Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (3/20)

First of all, kudos to the guys who translated the Grimoire OVA to portuguese, I wrote a decent-sounding summary at the wikia with that.

On the poll about having read this story of Menace, "I read the book" won with 27v-50%, while "looked through the pics" and "never even KNEW of it" ended up quite close with 12v-22% and 11v-20%, and last was "never paid it much attention before" with 4v-7%. Well, I hope that even if it sounds familiar, the small changes and added voices make it worth your while~

Next poll, how'd ya feel about 'em living weapons?

Now, training time with Anarista, we're slowly getting somewhere.



  1. Pretty cool summary!

    Definitly my fave illustration out of the Menace book!

  2. Rejoice!
    Grimoire 01 has been subbed in English!

    1. Well, doesn't that solve our predicament just fine! For example here:

      These guys seem to translate some stuff a bit better... though they have the angel as "Quel" and they really weren't literal in the "The better to eat you with" scene, oh well :p

    2. Yeah I just watched it myself now.
      There is a handful of stuff they did I can't say I'm comfortable with entirely but it's better than nothing I suppose.

    3. Creepy flowers!! ><
      The translation was good enough^^ (except for Kyuel)

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    5. Just watched it...I just didn't like it at all. I didn't like how they manage Zara charácter, Alice was plain and generic heroine without particular personality, cameos were completly pointless and the fanservice was dull and fights poorly executed.

      The only thing I found someway amusing was the flowers and the Mad Hatter party members design, also granny in armor.

    6. That's true, but that's the way first Queen's Blade season 1 episodes were made, (all QB are based on fanservices) let's wait the next episodes to see if they can do something with it, like they did in QB season 2.

    7. well hopefully it will get better but to me Rebellion is the best of the anime series. At least Annelotte had Some purpose.