Sunday, September 23, 2012

QB Battle 35.3

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Fixed a few of the bugs still to solve, and added the fanmade Mitsuru Kirijo (thanks to Baofu), plus Gravity Rush' Kat:

And a new Masamune Shirow char, Demon Tamer Shion (both Kat and Shion thanks to Ayrawinla):

Coming next: a certain Umineko character.

Also, I'll probably update this post tomorrow if we get our monthly QB news from the Hobby Japan Magazine.


  1. Any chance of any Dynasty/Samurai Warriors in the future? or does it matter on the quality and quantity available images you get?

    1. We do have Da Ji & Himiko, but yep, I'm kind of busy lately, so if you want a char your best bet is gathering and sending lots of cool pics my way ^^U

    2. Pictures are always one of the biggest issues. Not only you need 32 decent ones, but you need pictures that make sense too: You need an arm wound, parry, two dodges, 11 attack pictures, ect.

      It also depends on how picky you are with the images. Personally, it irks me whenever you see a "damage" page and the character is all smilling and happy. So whenever I do a character I try my darnest not to have that happen... But sometime there's just no way around it like Kat's Turned Around page for example and it makes me sad. Ah well...

      I kind of like Samurai Warrior games (although the last I played was Warrior Orochi 2), but I have to admit that their moveset is a bit limited for my taste... But they'd do pretty well in the "standard" character format.

      Mitsuru: BUG: Crashes the game when using Persona Block, happened 3 times out of 3. Artwork's pretty nice. Gameplay-wise... First thing I have to say: Holy eff, a +3 extended ranged attack that causes jumps for 2 turns that's located in the best move slot? Geez! That's quite possibly the best ranged attack in the game. I know the Extended Version of the move doesn't have the 2 turn jump version, but move 60 will only land on Extended in one combination and will land in the close range for all the others.
      Beside that, she's pretty strong overall. Marin Karin is a pretty interesting move, the close range version of the "jump 2 turns" is good even at -4, the +3 boost is great (especially since it's placed on a move slot with really high chance to reach the page succesfully and it doesn't require a score and it gives you crits across your entire moveset pretty much) and she has a safe +4 attack out of the box, combined with average durability. Superb at extended range and pretty good at close range with some fun moves, thumbs up!

    3. Kat: Some absolutely amazing artwork in there (Extended Ready is just incredible) with generally good move pages and incredibly ugly scored on pages. Ah well...
      Gameplay-wise, she's decently strong but incredibly clunky. When not in Gravity Shift mode, she's by far the worst character in the game (She doesn't even have all her jumps) so you have to avoid at all cost being in normal mode... And getting knocked down automatically ends Gravity Shift (and she takes additional damage) so she's pretty much screwed against characters with auto knockdown. When in Gravity Shift mode, she got a pretty decent moveset with fine damage (especially with the +1 from height) and a good heal (odd jobs), although she only gets her true damage if her attack resolves (parry or both players being hit means her damage is lesser). If she's at 6 altitude, she's capable of insane damage (For example Power Bomb or Charge is going to be functionally a +12 move), but getting and keeping altitude is hard. I originally had Upward Dash at +3 altitude, but after playtesting it made her too good... At +2, it made her too weak. I tweaked the whole moveset Gravity Gage costs, changed altitude penalities on gage recovery, added a few miscelaneous altitude gains and this is the closest to well balanced I could get.

      I'm not entirely happy with it... Playing the Altitude game takes a significant turn investment to have both a high altitude and gravity gage at the same time, and while it can feel great to land hits at high altitude, it's also annoying to have all your "hard work" go down the drain for nothing so often. It is relatively fidel to the base game though, with the gage going down constantly, and that it is possible to refill it by landing upright anywhere or by freefalling for a few seconds (Which is the version used here for balance). I might change her Extended Range away to not lose altitude, but I'll need even more playtest before I do (She's so incredibly hard to balance due to the way her damage work).... I wish I had any of her special moves in, but there's no images at all of any of them so no miracles to do here.

      Demon Tamer Shion: Already talked about her at length, so it'll be short. Artwork is awesome beside some of the shoodier edit. I'm pretty happy with some of them though like Extended Ready, Extended Away (There was a huge SAMPLE plastered over it in black) or Octopus Helper as some examples, but some are really meh. Gameplaywise, she's pretty strong, but heavily hampered by her lack of healing and resource generation. Extended Away is unreliable (and can damage you), Demon Lure damage you, and Set Traps is an Up which is always dangerous (Though I used Eilin & Ymir safer jump). Her only healing is on 6, which costs 1 demon and only heal 1 point if it scores. However, she got the 2nd best damage boosting ability in the game (octopus helper), good damages out of the box and she is very durable. Cleanse All Evil is mostly fluff: It does have an instant-kill chance, but it's on the lowest success rate move, it needs to resolve clean and hit and have the 50% random be in your favor. It also gives her a +2 permanent damage bonus across the board, but it prevents her from doing any thing but the basic moves for the rest of the game. It's really fluff: "I realized that demons are better off dead" and so she's out to clean them out instead.

      Storyline-wise, it means that Demon Tamer Shion becomes Ninja Shion (I do intend to write out my "official" Shion storyline going from stage to stage for arcade mode eventually). Gameplay-wise, the most ideal thing would be that Demon Tamer Shion turns into Ninja Shion after using Cleanse All Evil..... but I don't think we'll see that happening so I guess the current approach is okay :)

    4. Oh, right, Mitsuru does have a bug indeed, instead of writing "Bonus 1" there, I wrote some weird thing like "Bonusonly move 1" that glitches it, my bad.

      Also, I tend to forget how extended range moves have a very low chance of actually hitting on extended, but well, I guess it's still fine.

      We should point out too that Mitsuru is the second character (after Brimstone) with an elemental affinity: she takes more damage from fire attacks. Though it's extremely situational and it only works to make Nyx and Mai Shiranui pwn her faster, it should still be true to the original.

      And well, a story for Shion...? Consider me intrigued :)