Thursday, March 29, 2012

Queen's Blade Rebellion Welveria's Profile

The Marshland Witch Welveria's profile has just been released, so here we go again! (will it be Bog Witch after all?)

"All of you over there, sacrifice yourselves. I'm creating, a world without the living."

The being who is followed by the demons and corpses inhabiting  the netherworld, and who plans to rule the Continent. She's the Marshland Witch. She suddenly appeared 100 years ago, and the marshland which became her residence gradually expanded by her magic, as she's trying to change the whole Continent into a barren land. What she hates is Queen's Blade, because it maintains the present world. With techniques to manipulate departed souls, to summon and to curse, it's reached the extreme that her magical power is perhaps the strongest in the Continent. The true character of such Marshland Witch has the form of a wicked spirit, and her soul and magic are confined in a hidden treasure that has a spider-like form. Unless she parasitizes on an excellent body, her power will be extremely restricted.
And now, the Marshland Witch has finally obtained the supreme body called Welveria, and is able to display her complete power.
Welveria is the (demon) daughter of the devil king who lives in the netherworld, and is Aldra's and Annelotte's mother.
She "became" the Marshland Witch around the end of the previous Queen's Blade, in an incident that happened several years ago. [The tournament before the one we know, I think]
The Marshland Witch's behaviour is basically decided by vague "fortune-telling". For example, according to a prediction, she can't kill the beautiful fighters by her own hands. It was predicted that the beautiful fighters would harm themselves, so she weakened the beautiful fighters casting a curse crueler than killing them. That's what is known as the "Beautiful Fighters Hunt".
Although she's like an incarnation of evil, she's a being adored by most of her subordinates. Apart from her many unintelligible remarks, she's generous and magnanimous, with an evil charisma.

Height: 170 cm
Occupation: Witch planning to rule the Continent
Weapons: Magic wand, otherworldly whip
Protection: Nothing
Likes: Death, degeneration, decomposition
Dislikes: Queen's Blade
Hobby: Fortune-telling

Finally, we have the info on the most expected character, probably.
Like I thought it said, Welveria is their mother. Funny, I thought Aldra (and Annelotte) had a demon father and a priestess mother, seems like it was the other way around...?


  1. It says her soul and magic are contained in a hidden treasure with a spiderlike form?

    There is a spider thing on her crotch so is that it? the description says it's "hidden" but that looks out in the open, but since it's Queen's Blade I'm wondering.

    Anyways I'm glad she finally appeared, she looks great, and she is one of my most anticipated characters.
    I hope she has plenty of magical attacks though, she has that staff looking thing (they call it a wand?) and a whip, so I hope she has more than just melee attacks.

  2. It's the kanji for "treasure" or "hidden treasure", so maybe it is her spider pants. In that case, it's kinda cocky of her to flaunt the thing sealing her like that...

    Seeing as it's kinda massive, I agree it's more like a staff, but it's being called a wand.

  3. I'm a bit disappointed that the whole design isn't the actual Witch, just a borrowed body. I mean, it's great we'll be getting another milf but still, when she gets beaten up in her books it won't feel like "Yeah! We're finally defeating the big bad!" it'll be more like "Ah crap, I'm beating up some other puppet..."

    Also, how the heck did Aldra and Annelotte end with their respective hair far, there haven't been that many humans with a weird hair color (besides Irma anyways) in the QB universe. So how the heck did their father manage to overpowered black hair with what I'm assuming is his white hair.

    1. Well, purple hair could be a recessive gene that Annelotte got, and it dose look like Welveria has a mild hint of dark purple in her hair. Aldra probably has her father's hair color.

      Then again, we're trying to impose logic in an anime.

    2. Well, since she's now a named character, they don't want to kill her, just the spirit controlling her, like Delmore.

      BTW, It's just me or her background resembles a lot like Karla the Gray Witch and Layla from Record of Lodoss War?

    3. Maybe getting possessed by the witch got her black hair? The anime sort of did that to Tomoe in inverse.

      Also, I checked and Aldra all along has been "born from the Pope, the highest religious leader, and the daughter of the devil king", guess the original translation was wrong.

      For some reason, reading that the witch became known in an "incident from some years ago", I can't help but think we might get a prequel series centered around the previous tournament, kinda like Fate:Zero did...

    4. That'd be a bit depressing...but the anime did mention something about a disaster 100 years before or something. Likely has to do with the Swamp Witch.

      They have a lot of material to work with regardless.

      100 Year Disaster QB - (Would still have Alleyne and Echidna, the Swamp Witches' original form, maybe the first noble of Vance? Her grandchild could be Maria)
      Previous QB Battle - (Would have Maria, Alleyne and Echidna again, likely get into how she died...seems a lot less interesting though...maybe for a one shot book or something that'd be kind of interesting)
      Following Rebellion - Another Queen's Blade after Rebellion, this time with ALL the girls participating. This would make for an awesome video game in all honesty.

    5. Sort of like Queen's Gate then in regards to the latter. Speaking of which, if Kanu and Pyrrha are game books, does this mean they're planning on developing a Queen's Gate sequel in the future for Vita or something?

    6. I'd imagine they'd want to get a Rebellion Spiral Chaos first, for Gate they'd only have those two, Kasumi and Sen Togukawa for new chars. For the fighting game, it seems to be complicated to even get rights for QG chars outside of the books, like you might see here soon ;)

      As for the prequel idea, the latest QB was #30.

      QB 29 shouldn't have much going for it, but it supposedly ended with the "witch incident", as mentioned above.

      QB 28 would be a rare chance to view the Vance in a bad light, as it would be the story of Aldra with her new demon powers fighting to look for her sis, and it'd end in a climactic duel after the sick Maria plows through most of the new Queen Aldra's army.

    7. I don't think Kasumi can appear in a Spiral Chaos game, after how Tomonobu Itagaki thrashed Tekken. Maybe it's the reason why she's not included and they used Wonder Momo instead.

  4. Well, there was a flashback in the anime that showed Aldra's sister as having purple hair. I sorta knew more or less since then that Annelotte was Aldra's sister.

    The way the anime goes, it's only a matter of time before her breasts are exposed too in a gratuitous shot.

  5. So basically Annelotte is my sister in law, and Welveria is my mother in law...

    Works for me! ^-^

    Also people are talking about Annelotte, and Aldra's hair color not being the same as Welveria's, but look at Annelotte's 2P form

    In that version her hair is the same sort of Dark Violet colour as Welveria's and she has the same red eyes, so I think they look a lot different just because they are also half human so the colours went kind of screwy for their hair.