Thursday, September 20, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Captain Liliana and Eilin & Ymir

First of all, on a somewhat sad note, some of our manga uploads are being hit with copyright claims for no reason, so some of the links in the Translations page may be down.

But enough bad news, we're resuming these! I think Liliana's mentions the city of Sheldan for the first time in canon (it had only appeared in the novels), and the dwarves' kinda explain why they tagged along to go to the marshland.


Captain Liliana

The cargo ship that had departed from the harbor of Sheldan continued its voyage steadily towards the former Earldom. The weather was calm that day, surely it was unlikely that they’d lose their cargo due to some misfortune falling upon them. Thinking such things, when the old captain of the ship sat down with a flop in a chair of his office, he heard screams and roars from the deck.

“P, pirates~!! Pirates have boarded the ship!”

Such nonsense. A few minutes ago, there wasn’t any sign of a ship in any direction.
Wham, the door to his office was kicked. A girl dressed in pirate clothes appeared. Entering the room calmly, she declared so:

“Greetings, captain. This ship belongs to the Great Pirate Captain Liliana. Now, kindly hand over your entire payload.”

She was holding a slender sword dripping with blood in her hand. It was hard to believe, but there was no doubt that this girl was a heartless pirate.
He might be killed off if he messed up.

“I understand. I’ll hand over my payload. Thus, spare the lives of the passengers and the other sailors.”

“If an old person says so… I promise.”

“Next, if possible, please don’t take this gem, a keepsake from my mother.”

“Of course! If it’s a memento from your Mother, you should cherish it forever.”

“And then, since I have a heart disease, won’t you spare me from being thrown into the ship’s hold?”

“Hey, rascals! Prepare a bed and give it to this old man! Also, make some easy-to-digest porridge for his supper!”

Subordinates of the pirate entered the cabin. Surprisingly, all of them were skeletons. With that, he understood. These guys were the ghost pirates that attacked with a flying phantom ship!
One of the skeletons whispered something to Liliana.

“Good grief, since one of the passengers seems to want to challenge me to a match somehow, I will be their opponent. Farewell, then!”

Sure enough, can Captain Liliana defeat this unexpected opponent?

They won’t know that unless they fight.

Eilin & Ymir

The Marshland Witch, the world’s most evil being that planned to rule the whole Continent.
Now, the two pretty dwarven princesses were trying to challenge the Witch of the marshland rampant with evil ghosts, so large that it was beyond their imagination.

“Ymir sis, it’s been a long time since I last fought. I can’t stop trembling with excitement.”

“You’re actually trembling with fear… Don’t pee yourself, or you’ll slow me down.”

“Hm, I don’t make blunders like someone who lost to a human and became her subordinate.”

“W, why you… You had to say that. Well, that’s fine. It’s nice that you who only acts moved by your interests are willing to participate in this fight, but you aren’t even getting a single copper coin out of this.”

“I live in this world as well. I think of the Continent’s future, and fighting against the forces of evil is a matter of course. And…”


“I… wanted to fight with Ymir sis.”

“Eilin… You… I’m happy!”



“The established theory is that there are no resources in this marshland, but that’s how an ordinary person who has been poor his whole life thinks. I intend to refine fuel oil from the marshland’s mud. Hopefully, this vast swamp will be a golden mine!”

“…I’m impressed. After all, you aren’t an ordinary person, wahhahha!”

Sure enough, can Eilin and Ymir win this new battle?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


  1. I've always found the dwarves' designs to be cute. Makes me wish I could draw again. If there's a problem with uploads, send some of the stuff to the dropbox, that way at least one can be preserved in case.

    1. It's not really a matter of preservation, since most of the mangas are already uploaded at other sites and stuff, let alone we keeping our own files... it's more a matter of finding a reliable site to upload things and not have it shot down arbitrarily, thus having to upload again :p

  2. Well, to be fair. We don't exactly have the copyrights for the manga anyhow. So it's not so much arbitary as it is annoying.

    Because, while we don't have the rights. We KNOW no one is going to release them in english, also, it's not like we release the RAWS either, so the japanese market can't be all that affected by it.

    So, it's just a case of 'Law vs Public', we want to read the mangas, no one wants to provide for us so we have to take matters into our own hands.

    Though, it's not like Hobby Japan personally called us up to say "Stop that.", it was just a copyright bot looking for mangas from the looks of things. Though, I don't know what I'd do if I got a notice directly from them...