Thursday, March 3, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (2/20)

For the previous poll about freetalks vs drama CDs, the latter won 26v-59% vs 10v-22%. There were also many, with 8v-18% who wanted something different instead.
Huh, I wonder what we've have done if that turned out to be the winning option? My partner sure gives you funky choices, doesn't he.
But well, if we're going at a steady pace with Menace's story is because we plan to release other stuff besides our main feature... let's see how that goes :p

For the next poll, hm, so have you actually read this story here?

And here we continue with Menace's thingie! Everyday at Amara sounds kinda peaceful, huh.



  1. Leecher I don't understand, what is the difference between this translation and what you did a long time ago?

    1. Well, this is the drama CD that came with it, right? As some slight comparison will tell you, the text here kinda matches the artbook's, but this is a bit more developed.

      And, it might have some parts that the artbook didn't touch at all...♪

  2. Random question.
    Laila was able to grow giant in a VQ OVA as well as that novel.
    How was she able to do that again?

    1. I don't think it was ever explained, but it's probably because of her angel powers, that's why her eyes turned golden with that hexagram thing (I don't think the anime showed that, though).

      How a half-angel can pull out stuff not even Nanael can even dream of, is another question altogether... :p

    2. Indeed.
      Laila's cooler than Nanael so it's cool xD!

      Your group translated the Spiral Chaos conversations.
      Are you guys capable of subbing anime as well?
      or have subbed anime in the past?

    3. Haha, no, that's way too crazy...

      But now that you mention it, some guys did translate the Grimoire OVA 1 to portuguese, and since it's similar to spanish, I made a page at the QB wikia with a pretty convincing summary of it :D

    4. Could you send a link plz, all I see are the VQ stuff.

    5. Leecher, would you not be able to translate it in english for us?

    6. What, you mean from the portuguese subs to english? Well, I guess that's easier than just working the raw japanese, but uh, it'd still be a lot of work.

      And also, if I settled just for a summary, is because the lines sound pretty cliched, most of them are what you'd expect from the situation.

    7. We don't really have the time anyways... Besides, translating from another translation is probably not the best of ideas anyhow.

    8. If there is no ENG Sub for OVA1 by the time OVA2 comes out, would you guys consider it then?

    9. Sorry to say, but that's a negative too. If no release by a sub group ever comes out, then that's that, we don't have the time (or the money) to really devote to that kind of endeavor by ourselves. Honestly, you should be asking other sub groups if they'd consider handling it instead.

      Like I said, just because Leecher kinda understands Portuguese (which, I'll point, he doesn't, it's just similar enough to spanish where he kind of gets the gist of things), that doesn't make translating from another language or another sub group's work rather than directly from japanese a good idea or something we'd wanna do.

      Then again, if we could get someone who could understand japanese audio to a good degree to transcribe for us, now then, we might consider giving it a shot... but that would be up to someone willing to volunteer.