Sunday, February 12, 2012

QB Battle 28.7

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Added the fanmade Samus Aran and Sakura Haruno (thanks to Okami31):

 Coming next: QG Kanu, Kos-Mos and Athena Asamiya.

Edit (02-16): Fix for a small bug with Xiaomu, Emma Frost and Yoruichi & Sui-Feng: Mirrors/Sendspace

Edit 2 (02-17): Updated the translations page with a recently translated chapter from the first QB Anthology Comic, and a few transcriptions from Drama CDs from a friend some time ago.

Edit 3 (02-19): Updated the translations page with a new, suggestive chapter from the QB Anthology. And, a fix for a bug and a typo in Samus Aran: Mirror/Sendspace

Edit 4 (02-20): The 1st fix up there may have left it worse off, sorry. The true fix for no bugs: Mirror/Sendspace


  1. Thanks for the new characters!

    I was surprised you used the sickle pic for an attack of itself...I think it would have been more faithful to her character to use a move involving explosive kunais/tags or a kunai trap/trick or poison...I know her fighting repertoire is quite paltry, but they keep referring to her smarts (though a bit weak-willed with anything concerning bare-chested Sasuke) so a trap or misdirection would fit her...sorry for the nitpicking but I see pics like that as more of a desire of fans to see her as a tougher ninja and more versatile than what she really is: a physical brawler that uses the most common of ninja weapons (kunais, gas pellets, tags)...I still love you!

    Gimme 3 picks! By the way, I'm feeling generous and I'll provide the Black Lagoon girl extra...haha...

  2. Revy from Black Lagoon!

    and I don't even like her...(I have never considered smoking appealing or sexy in a woman)...

  3. Good job on Revy, and fast to boot! I'll need to reread the series, it's been a while...

    About Sakura, can't say I was planning to use that pic myself, it was more of a last hour choice... But well, you know how in Naruto, kunais, explosive tags and stuff are basically useless as no one ever falls for those, so meh...

    As for my choices:

    -Shanoa: I checked, and she seems the best bet at a Castlevania chick, and with all the glyphs she can absorb, there should be no shortage of weapons/techniques
    -Saeko Busujima (High School of the Dead): a wild, busty girl and a master of kendo, though she doesn't have "special skills" per se, she's way popular (and awesome)
    -Etna (Disgaea): though she is flat-chested, a demon leading a squad of explosive-penguin-thinguies should be cool

  4. I like how Shanoa looks so I'll give her a try, but this is the first time I hear/see of her so I imagine the pics will be hard to find...

    On my part I'll do Spidey's ex-gf Black Cat...nothing wrong with one more hot catgirl, eh?

  5. w00t! thanks so much for Samus and Sakura! I'm really looking forward to KOS-MOS since she is probably my all time favorite game character.

    Also about Sakura somebody mentioned her using that sickle is out of character, but it's really just another Ninja tool that is used in the series so obviously there's nothing out of character for her to use it (Although usually she just uses her super strength.) also most of the "Ninja tools" are actually just farming tools in real life that were made into weapons by farmers in the past (For example Kunais were originally just trowel type tools, and Nunchucks were for beating grain, and the sickle/scythe is simply for cutting down grain or whatever before they were made into weapons.)

    Also it's been mentioned how the Ninja Tools in Naruto are pretty useless, but that's only because you only see them being used against the stronger characters in the series (Are the minor magic spells in Bleach usually effective against the stronger villains? no.) but in Queen's Blade most of the characters have little extra items that are effective for causing damage if they hit, so that's one thing I don't mind so much.

    Anyways I don't particularly like Sakura that much, but I have grown fonder of her over the years (I wish she had more genjutsu type attacks that were already mentioned that she should be proficient in, but of course since she trained with Tsunade she has the super strength instead.), and it's nice to see her even as a fanmade character in Queen's Blade.
    Although I'm still hoping for characters like Tayuya or Konan (My personal favorite Naruto character.) but if it's impossible then oh well, but I'm also hoping for some Bleach characters like Neliel Tu Odelshvank or Tia Harribel too (I like Yoruichi, but she just isn't as interesting to me as they are.)

    Also it's good to see that Shanoa might be getting in <3 her in Castlevania, but I think Carmilla would also be good for a character too (There aren't many Vampire type characters in this unfortunately.) or Sypha Belnades, although there may not be enough fanart of her since she's only in Castlevania 3, and Judgement (One of my personal favorite fighting games.) to the best of my knowledge.

    Anyways thanks so much once again Leecherboy! you are always going above and beyond the call of duty for us!

  6. It's not out of character for a ninja to use ninja tools, but since Sakura has never used a kusarigama or similar weaponry in the canon anime, manga or games as far as I know (Ultimate Ninja, Clash of Ninja, Ninja Storm series...I own all of them) it does strike as a bit out of character...Tenten would be the most obvious choice for a user of exotic weapons, and to a certain degree Rock Lee (nunchucks at least), everybody else is happy just throwing kunais, shurikens, senbons, pellets or caltrops and the Naruto-own explosive paper seals...

    I do agree with you that their weapons and tools are not useless against all opponents just the high-level ninja they are usually facing...after all, the legendary Minato liked to throw just kunais (with teleportation bonus!) during the war becoming quite deadly...I think Tenten could wipe out a wave of attackers of lower ranks with her use of weapon scrolls, but facing better opponents she just seems meh...

    In Bleach, ceros and kido rarely finish off opponents but I think a large beam could kill you much easier than a sword's just more dramatic to see Ichigo pierce them with his plot-kai...err..I mean his zanpakuto...haha

    I didn't hate Sakura but she was mainly a wall-flower before the time-skip and has since delegated to back-up/support character...I like Hinata much better...poor Ino and Tenten have not gotten the spotlight often...I imagine Ino is very difficult for the Naruto fighting game developers cuz they have to make up moves for her cuz all she's shown is that mind-jump thing...hah...and she doesn't look bad at all grown-up...

    In conclusion, Sakura is very fine as she is, I just like to don't worry, Leecher, keep doing what you do cuz you do it well...

  7. And Neliel is in the pipeline...I've already gathered the pics and submitted them for evaluation...they are on Leech's desk right now...hah

  8. Shanoa is ready!

    also I forgot to add this Shanoa pic:

    Happy V-Day!

  9. I wonder if Sonia Belmont would also be a good secondary choice. I'm kinda curious to see how a traditional Belmont style character would transfer to a gladiatorial battle setting.

  10. Nice job with Shanoa, that amount of weapons and magic should do it!

    About other Castlevania chars, there barely is any fanart for Sonia Belmont, and even if they did appear in the recent Castlevania Judgment, Carmilla and Sypha Belnades don't fare any better. Maria Renard would be the next most popular, but probably just because of her different incarnations...

    And Nell is in the pipeline, indeed... though, she's going to return in this last arc of Bleach, isn't she? If she takes too long to come out and then has some crazy ass-kicking new attack, I'm going to damn Kubo :p

  11. That is rather unfortunate, but it can't be helped. I was playing Xiaomu earlier and there seems to be a bug. If I hit someone with Spiritual Seal, and I choose "Stun", it causes me to win by incapacitation. There might be something similar with Emma Frost, I'm not sure.

  12. Here's Black Cat!

    Real Name: Felicia Hardy


    Probability Field Manipulation aka "Bad Luck": This power allows her to subliminally affect probability fields, which would cause improbable, though not impossible, events of "bad luck" to occur to enemies within her line of sight.

    Additionally, she's an expert thief, an olympic-level athlete and acrobat and a martial arts expert (karate and judo).

    Her suit enhances her strength, agility and speed to peak-human level or slightly beyond...she has retractable claws as filaments in her gloves so they can't be dislodged...she uses a miniature grappling hook to swing around and as a weapon...

    Her primary form of attack should be with her claws...she'll tumble, swing and dance around until she pounces and dices...fairly simple...her "bad luck" is optional...she lost that ability for a while but apparently she regained it recently...

    Enjoy the numerous took me two days of poring over thousands of images...haha....can't wait to match her against the other Felicia and Catwoman...

  13. @rumormonger: Thanks, it should be fixed now.

    @okami: Woah, dude, impressive! I didn't know she was so fleshed out, though ^^U
    So, the crazy gimmick this time is "Bad Luck", huh. Why, that's a great chance to use the "random events" technology we have, lol.

  14. Hi everyone!

    First of all, thx for QBBattle and all of the extra characters.
    I think is a bug or something else (maybe is lack of information, a.k.a. "noob question") anyway, I've been trying to make my own ai, however when I set the attack using probabily of any attack (it happens with every character) to 6 (force attack) it doesnt work even when that attack can be use

    Thx again, srry for my bad english

  15. Hi there.
    The AI settings are only applied in the hardest difficulty (balanced), so if you choose that and put "1,3,6,2" in Leina's last AI line, for example, she'll always jump back.

    However, now that you mention it: since I modified the AI so that it can't repeat a movement twice in a row, it'll probably glitch if you use a 6 on usual moves (that's why I don't use 6)... so be careful with those until I correct it.

  16. The fix is perfect. Just did a test run with Samus and found a bug that incaps you if you choose Homing Missile on score instead of a Super Missile.

    Also nice captcha: Chest agieolo.

  17. There may be others. I think Valkyries has it too. Any one move where you score on a character and choose an option actually will have one of them incap the user.

  18. Ouch, you're right, thanks. I also just corrected the "infinite loop" if the AI has a 6 in it, by the way.

  19. Nice. I noticed that by moving the restrictions to the start of the line prior to the scorechoose fixed it, so I managed to fix Valkyries as well. Nice work. Also love the stories so far.