Sunday, March 6, 2011

QB Battle 19.3

An update with an unexpected new challenger.

Megaupload: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)
Sendspace: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)

There's two more of the Warhammer characters, Captain Leonatos and Eldar Exarch:

Also created a QB version of Ryu (thanks to chaosmaje for gathering the pictures), and added the Tyrannosaurus Rex converted from the Dino Fight series by Bill:

Coming next: probably the last two from Warhammer, Kal Jerico and Ephrael Stern, the Mutant Hill Giant and the Triceratops, and maybe the ninja's gimmicks.

(Also, this version might or might not fix the "scrolling bars" problem in Windows 7 computers, let me know about that).

Edit (03/07): QG Yukimura Sanada was delayed, her new release date is April 28th.

Edit2 (03/08): Fix that should make Story Mode properly playable: Megaupload / Sendspace

Edit3 (03/10): Another fix for Challenge Mode (and any battles in a row, I assume) to not glitch, and probably fixes Capt Liliana's odd "matrix error" warnings: Megaupload / Sendspace

Edit4 (03/14): A silly mistake might have caused some of the media files not to have the "captain liliana_10.jpg", so if you get a matrix error while playing with her and that file is not in her folder, download one of the "media update" files from the previous version (thanks to somagu for checking it for me)


  1. this is gonna be one hell of a fight...(SFIV announcer) i'm loving ryu already but his BP points are less that i expected it to be...common..only 12? he's not the protagonist of SF for nothing u knw...-__- in any case i'll just train him up then... great update btw ;) XD

  2. me wonder when ur gonna add cammy...or chun-li maybe even akuma... XD

  3. Nah, 12 BP is pretty good for an unarmed, unprotected warrior; it's higher than Mai and Lili, and just barely lower than Dizzy (and remember, Dizzy started out as a final boss).
    And I seem to be saying this a lot lately, but the hardest part of adding a new character is having the artwork, so if you guys want me to include a character from any series, finding good pics like chaosmaje did is a good way to begin ;D

  4. hmmm i have a lot of pics on stock...i'll scour my collections and find some characters worth creating...oh..i just remembered something...blaze blue O.O......... XD

  5. Thanks for putting Ryu in the game proper!! You did a great job with what I gave you, since I didn't have any of the numbers and bottom text and stuff on there. :)

  6. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into this.

    One issue I am having though is in story mode, right now it happened with Aldra and Menace. When I get to certain battles it stops and tells me to add that character. With Menace it is airi and with Aldra it is Anolette. The thing is I have both of those characters in their char folder and they work just fine when I use them with other modes.

    Any idea what is causing this?


  7. Um, I'm pretty sure this version fixed that problem with the Story Mode (I just tried the Aldra-Annelotte fight), are you sure it still happens?

  8. Still happens with me. In story mode for Nowa, I can't even get one fight. It tells me to "add Airi to play the next battle." Of course, Airi is already added, since I can use her in free battles, etc.

  9. Etherblade, someone made nearly half of Taokaka images from BlazBlue. If you find the another others, leecherboy could add it to QBBattle!
    I'll see if I find, myself, pictures of some characters...

  10. TAOKAKA!!!! she's my fave charac nya~ :3 where's my food ^O.O^ tnx for the heads up luis i'll see if i can help u too..i'll try searching for some cool action poses of taokaka nya~ :3 XD

  11. Well, I don't really get why Story Mode still kept failing (and why it worked on my CPU), but I found a more elegant way to do that thingie and uploaded a fix. :S

  12. That fixed it for me. Thanks a lot!

  13. So If I gather up Q-Bee images, you would be willing to put her in the game?

    ...I think you'll be hearing back from me in a day or two. ;3

  14. Sure, that patch fixes whatever was broken in story mode. Just one small problem with that... now challenge mode is broken!

  15. Sorry about that, there you have another fix that patches that too.

  16. Wow, that was quick! Thanks.

    I suppose I should have mentioned it earlier, but I forgot. I'm getting an error while using Captain Liliana, specifically using Dodge and Reload, but I think it's happened at other times. Seems to work fine, though, oddly.

    "Error in the matrix, please revise the M file of the characters"

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Not just Dodge and Reload, it's happening all the time with her.

  19. It gives you a warning, yet the pictures appear just fine? That's a first... It doesn't happen on my pc, but anyways, get the version 2 of the previous fix and that shouldn't appear again.

  20. Ahh, I wasn't sure whether or not that was a problem I was supposed to be seeing, no, the pictures do not change, if that's what you mean. It still happens when I use thrust high sometimes but otherwise it seems to be happening less, or I'm just lucky?

    I feel like I'm being a nuisance, so sorry for bugging you so much.

  21. It's okay, I don't want any glitches in my game, so I appreciate all bug reports.

    But there's nothing special with Cpt Liliana's jpgs or her matrix, so if the proper pictures don't show up or the message still appears after the v2 fix, just e-mail me and we'll try to narrow down the problem.

  22. Sure, where could I go about reaching you? I must be missing the email if it's on the blog somewhere.

  23. what strategy do i use while playing? Should I just pic whatever moves have a "+something" and not use the "-something" moves? I just keep clicking hope to win, but dont know enough about how it works to be able to form some kind of strategy.

  24. @somagu: It's in the app, in the "help -> about" section.
    @anonymous: If you hover over the moves' names, you can read a description of what they do and how safe they are. Moves with negative damage are good for dodging or restricting the opponent, high damaging moves may be risky and low damaging moves usually are safe. Just take your time to familiarize yourself with them.

  25. Only one thing: Could you rename the "Swashbuckler" to "Lilli" (her name) in next version?
    And "Sarah" to "Sara", how is written in the book?

  26. @Anonymous - One of the keys is to determine what your opponent can't do, and adjust your strategy accordingly. If, for example, your opponent has the restriction "Do no Blue next turn" that means they will not (usually) be able to do a low attack, and (depending on the character), probably not be able to defend against your low attack. So if you choose a Blue attack yourself then it probably has a better chance to hit. Of course, your opponent, not being able to do a Blue would probably pick a Red or Orange attack (high attacks), and if you you chose a Blue attack then it might not be able to defend against their attack.

    Picking an attack with a low modifier (0, +1, or -1 etc) tend to be quicker, and might be more likely to hit. The won't do much damage (i.e no one-hit knock-out) , but they will cause restrictions on the defender and slowly wear them down.

    Basically the game boils down to an advanced Rock-Paper-Scissors game with nice graphics. :-)

  27. So it took me a few days of digging around and looking at different character's till I think I found one perfect for Q-Bee.

    She's pretty much the manticore given a different gloss of paint at this stage, but because of that ran into a bug or two. Apparently the manticore's matrix's files not set up correctly, and a few of it's X-Range attacks cause it to error out. Beyond that this Q-Bee is here to be used for now, more less be modded to have the correct text and the like. Mind you I had just done this to play simular as manticore as they both have multiple 'parts' ( Q-bee thought replaces right arm with punches, left arm with kicks, and tail with her stinger ), flight ( renamed i2 as this is Q-Bee's flight Dark Force ), and the ability to poison.

    If you want to make edits and the like to how she plays, stats, other things, go on ahead, if you change attacks around let me know what they 'do' so they have corrected names suited for them. I can also post a .txt later for a full Bios of Q-Bee as I noticed there wasn't a file to do that, nor to add descriptions for her custom named attacks ( but they all do the same stuff that manticore did...just with a better ass and boobies to oogle...;3 )

  28. @Luis Carlos: Well, I thought "Lilli" would get mixed up with QG's Lili, and Sara's character sheet does say "Sarah", but okay... though renaming her pics and her 4 data files only takes like 5 minutes tops.

    @Charles: Starting kinda from the end, the glossary is where you can enter the descriptions of the moves (though in alphabetical order), and custom bios is something the "config" folder is expected to have one day...
    As for Q-Bee's pics, good job, many of the pics are good enough, though some could be improved and some don't really fit what should be happening. But after a search of my own, I think I have enough pics as to make a proper customized char :D (I won't rely too much on the Manticore, since I have this gut feeling that QG Painkiller Kotone-chan may be based on it)

  29. This game is awesome, and a lot of fun, but I have one problem.

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but on the character "Captain Liliana" whenever I try to use one of her "Thrust" attacks (Low and High) it says "Error in the matrix please revise the m file of the characters" other than that she seems to work fine, but I'm not sure if this is a problem because of me (Like if I installed it incorrectly I just put the characters into the folder) or something else, I tried using Liliana against Airi, Alleyne, and Amulf of Peth, and the same error happens every time I use the Thrusts.

  30. Yeah, that's what the last edit of the post refers to, one of Captain Liliana's images is missing, the "media upd" file from the previous version should have it, sorry for the trouble.

  31. Ok sorry I didn't notice that before, but that fixed it!

    I have one other problem though, pretty much the exact same thing happens with the "Manticore" character, when I do it's Tail Whip, I get the same message, is there a fix for that in one of the updates?

  32. Not yet, but it'll be fixed next time (it's just replacing in the "data/manticore-s.txt" : "Restricted Flying,Tail Whip,34" for "Restricted Flying,Tail Whip,42").
    But thanks for the heads-up :)

  33. Ok thanks, I have one more question (Sorry!) when the new updates come out am I supposed to delete the old folders, and replace them all with the new ones? I'm not really sure how it's supposed to work.

  34. Hehe, glad to hear if anything else the stuff I gave ya is indeed usable! If you think you can rework Q-Bee, again, go for it, more power towards ya! I had picked images thought based off of what manacore was doing, and not per say much else. I also couldn't find any good 'get hit' beyond some bondage images ( unless I WANT to make Q-bee purely R-18...witch I could...but rather not cross a line that the Queens Blade's book haven't fully yet. ). Still, only thing I ask is to let e know what all you change her playing style into ( I like the idea of her having a grapple and a poison system, plays with her C->R and DeltaA attacks from her game. I wanted to fit in QJ as well, and maybe +B, but couldn't figure out any good way to fit those in till later. ).

    Still if adding her, here's some flavor text and bios to help along.

    Queen of the Soul Bees
    Height:125cm (From Head to Stinger length)
    Weight: 38kg
    Bust: 86cm
    Waist: 57cm
    Hips: 87cm
    Occupation: Soul Collector for Jedah
    Weapon: None (Uses Arms,Kicks, and Stinger)
    Protection: None
    Likes: Honey, Food.
    Dislikes: Being Hungry.
    Hobby: None
    From: Vampire Savior

  35. I don't know anything about this Q-Bee character, but if it's a flying character, maybe one of the fan-made characters might work.

    In Peter's characters there is a flying birdman with lance and net. Maybe he could be used for Q-Bee - replace the lance with stinger.

    For those who don't know, several years ago in the Lost Worlds yahoo group a fan made about a hundred characters, but no artwork for any of them. One of them was a birdman with lance and net.

    If she's 125cm tall, then her height should be no more then 3 unless she's flying, and she probably wouldn't have more and 10 hit points. To balance the low stats you could add a poison effect to her sting.

  36. @Bill the Galactic Hero
    Actually When standing upright from feet to head, she's more like ~180cm or so. But because Capcom loved treating her like a bug, they measured her 'like a bug', Hench the (From head to stinger length).

    Sounds a bit sad that they would develop all those characters, yet no artwork for them, almost depressing even. But I like that idea to a point. She would be with Melona thought with low BP I figure...maybe as much as Ryu sitting at 12 with flight, poison, and if could be fit in, gathering honey for healing. But that's just the 'hopeful' idea. She doens't NEED to work like that, but at the time it just sounded like the best idea.

  37. I want to take some time to make Q-Bee as faithful as possible with the images I have, so I'm still considering her maneuvers (the Birdman could certainly work), but I think she'll have no more than 10 BP, poison with her powerful down swing ("ES delta A"), a "Cocoon Rebirth" like Airi's Dematerialize, and her damaging "+B" super that will be activated from time to time.

    @joshuahalberg: I'm releasing updates every two weeks now, and you should be fine just unzipping them into your folder, no need to delete.

  38. her 'Coccon Rebirth is ES C->S BTW, but hee~ I see someone knows Q-Bee as well then! Then I can safety entrust her to your skillful hands. If you need attack names, I know them all ( even for her normal punches/kicks as well! ). Beyond that good luck!

  39. @Charles - lol, my calculations were off (I'm not a native metric system user here). After breaking out the calculator, 180cm ~ 5'10" - so well within the range of a normal human woman ... so height 4.

  40. hmmmmmm :3 u guys are kinda like busy bees...although it's good to know that you guys are giving time to add some pretty cool customized characters...i'll try to chip in every once in a while...on the pics only XD

  41. Sadly I'm still getting the same scroll bars in Windows 7 with v19.3 as I was getting with v18.x.

  42. I just searched about the problem, and it seems it's because Windows 7's borders are slightly larger. But now I think I can fix that (for real).
    If the next update doesn't fix that, please drop me a mail and I'll find a way around the problem.