Sunday, February 26, 2012

QB Battle 29.3

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Translated and added the recent QG Kanu (the first official character with different "states", even more than our own Balrog), and thanks to Okami31, the fanmade chars Kos-Mos:

And Athena Asamiya:

Coming next: Maya (a.k.a Manya) and Aya Brea.


  1. Hmm...I'm having an odd issue thanks to this new PC running off of Vista 64x.

    The game boots up and runs just fine, UP till I start a fight. Once I do that it'll just hang forever, never advancing and the like. Is there anything special I gotta do to make this run correctly for Vista or something? I'm actually at a lost ( ran as administrative, put in C: root, set compatibility mode to XP. )

  2. In any game mode, and with any character? Maybe you need to install .NET 3.5 and 4.0, and uninstall older ones...

    Something similar happened back in version 24.5, but it actually showed an error message...

  3. Beats me why that happens. As for if I'm running it on Windows 7, when a fight starts for the first time it takes a good 10 seconds to load it, but then becomes normal after that. Then again I had to do quite a bit of messing around.

    Finished playing Kanu, no problems there, so I'll be playing the other two new characters and testing them out.

  4. Well, what it does just at the beginning is loading each char's 4 data files, maybe you're running it from somewhere with slow disk access? (unlikely, I know)
    Or maybe it's when it tries to load XP data and bonuses, is there any difference if you play in training mode?

  5. I'm not sure. It's not even that much of a problem. But so far, I've mostly been playing in Challenge Mode, so the latter is a possibility. At any case, there are no problems on my old desktop.

  6. I have some questions. I want to add additional sound files, one for gun attacks that hit (or even if they don't hit) and one for critical strikes. How would I go about adding additional sounds? I kinda wanna tinker around with the program a bit. Also, would it be possible to include a Challenge Mode for 2v2 and 3v3 teams?

  7. It's been some time since I heard suggestions about the app (or maybe I forgot about them ^^U).

    For the sounds, maybe we could have an extra file that read like
    "Weapon:Gun/Pistol/Bolverk, hit: .../etc.wmv, miss: .../etc.wmv".
    Since we have a shitload of weapons, you'd have to manually group them together, but it'd let you have your own sounds for similar weapons, so if that's good enough, I'll get to it. Criticals would be done in a similar way.

    And for Challenge 2v2/3v3, that's a great idea. I guess each rival would match the level of one of your chars? Shouldn't be too much work.

  8. It's a very nice app to be sure. Definitely well-constructed from that point of view. I'd be willing to try it out, even if it would be tricky to map out all the attacks that use firearms.

  9. Well, though it's mostly improvised upon, I do my best :)
    Fortunately, the sheet files are already mapping all the weapon-using attacks, it's only the tricky/double weapons (Alice's dagger-pistols) or the surprise attacks (Junko's smoke bombs) that would have to be adjusted.

  10. Gah! I've been sick all week! Me tired....anyway, what are your three picks for me?

  11. Hey, I was kinda wondering if you were fine. So, this time:

    -Fuurinji Miu (HSD Kenichi): a supple and skillful fighter, but as she might not be too popular, maybe she'd have to partner up with Kisara
    -Da Ji (Dynasty Warriors): a sexy, evil witch with two huge balls for weapons
    -Spiral: not just for her sword skills from X-Men COTA, but because unlike Mystique, she can use others' powers, so she could be like Melona and impersonate superheroines too unpopular to get full books of their own... crazy ideas I get sometimes :p

  12. Those are three challenging, not-very-popular picks...mmm...I'll try Da Ji and see if she works out...

    by the way, I always found Spiral's fur boots so cheesy and outdated...haha...and I really never cared for Mojo World though Lady Deathstrike and Longshot are cool enough...

    my personal pick is X-23, Wolverine's sexy cousin! I've always liked her since she started on her own series...the artwork on those are amazing to the point that she doesn't look anything special on the New X-Men pages...haha...

  13. Couldn't find much of Da Ji so I looked for some pics of her "pet" Himiko and her weird weapons...floating orbs everywhere!

  14. Good job, fast as usual! Funny that there aren't that many pics, I thought I couldn't go wrong with Dinasty Warriors... Even if they were full-fledged fighters of relative popularity, I guess I should go back to less obscure, more mainstream choices ^^U

    I almost can't believe X-23 is that famous, I hadn't ever heard of her before MvsC3.

  15. Do you think you have enough to do Da Ji w/Himiko?

    I think you shouldn't worry about your picks...I'll tell ya if there are not enough and if so I can look for another replacement...

    I wouldn't say X-23 is that popular...she first appeared in 2003 in her own mini-series called NYX, then she popped up in different X-Men comics, had two more mini-series (Innocence Lost and Target X) and found a regular home in New X-Men (group of teenage X-Men) after Wolverine brought her to the mansion...nowadays she has her own X-23 title, but unfortunately, female superheroes don't sell well on their own titles except maybe Wonder Woman (and Birds of Prey, but those were 4 or 5 gals instead of just one)...I just came across her mini-series and liked her immediately, but I can see reluctance amidst fans to approve a Wolvie-clone, though she stands out on her own (calm, cold-blooded, no-feelings killer instead of berserker-barrage Wolvie)...but it must have gone well cuz it didn't take long for Marvel to introduce Daken, the son of Wolverine, whom I really don't know much about or care much about at this time (he got his own title as Dark Wolverine)...but I was just as surprised to find her in the Marvel vs Capcom was cool to see her become more accessible to pop culture...

  16. Well, I just say X-23 is popular because she gets like 7000 hits in DeviantArt, which is a lot for someone who hasn't appeared in much media besides those comics...

    Da Ji's pics should be enough, I'll let you know when I start working on her if I need more.

    Also, I forgot, but you can take it easy for now (especially if you're still reeling from your sickness), since I even have a couple of unlikely chars lined up next, that I recently discovered.

  17. wooo! 7000 hits?! I got a lotta work ahead of me...haha...

    Oh, no worries, I feel better now, thanks for considering it...nasty week-long virus...and I do my browsing during work cuz it's real slow as a receptionist...hahaha...yeah, I'm productive alright...also, work got faster internet!

    We do have a nice queue of characters, so even if I don't do anything for a month, the great unwashed can still enjoy fresh warring queen-wannabes....oh well, back to comic-book reading, er... work...yeah...back to work... :-D