Wednesday, May 23, 2012

QB Anthology 14

The last chapter in the first anthology, a 4-koma by Hakuga Maina about Airi and Ymir, download it here:

After this, there's just the first chapter left to complete the volume.

Edit: A Vanquished Queens 2 artbook was announced in this month's Hobby Japan for late November, great news. It also comes with a Branwen's Revoltech for a limited edition.


  1. Thanks mate! :3

    /me gives you caek.

    Its good news another revo is coming out, but I will not get anything else until Alice get a rererelease! >:3

    1. Didn't they release a normal version, and now a Boost 1p and 2p version? What kind of Alice do you want next? ^^U

    2. /me didn't get the normal loli version...
      /me can't find one for 6000 yean or less.

      I only ordered the boost version. ('^' )

    3. I always found the 4-koma style to be rather cutesy. It's crazy enough to work.