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Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Showdown, chapter 2 (+ bonus pic)

First, guess who got a copy of that fancy Master of Queen's Blade Excellent 2 book? Here's a high-res hint:

And now, introducing a character that was featured in the anime just the other day...

In this chapter, the controversial housewife previously known as "Aldra" returns!

Showdown, chapter 2: Revival

“Zanef”, the town of water.
A trading city located in the eastern coast, the town had remained relatively peaceful during the war that shook the Continent.
Looking at the intricate waterways running through Zanef, one could understand why it was called the town of water.
In other towns, horses and carts played the role that women with the occupation called “pilot” played in this town.
They didn’t just carry people and their luggage. Occasionally, they sang splendorously while handling the paddle, captivating the eyes of the people.
If there was one job yearned by the women who lived in Zanef, it was surely that of a pilot.
With her white apron fluttering in the wind, Al sailed the small boat through the waterways with a practiced hand.
Although Al wasn’t from that town and Zanef’s labyrinthical waterways looked the same to her, they became no big deal when she got used to them.
Giggle, the customers today sure were generous.”
At her feet, there was a bag full of gold coins. That was the individual remuneration that wasn’t included in the regular fee that was to be paid to the union.
“With this, I hope I can make something nutritious for my darling to eat. Lately it’s been only fish…”
Al closed her eyes, and saw the figure of her darling, who would be waiting for her to come home.
She was sure he’d be waiting for her, hungry. When she came back home, first and foremost she’d make a dish with fresh ingredients. Since he was that gentle, no matter what he ate, he’d say it was delicious.
That’d be in a while… maybe.
Her job for today was already over. The next guiding job was tomorrow evening, so she’d be able to spend a long time with her darling.

“Humm, she’s leading an unexpectedly peaceful life…”
As it looked down on the peaceful town from a slightly elevated mound, a piece of pink jelly shook and wriggled.
“Aah~, even if it’s like this, I have to get serious and work for the Queen’s sake~.”
Complaining, Melona changed her protean body into the shape of the leader of the Rebel Army, Annelotte.
Unless one was close to her, it was rather impossible to see through the imposter.
“As usual, a magnificent disguise, what a transformation.”
A young lady wearing a maid dress muttered behind Melona.
“Oh? You came.”
The Annelotte with cross-shaped pupils turned around.
“It can’t be helped if it’s the Witch’s command. Please carry it out smoothly.”
There wasn’t a shadow at the girl’s feet. The faithful servant of the Marshland Witch, Airi, that was the girl’s name.
“It’s a quite well-thought strategy for you.”
If it had been the Melona from the past, she wouldn’t have gone through an imitation that asked for Airi’s cooperation.
“You see- Even I have good ideas.”
Staying in Annelotte’s form, Melona pouted out her lips in a dissatisfied look.
“Well, the strategy goes like this. So, it’ll depend on Airi’s acting skills and her courage.”

“Today, meat was cheap. Besides, there were eggs available… Let’s make a meat dish tonight. Meat dish~!”
Al hummed as she walked home from the market.
“Iyaah-! Please stopp~!”
Suddenly, she heard a woman’s shriek, that blew away Al’s happy mood.
“Somebody-, somebody come~!"
She hadn’t misheard. Someone was asking for help.
“W, what do I do…”
Al looked around her. Security was good in the town, but there were only vigilante troops aground the harbor or the castle gates, the only one who could help was herself.
“But if I tell him I helped a person in trouble, my darling will surely be glad.”
If she helped others, even if she was late when she came home to her darling, he’ll forgive her. Al made her decision, and her apron shook as she ran towards the direction the screams could be heard from.
Soon, Aldra arrived to the scene of the trouble.
She saw indications that a person like a female knight was forcing the girls of the village. A soldier of the vigilante troops was lying on the road’s stone paving, and it wasn’t likely that there was someone who could stop the female knight’s actions.
“Nn~~~, you don’t lose to Mirim, you have a wonderful soft rump, you’ll be a suitable “younger sister” for me!”
“Iyah, please stopp.”
A female knight talking so hatefully and shamefully to the town girl, that was something she couldn’t let go.
“P, please stop. That girl hates it, doesn’t she?”
When she heard Al’s words, the female knight released the hand of the girl she was holding.
“Ooh! What’s this, a brave lady.”
“I, I’m not a lady, I’m a wife.”
As Al denied so, the female knight quickly moved behind her, and slid her hand inside the snow-white apron.
As her soft twin hills were massaged, Aldra involuntarily let out a spicy voice.
“You have a singing voice… and your body’s softness is also perfect. I’m pleased with you. I’ll absolutely make you mine.”
“I, I belong to my darling-!”
Al turned her body with all the power of her love. Along with her clear reply, the female knight who should have been hugging her from behind was blown away.
Furthermore, just to make doubly sure, Al threw her paddle at the female knight.
“Why… do I, have this strength…”
The paddle struck the female knight’s body and made her crash against a house wall so accurately, that Al herself was surprised.
“Ku… with this strength, I have no choice but to retreat from here.”
Giving Al a last glance, the female knight left on the spot.
“T, thank you very much, missus Al.”
The town girl approached the dumbfounded Al.
“A, are you ok? You weren’t hurt, right?”
As she worried about the town girl the female knight had been rude to, Al gazed at the direction the female knight had left towards.
Princess Knight Annelotte… Seemingly, the rumor she had heard from the Queen’s Army was true, about her being someone who didn’t care about gender, only wanting to create her filthy harem.

On the other hand… At Gainos, in one of the Iron Strategist Ymir’s private rooms in the basement deep below the Queen’s Castle, there was the figure of the Gemstone Princess Eilin.
“Aah, I was so embarrassed!”
Ymir’s angry roar made the room tremble.
“Of all things, what do you intend by branding me an impostor in front of Her Majesty the Queen! Moreover, what had been my employer’s secret so far, revealed… I’m so embarrassed I feel like digging a hole and hiding in it!”
“Ymir sis, are you the real one?”
Eilin’s body shrank, as she was afraid to ask.
“Aga-in! I’m the real Ymir, if you want, I may tell you a secret only I should know.”
Ymir declared, and softly whispered into Eilin’s ear.
When she heard it, Eilin’s face suddenly went deep red.
“You embarrassed me before Her Majesty the Queen, now be quiet in this room for a while!”

“Sorry, I was too late. Let’s have lunch, or maybe you want to bathe before…”
Opening the entry hall’s door, Al said so in one go without looking inside the room, but stopped talking when she raised her eyes.
That was the little home of Al and her Darling. In their place of happiness with large windows decorating the walls, there wasn’t her darling, but a girl with a cold atmosphere wearing maid clothes.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Missus Aldra. In fact, there’s a matter I wanted to ask you from Her Majesty the Queen.”
“H, huh? From Her Majesty the Queen?”
“She wishes to borrow your power to bring down the ringleader of the Rebel Army, Annelotte.”
“W, what power, I’m just a housewife?”
Al grasped her paddle tightly in bewilderment.
“It’s fine if you’re a housewife. But for the sake of protecting your darling, you need to use your true power.”
“True power…”
Al gasped. If a person like Annelotte was creating conflict like the one with the town girl just now, if the Rebel Army was left alone like that, it could become dangerous for even her darling.
“If you’re alright with it, we’d like you to help us.”
Al nodded wordlessly at the maid’s proposal.

-To be continued-

Lol at the "pervert Annelotte", the new Melona is up to her old tricks.
And yep, the new Aldra has become "Al" now.
As for the "granny couple", it's hard to understand their weird talk sometimes, but seems like Ymir has been the real thing all along, and Eilin saw something she shouldn't have about Claudette...?

Next chapter: can Al go back to the fight?


  1. Aldra is the best around no one is ever gonna keep her down!

    Aldra is now my favorite character in Waifu Blade! >>:3

    Thanks for the rough translation, I may not be able to do much but I'll gladly assist you if you need any of my skills. :3

    1. Thanks, just out of curiosity, what skills were those again? :)

    2. I mostly meant to say if I could asisst you in something moderately simple, I'd probably do a fair job at anything thats not related to programing.

      I'm fairly unskilled for the most part. :|

    3. Sorry for double posting, but I was thinking of trying to get my hands on that lyrical blade book in an attempt to scan it. I'm not set on getting it, but its a nice concept. :3

    4. Oh wow. She looks even more gorgeous than in the battlebook. And Melona up to her usual tricks, huh? Can't complain there.

    5. Yeah, getting Oda Non in the payroll was genius.

      When the time comes to design new chars, I hope they can get more high-profile H artists, like Shiwasu no Okina or Mogudan.

    6. I kinda wish Yamatogawa was involved. Draws pretty decent characters in H manga.

  2. @Queeeenchies!!~: Lyrical Blade, is that the Nanoha qb parodies from a couple of years ago? I had kinda given up on them, as I think they only got sold in one store and even their homepage is down now. You mean you can find one of them? O_o

    1. I doubt I could get a hold on one of 'em... :<

      I found the guy's email address, but I doubt I can get an import unless I use a proxy service and if I know japanese.

      I don't know the language of the gods... :|

    2. Well, seems like they updated their blog this month, maybe they can manage to return...

      Which reminds me, I did snatch a scan someone posted of a Shigurui Blade char these guys did, but I've been ignoring it since it's kind of a gorefest ^^U

  3. So where did you get the Masters of Queen's Blade Excellent 2 copy? What's in it?

    These 'Advectives' Queen's Blade 'Adjectives' are making it hard for me to keep up!

    1. Bought it new from Hobby Search.

      Has two parts, Figure Gallery with:
      -40 pages of Excellent Models
      -like 10 pages of castoffable figures (tied together somehow, guess you have to cut the fold to see them?)
      -10 pages with Revoltech, Nendoroids and stuff
      -and 10 pages with QG figures

      And a Design Works part, with:
      -20 pages of illustrations (see above), with practically nothing new, but all Rebellion girls with a comment by Hans (the shopkeeper Menace dealt with, and Hobby Japan's avatar)
      -20 pages of QBR chars sketches, that is more interesting, maybe I scan these sometime
      -a couple of pages with detailed comments on the origin of every QBR char, or something (if I see it's interesting, I'll get it translated)
      -and the completed QBR diagram of all the girls and their relations

      But yeah, there's still some obscure, untranslated QB stuff remaining, we'll have to keep working hard ;)

    2. The only problem I had with QB as a whole is that Hobby Japan doesn't give straight answers about some unexplained stuff (like the name of the continent or the world the story take place, etc.)

      The only thing we know for sure, based in the Queen's Gate novels, it's the QB world is an alternative universe from our own world.

    3. Well, even if we haven't been given a detailed map, is it too farfetched to think the continent is called "Continent"?

      After all, we got a map for the anime, and with the descriptions of all the places so far, we managed to fill it pretty convincingly:

  4. If its not much of a pain would you be able to scan some of the photos from the QBR illustrated stories?
    I'd like to upload them to the wiki if possible.

    1. Well, if you mean the pictures themselves, they were already scanned elsewhere, but anyways, it should be these:

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    3. (Smacks self in head) i forgot it was those, i figured it was some newer ones, but thanks for the link nontheless