Friday, September 25, 2015

Queen's Blade Grimoire: Snow White teased

Edit: corrected given release date.

Also known as "I can't believe my Snow White is so dark!?" lol

So this month's HJ magazine finally introduces Eiwa's new girl and Alicia's alleged rival, "Sorceress of the Mirror" Snow White.

I'm not sure if she's scheduled for a November release Pic says "winter release", more details as soon as we can get them. In the meantime... wheee!


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  2. Oh wow she is really good looking, I was thinking her hair would be black, but they really went with "Snow White" for her skin color and her hair I think it works really well, and she's pretty attractive too, her outfit is dark, but it has some of the elements of her outfit from the Disney cartoon also (unless they got those elements from some art of the story that I'm unaware of.) I'm mostly just talking about her "shoulder poof sleeves" (with the circle designs on them.) the little cape, and the bow on her head that Disney's Snow White had also, and she seems to be a mixture of Snow White, and the Queen which explains her dark color scheme for her outfit.
    Based on just her appearance she is ranking up there with some of my favorite Queen's Blade Grimoire girls (well I like all of them, but I particularly like Tiina, Alicia, and Zara.)
    I'm interested in her abilities, in a previous post you said she was "'Sorceress of the Mirror Snow White', Alicia's rival, and she'll attack with her apple and mirror." (based on a rumor you said, which seems to be true here.) so I'm wondering since she has so many apples in the second picture, does she use the mirror to multiply them or does she just have a lot to use as ammo? and she seems to be some sort of magic wand in the first picture, which may just be the mirror turned sideways...
    Whatever it is, I'm pretty excited to play as her, Grimoire has yet to let me down so far.

  3. OMG HNNNNNNG I can't belive how hard I'm right now. She is cute as hell. And the best thing is you see her and think "That's snowhite". I really like her simple looks, lot of the recent characters suffered a bit of "overdesign" or "overlewdness" its just a perfect sexy fantasy charácter.

  4. Uh, no such thing as "overlewdness" in Queen's Blade Neclord X. It's pretty much proven that fans like the 99% nudity of some of the characters. Really hope it's a trend that continues. Why do you think Luna Luna is such a huge fan favorite?

  5. Snow White is easily my favorite design for QBG thus far. I love that's she's beautiful and doesn't wear overly sexualized clothing. Not that I have a problem with scantly clads, I love Goldie's design to death. I just appreciate a fresh take on a QB character. I genuinely cannot wait to see more of Snow White. Eiwa did a wonderful job with her and Tina

  6. well this is a rather interesting take on Snow White. She seems rather friendly I'm guessing the mirror reflects attacks back at people Wonder will she have the 7 dwarfs with her and how Yimir will feel about that LOL!!

  7. why do i feel she will be completely evil