Thursday, August 4, 2016

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Showdown (4/5)

Oh, last week Jill Leonardi, the sweet lady that keeps helping HJ to design the Grimoire books' mechanics, was interviewed at the Firelight site, so go and watch it if you're curious.

Regarding the mini-quiz about Tarnyang & Sainyang, "T red-S white" won with 39v-56%, "S red-T white" trailed behind with 18v-26%, and "no clue!" was last with 12v-17%.
So yeah, Tarnyang is the one in red and Sainyang the one in white. Chinese names are really funky, huh? I remember us going through a couple romanizations back when they were announced...

Next poll, the fabled origin of QB, innit?

And here's technically the last track of the witch. But, since it's reaaaally long, we split it into two, oh well.



  1. Hey, if I get it right, she says that Queen's Blade (first books) were made before her or her father knew it? So who designed the mechanics for Reina, Risty, etc.?

    1. They took the designs of the first 12 books (up to Nyx) from the old LW books.
      So it's a good thing Alfred and co jumped on board, since HJ couldn't probably have found on their own satisfactory designs for Melpha, Melona or Claudette :3

  2. Do you think we'll ever hear from the Swamp Witch again?

    something to add to the next batch of fanart xD

    Kaguya better have plenty of screentime in oVA2!!!

    1. Oh, cool comic, lol.

      Hm, who knows about the witch... I guess she could be featured properly in a VQ book, and well, at Grimoire, Snow White keeps summoning her underlings, right...?

      The ad showed Tiina hogging a lot of the spotlight, but I'll be satisfied if Kaguya gets one or two cool fights.

    2. That would be 1 way to get her screentime but given how rarely she's appeared in the past (once) he being Snow's slave would be a waste.
      Unless she pulls off a Madara and breaks away from Snow and does her own thing in Mel Fair Land.

      I noticed.
      It was like 90% Tina, 9% Alicia and 1% Kaguya.
      Kaguya's segment in the trailer was cool and all but I really am afraid that she's been reduced to a minor character for this OVA.

      Speaking of Kaguya, any word on your friend translating her book?
      Pretty sure you mentioned that to be a thing a few months ago.

    3. Well, yeah, if at all possible, we'd like to translate her book before the OVA's out, since something like "MagiGear" will probably sound cooler and/or make more sense than "magical clothing/garment" (considering the sword is also one)...
      But since we also want to get the best scans possible for her and we're as busy as always or more, who knows...

    4. Basically speaking, having weekly releases makes it hard to work on other things while having a full time job.

      And the artbook scans are not the only thing we're currently working on, so it lays on the backburner a lot. I'm working on Seiten right now and then it'll be Kaguya, so Kaguya will be at LEAST 2 more months, more if she's not already done by the time Cinderella comes out, since Cinderella will bump Kaguya back automatically on the release list if that happens.

      Hey, when we said we're short staffed, we weren't kidding.