photobucket censored:

  11. This one could work for any magic attack

  12. one more pic that might work for something...methinks I've exhausted my sources...sorry

  13. Why don't you include the option of putting a "personal" battle theme for each character (P.E, a battle theme for Leina, another for Nanael, etc)? That could be a good idea...

  14. Hmm, a "theme" that sounds whenever you fight that char, like in proper fighting games? That'd be interesting, I'll consider it.

    @Okami31: it's OK, you did plenty. Though, those 2 pics seem to have been insta-censored in ImageShack as well...

  15. let's try flickr

  16. An Idea for Tifa's book: Use a Cleric with mace book, reducing by 1 each attack damage due be unarmed.
    When it cast a spell, it uses a Materia.
    Like: "If you scored me, choose a Materia to lose. If you chose Fire, score 3 additional points, and if you choose Ice, redirect me to 'Do only Wellow next turn'."
    She has 3 materias of Fire and Ice, and when turned to "Disarmed" page, she loses one of each.

  17. Is there enough artwork for a character like Hatsune Miku? that would be a nice character imo.

  18. @Luis Carlos: Hm, the "Fighting Priest with Mace" would work, since she's basically that but unarmed (within FF's job system). I'll see how many materia spells I can find for her.

    @joshuahalberg: Hatsune Miku? I don't imagine she has much artwork in fighting stances, so I guess her pics would have to be adapted into a "joke character" of sorts, like Ink Nijihara.

  19. Now that we're talking about fanmade characters, I'm trying to do a Kenshiro gamebook from The Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken).

    The only problem, unlike other characters like Felicia and Yoriuchi/Sui-Feng, is that Kenshiro is more an offensive character, rather than defensive and I'm having problems finding images depicting him defending himself against attacks and images with leg, body and arm damage.

  20. I have this problem with the problem where it opens on my desktop in a strange window size. I have to scroll up and down to reach the attack buttons and to see the pictures, even though my monitor is at a high (1280x1024) resolution. Has anybody else had this problem?

  21. Ouch, I thought the "scrolling bars" problem had been fixed last time... Which OS are you using? Is it possible that your Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime isn't updated, or something like that?

  22. I'm using Vista. I just updated the Visual C++ Runtime but it doesn't seem to do anything.