Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Junko (1 of 2)

Edit3 (09-30): More preview pics of VQ3 here.

Edit2 (09-28): Another preview of VQ3 here.

Edit (09-27): VQ3 just came out in Japan (3 days in advance, even), lots of pics of the book and VQ4 ova already~

First, some promising news if you enjoyed our translations of the QG novel (and were too shy to comment? :3). We submitted it as a project at Baka-Tsuki, so if they don't turn it down and enough people get interested in it, it might be our best bet to get Alice's adventures going~

For last poll about the SC games, "played none" won with a resounding 52% (37 v), followed by "played both" with a 28% (20 v), then "played QG" and "played QB" with 10% and 8% respectively (7 and 6 v). I guess it's still more people having playing them than I expected~.
So next poll, Grimoire wishlist part 2, new ecchi artists everywhere. I figure if enough people vote "other" options, we can do a second round with those?

And now, this is technically the last QG, right? Her novels are quite solid though.
Can Junko raise Jean into a fine young man?



  1. I have to many to list in the "other" area and there is only one blank...

    So here goes my votes
    Tsunako - hyperdimension neptunia, Date a Live
    George Kamitani - Vanillaware ltd.
    Miyama-Zero - Highschool DXD
    Hyung-Tae Kim - Magna Carta series, Blade and Soul
    Imai Kami - Needless

    And as for the character herself with this being Grimoire ...
    Merlin (if not already in the works)
    Miku (yes that one! in other words a pop artist)
    Robin Hood
    and Arthur Pendragon

    As always I'm open to criticism

    1. Kim Hyung-tae looks unlikely since he's Korean, and Hobby Japan apparently only uses Japanese artists.

      About asking Baka-tsuki for help, I don't know, since, unless I'm wrong about them, they're hardcore translators who possibly will force you guys their style of translation, something that you're working so hard to avoid, but correct me If I'm wrong about them anyways.

    2. Well, since it's a poll for fun, I guess we can accept artists from other countries (read: "gee, I'm too lazy to check~"), and sure, listing them in the comments is a good option, we'll keep those in mind.

      As for Baka-Tsuki, they're hardcore translators alright, haha... but uh, is their style actually that different from ours? I've coincidentally been reading a few series from them in the past few months, and I can't notice many differences?
      The only issue we can see about Baka-Tsuki is that they kinda look down on machine translations and that's all we have... we're sure we can prove their worth, though.
      But well, their page is quite close to one of the options we considered due to our lack of manpower; namely, a wiki-like place where any fans could help us improve them.

  2. I threw in Amami Takatsume, one of the artists behind the Senran Kagura manga. Can you imagine if the staff of Senran Kagura worked with the Queen's Blade staff?