Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Queen's Blade Grimoire Character Profiles: Alicia, Zara, Tina and Kaguya

The QB site was finally updated a few hours ago, so here are the juicy profiles of the new characters.
If you missed the Grimoire prologue, check the comments of the previous post for an awesome translation by Maku.

User of the Darkness in Wonderland Alicia

“What have these guys started singing now for? Don’t be such fools.”


The magic swordsman who lost her way from a dimension different than Melfare.  Though Alicia was perplexed by the foreign world, the foreigners treated her as a strange person conversely.
She’s a user of dark magic, holding a powerful power that matches her being a terribly haughty, confident person. Though she behaves arrogantly, she hates twisted things.
Though she often abuses the residents of the borderland for lacking common sense, will Alicia be gradually tainted by this world too?
She’s participating in this tournament to return to the world where she was born in.

Occupation: Magic swordsman
Ability: Can manipulate the power of darkness

Demon Hunter of Little Red Riding Hood Zara

“No more girls will fall prey to the darkness. Here’s one of your peers who hunts the darkness.”

A cool, beautiful huntress, accompanied by a demon wolf which once ate her grandmother and her. She survived being eaten by the demon wolf, and acquiring a magic power in his belly, she was reborn as a fighter. She gained the ability to regenerate her body even if it was torn apart and chewed up.
A true good person that became a demon hunter in order to prevent people in sorrowful circumstances to end up like her, though she won’t reveal her mouth.
Her nemesis is the “Demon Monkey Necromancer”, and hearing that she’s participating in the tournament, she’s followed her there.

Occupation:  Demon hunter
Ability: Has an abnormal capacity of regeneration

The Little Mermaid Tina
“Something like a wet princess, do you hate it?”

The youngest daughter of the Kingdom of the Seabed. Yearning for a man on the ground, she made a wicked deal with the “Demon Monkey Necromancer”, and got the ability to change her tail into two legs.
Since she can also swim in the air in a mermaid’s form too, she has no inconveniences living in the ground, but it’s a problem of looks. However, since she almost became captured by that same monkey, she ran away. Though she has a timid personality, she thinks that she can change herself by fighting at the tournament.
Though she can manipulate the force of water, she’s constantly wet because of that, and her clothes are see-through.

Occupation: Princess of the seabed
Ability: Can manipulate the force of water

Magic Clothing Sword Princess Kaguya
“He who wants to marry Kaguya, bring me treasure!”

A collector of magic clothings (magic treasures), and self-proclaimed person from the moon.
Although she’s made an earnest supply of treasure from many people due to her cute appearance,she isn’t a wicked, calculating woman, she’s only childlike, with a low mental age.
She was found by an old couple, who raised and indulged her very much.
She’s participating in the tournament because she’s interested in the Queen’s Blade the winner is said to obtain.

Occupation: Magic clothing user
Ability: She can instantly master any magic clothing

So, seems like I previously mistranslated Kaguya's title, since she's all about magic clothings.

Also, if you didn't hear, they're releasing "Queen's Blade Rebellion: Gocco", the first anthology comic of Rebellion.

The lists of artists included are:
Sumita Kazasa, Sagara Riri (also author of the QBR Zero manga), Hitsuji Hako, Iwato Akira, Shirai Sanjirou, Hirai Yukio, Peke (a.k.a MeroMero Melon), 3 pixiv artists: Hiyosan, Moominhanehane and Akatsuki, Sogabe Toshinori, pixiv artist Madoka Hoshino, Takatsuki Nagi, Morinara Mig, Edoya Pochi, pixiv artist Ekakibit, Hasegawa Kouji and Minagi Tokuichi.


  1. Wow I'm really loving this Queen's Blade Grimoire stuff, I love the character designs, and back stories and the fact that they are using twisted versions of fairy tail characters, it's really getting me excited for it.
    Of course I've always loved Queen's Blade for the huge variety of interesting characters (I don't really care about the fanservice at all though.)

    Anyways I'm wondering what characters will be next?
    Cinderella with the Admantium slippers, and her demon godmother? with the bloodlust beyond mortal comprehension?
    Snow White with the touch of white death?

    Anyways love Queen's Blade and I can't wait for the next series, but first Welveria of course.

    1. Well, I have a gut feeling that the next artist might be Oda Non, and since he likes "girls that follow strict rules" (like Branwen and Sigui), the next girl might be Cinderella after all :D

      Also, I'm 100% convinced Werbellia is finally announced this month.

    2. Is her name Werbellia? I wasn't sure if it was Wervellia, or Werbellia.

      And I do want Rebellion season 2 first also, but from what I read on wikipedia there are about five or six OVAs coming out for it before we get the next season, here are the names from Wikipeda.

      01 "Special Training! Annelotte's Holy Poses" June 27, 2012
      02 "Vibration! Mirim's Change for Survival" July 25, 2012
      03 "Disgrace! The Taming of Branwen" August 29, 2012
      04 "Hot Spring! Liliana's Refined Aesthetics" September 26, 2012
      05 "Assault! Aldra is Nearby" October 24, 2012
      06 "Confusion! Annelotte and her Sisters-In-Arms Get Entangled" November 28, 2012

      The first two should be out by now but I don't think anybody has translated them yet, and judging from the OVA release dates we will probably get Rebellion season 2 sometime next year.

    3. Yep, the Master of QB Excellent 2 book was pretty clear on her being Werbellia (plus has nice design pics).

      And at this point a Rebellion season 2 is practically guaranteed, especially now that the first dvd/bd sold pretty well.

    4. Joshuahalberg,

      I think you're overestimating just what those six OVAs contain.

      The first season of Rebellion is currently coming out on Blu-Ray. There are two episodes per disc, for a total of six discs. Each disc also has an "omake" that's about three minutes long, which is what those six episodes you listed are.

      This is identical to the omake that were present in the Queen's Blade BD releases (e.g. "Queen's Brassiere"). You can find the first QBR omake (unsubtitled) on Youtube already (that's where I saw it).

      Given that these aren't full-fledged episodes though, we might get the second season of Rebellion sooner than you think.

    5. Ahhh alright, I thought it was like those OVAs between QB, and QBR but I didn't hear otherwise until now.

  2. It's nice and all, but I want Rebellion season 2 first =(

  3. Maaaaaan, gotta chalk up another anthology book that I might have to edit in the future. I'm looking forward to ANY Vante oriented story that may be within but still, more work!

  4. I'm wondering if they are planning to move away from full-blown fanservice? At least, the clothing is far less fanservice-y than what we've seen before! Compare these to the core QB characters like Leina, Risty and Echidna, there's a world of difference. It might not be such a bad thing however :)

    1. I disagree with you there, Ayra. Alicia is showing a great deal of cleavage and has a skirt that barely makes it past her crotch. Zara's is even shorter than that, and shows off her panties.

      Tina has gigantic boobs that are only barely covered, and Kaguya looks like she's also showing off most of her chest as well as a lot of leg.

      From what's displayed here, I think that this series will have just as much fan service as any of the existing QB/QBR/QG books, and that's a good thing (I think it's the series big selling point; and I personally enjoy it).

  5. Oh, I'm definitively not saying that those are prude outfits and that there's no fanservice here :)

    What I meant was here, we have very short skirts and a lot of cleavage, and there's bound to be tons of pantyshots of course. However, in the previous serie, we had a ton of characters who were only sporting a thong and minimal top covering, like Leina, Risty, Branwen, Luna, Echidna, Mirim, ect... On the ecchiness scale, a directly exposed thong is higher than super short skirts at least in my opinion. You don't see costumes like the old queen's blade anywhere else, while those are more alongside what you can see in various games.

    Of course, there's also plenty of QB characters like those (Annelotte, Sigui, Nanael for example), it's just that I'm surprised that none of the revealed ones are at the level of the "thongs, tiny bra and nothing else beside bits of armor" ...

    But since Grimoire is based on faery tales and that I'm not aware of any thong-wearing faery tale character, I suppose that dresses and skirts do make a whole lot more sense :) Beside, I do like Kaguya's and Alicia's designs a whole lot so it's all good.

    1. Fair enough; I'll grant that none of these characters are all that scantily-clad, at least not in comparison to the characters you named.

      Of course, these are just the first four. ;)

      I'm still pretty sure we'll see some QBG girls prancing about in nothing but a thong and minimal top-covering, even if they are from fairy tales. After all, I don't recall the original Little Red Riding Hood being a regenerative demon hunter, so I'm fairly sure the artists take whatever liberties they feel like taking.