Monday, September 14, 2015

QB Battle 42.4

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So like we saw in the previous post, here's our piper Despina, based on LW's Arcanthus! Not only that, but we get a couple more old characters (Bitra and Driataur), and the 4 missing dinos (Allosaur, Pachycephalosaur, Pinacosaur and Stegosaur), thanks to our pal Mikey!

And, since Hobby Japan never introduced us to our Despina, let me do the honors this time~

Her basic attacks are just average, and like our pal Charles would say, the effectiveness/success rate of her attacks is 62% (second among Grimoires, behind Tiina), her total damage taken is 26 (last among Grimoires), and for the new stat I just came up with, average damage taken, she's at 2.12, dead last among Grimoires by far.
In case you're curious, here's how the Grimoires are currently standing: the efectiveness of each move, plus the last 3 columns with the parameters I mentioned.

So if she's nothing special on the basic attack and defense values, what's her hook? Well her pipe and harem gimmicks, of course~. Not only her pipe has a limitless opponent-weakening attack only Izumi can counter, but also can damage you continuously unless you step back. As for her harem, by toying with them in the middle of the fight she can either weaken both yours and her most powerful attacks, or make the attacks of both players twice as strong while in close range.

Watch out for her crazy tricks!


  1. You know, one of the things that've always failed to get me interested in QB was the actual game. Not that your program is bad or anything, and not to belittle your effort in bringing a stable QB simulator but the lack of a tutorial and the general lack of explanation on what the characters do and how they're meant to be played keeps interest at a level where only those who know how to play LW or QB actually play it.
    So here's a suggestion from a fan of both QB and the awesome work your making here: Make a series where you tutorial the game's mechanics, as you progress, become more centered on making tutorials for each character and I think interest for the actual game might just spike.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Hm, that issue has come up a few times in the past, but I've never been able to think of a decent solution, though maybe looking at it as a fighting game tutorials ("strike the jumping opponent", "duck high attack") might just work. Another issue is if I know the chars enough to make personalized ones, haha.

      ...I'll try to think about it, at the very least.

    2. Some basic stuff for starters would be nice, doesn't have to be too in depth. As for the characters I'm sure you know some people you can talk to and would be willing to debate how to play certain characters.
      As a longtime fan of the series and someone who's visited your blog ever since the first manga translations, I kinda feel bad for not knowing how the game works since I'm sure I'd have a ton of fun. Was only ever successful with pre-Rebellion Aldra and her Guillotine kick that would hit like a truck, kinda felt like cheating, switched to Irma and got my butt kicked on every instance.

      The first post was mine btw.

    3. Oh, right where it hurts the most :D

      Fine, I'll try to talk it over with my peers and see what I can do, wouldn't want to go disappointing a long time fan. :3

  2. Hi, man. I'm really excited to find your app to play QB on computer.
    But I have a serious problem.

    The app never fits my screen... It displays only character pics and first line of char options. That's it.
    Then it can's scroll down enough to show the rest.
    I changed some lines in CFG file (Width & Height to 1000x700), but it still doesn't work.

    Could you give me an advice to fix this problem, please?
    My screen size is 1280 x 720.

    1. Hm, well, truth be told, I never thought modern PCs could still use resolutions with less than 768 height, so I had the minimum at around 720-ish...

      But well, I tried lowering the minimum and managed to display it fine at that resolution (not sure how all the elements will look though), so maybe you'll be able to play by the next version :3

  3. Sir can i know what programming language? did you use to construct this game. . .this game is awesome, i want to help improve it more. . .

    1. Well, thanks for the support, I'm using C#... but I don't really need any help for now, sorry.

    2. thanks for the game sir. . .i just want to help in the design. . .but thank you sir, this game rocks!. . .