Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Melpha (1 of 2)

In the last poll about the rulers... why, did my Menace win? Yay, ain't she just the niicest? ...Ehem, so yeah, Menace and Aldra won with 31% (31v) and 26% (26v), respectively, while Claudette trailed behind with 20% (20v), then Mikado and Count Vance with 15% (15v) and 7% (7v). My pal did point out that the last Zero chapter could have turned the tides in favor of Claudette, can't deny that...

Then for next poll, we start the Grimoire wishlist series, Seiten should be about to get a release date, and what if the next artist was an old face...?

Oh, and last month this humble blog made 4 years, wee! (I always forget :p) Been one year since we started these craaazy freetalks, still one more left, we guess~

So,  what's been on Melpha's mind lately?



  1. hmm, about the poll, isn't it Hirokazu Hisayuki who made Leina and not Kaneko Hiraku?

    1. That guy created/designed her, our guy Hiraku was in charge of the art still.