Sunday, March 4, 2012

QB Anthology 6

A new chapter of the compilation, this time by dojin artist Kurosaki Kotora, a.k.a Search-Light, who "continued" the chapter in one of his works (NSFW cover), download here.


  1. Oh god, I hadn't even noticed that the NSFW one was called CatFight Overdrive while this one is called CatFight Alternative.

    Otherwise, poor Irma, the anthologies are noticeably less kind to her later on in terms of appearances.

  2. Yeah, and they both came out in the same year, just a few months of difference between the two. The one with Menace x Echidna was earlier, though...

    And it's a pity about Irma, she's a cool char but not really popular. Maybe her cold demeanor and her backstory of revenge and betrayal was too dark for QB, but in Rebellion she'd be right at home.