Sunday, February 20, 2011

QB Battle 18.9

The biggest update ever, I guess.

Megaupload: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)
Sendspace: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)

First off, the recently released Captain Liliana and Branwen (based on LW's Daniel the Pirate and Lizardman):

And adapted from Warhammer Warriors, Kharn and Tyranid Warrior:

And thanks to Bill's help, LW's Oowell and the fanmade Retarius (a classic opponent of the Secutor):

Plus, there's Dark Echidna, a fanmade recoloring of Echidna as her 2p color, also by Bill.

The original Warhammer Warriors didn't have attack modifiers and the matrixes of all characters were practically the same one, so for variety's sake, I adapted their attacks and matrixes from established characters with similar "traits". For example, Kharn is basically a "ruthless champion", so I adapted him from Hathor and Claudette's books, and the Tyranid Warrior is a "nightmarish assassin", so I chose the Skeleton and Melona for him.

Coming next: quite possibly, Warhammer's Captain Leonatos and Eldar Exarch, besides more extra characters.

Edit: fixed Flaming Cherry and Dark Echidna glitching when being disarmed.

Edit2 (02/23): The What is QB? page was updated with the announcement of Queen's Gate Sen Tokugawa.

Edit3 (02/27): The next update will have dinosaurs in it. As you'd expect, they'll be tough to beat.


  1. BANSAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for this great update leech...u work fast i give u that XD now where's my ship...oh captain........... XD

  2. Woot thank you! Damn this is the one game I've been playing for 2 weeks straight now!

  3. Do you have any idea why it errors every time I go to select a move? I've even tried deleting the whole thing and reinstralling, but it errors for me now every time I click the button to go to the move select screen.

  4. I barely changed anyhing about the move list, so no, no idea.
    What kind of error does it give you? Does the same thing happen if you try the previous version?

  5. Sorry to bother you, perhaps this maybe the wrong place to comment on it, but I was unable to find a post related to the bug. Anywho, I'm experiencing a bug in Aldra's story mode, where an error message pops up saying I need Annelotte for the next battle, while I do actually have her as a character in the game, and I can even play her in every other mode. What could be the issue here?

  6. It's the right place, please feel free to let me know of any bug you encounter :)
    And yeah, the problem seems to be a typo on my part, it'll be fixed by the next version, thanks.

  7. Worderful game. I love Queen's Blade so thanks very much for making this.
    I'm having a niggling problem though. No matter how I resize or maximize the program window I get persistant scroll bars:
    I'm running it on Windows 7 Pro x64. Thanks.

  8. I feel like an idiot. I was pressing the "attack" button instead of the "select attack" button. Drrrrrrrr......

    Game is working great! And I notice you even fixed Mai. Thanks!

  9. Chaosmaje, I'm glad to hear it was nothing, I just didn't understand what could be wrong there :D
    And dravick, maybe that's because it's Windows 7, I thought I had fixed all the scroll bar problems already. I think I found a new way to fix that, so either wait for the next version, or send me an e-mail to the address in the app and I'll try to send you variations of the game until we find one that fixes the problem.

  10. Possibly another typo -- in Nowa's story mode, it tells me I need Airi to proceed. Of course I haven't deleted her, so it is just not seeing her for some reason.

    Love the application, by the way.

  11. Fixing the glitch in 1P-only modes with no characters made some battles in Story Mode unreachable, but it's being worked on, thanks everybody for your support.

  12. hey leech what's your thought on this psp game coming this july...

  13. here's another link..and this time it's the main site

  14. Right, the new game, I've been following its development for some months now...
    Even though I don't have a PSP, it's a good thing that they're finally giving some backstory to the QG series, that quite needed it by now.

  15. although it may be a 2-d fighting game set-up the story mode later on maybe can help u right???u yknw' setting-up some of the characters story w/c u haven't yet included XD

  16. It's a pity it won't probably ever be translated, but sure, if I can gather enough info about the game's story, maybe having the Queen's Gate girls in Story Mode becomes possible...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. the game may not be translated(but i do so hope so it does)...but did that ever stopped fans from releasing a english guide walk-through? XD just give it time when it comes out coz surely there's gonna be one XD e.g sakura taisen a.k.a sakura wars wasn't trans into a english ver but there is a english guide XD

  19. Hey, I've made a character of Ryu from Street Fighter. It is based on the Mai files, and all I knew how to do was replace her graphics. Here is the file if you want to try it out:

    Just back up your original Mai character in the /chars directory of the game and unrar this into the same folder. Now instead of Mai, you will have Ryu. Here are the moves I used and what move of Mai's they correspond to:

    Twilight Plover -> Hurricane Kick
    Dragon Flame Dance -> Shoryuken
    Thrust -> Jab
    Bloom. Butterfly Fan -> Hadouken
    Dance of the Waterfowl -> Super Hurricane Kick
    Dance of the Flame Haze -> Shin Shoryuken
    Super Deadly Ninja Bees -> Shin Hadouken
    Invoke Power MAX -> Super Charge
    Flying Squirrel Dance -> Charging Attack
    Courtesan Transformation -> Midnight Bliss Transformation

    leecherboy, can you make this an actual full fledged character in the game?

  20. Wow, amazing work. I thought it was impossible to gather enough frontal pics to get a popular character here, truth be told :D
    Sure, I'll work on him. But may I suggest a few changes?
    -As hilarious as his transformation looks, that's not really one of his moves, it'd suit him better an "extended range jump back" image, or even better, an image of him at the beginning of a "focus/saving attack"
    -Do you want me to incorporate his SF4 mechanics? We could have him with "energy points" and spend a few to use EX attacks, or use a lot to use the Shin Hadouken/Shoryuken.

    Also, if you're more comfortable discussing this over e-mail, feel free to drop me a line (the address is in the app, in the "help" section).

  21. ohh........ryu sfIV style...i'll be w8ting on that development...yes i will ;)

  22. Hello! I downloaded and installed QBB on Windows 7 Home Premium. I have downloaded all of the files available on your site and unpacked them, and they all seem to be in the proper places. Yet, when I try to start up the program, I get the following error: "There are no characters available. Make sure you add the chars and songs folders inside the application's folder and try again." Then the program starts up, but I cannot choose any characters. The chars and songs folders are in the Queen's Blade Battle folder, and there are indeed character and song data in those folders. What now? And how many songs should there be?

    1. Hi, though I always recommend the latest version (33.5, follow the "qb battle" label up there), the folders should look like this:

      (you don't need to actually have songs, or you can add however many you want for a richer experience)