Sunday, January 29, 2012

QB Battle 28.3

Mirrors: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)

Couldn't finish all I wanted in time, but still, to celebrate 2 years of this game, I went ahead and added Bayonetta and, from the Endless Frontier games, not only Kaguya Nanbu:

But also Xiaomu (who was originally from Namco x Capcom), with enough assists to cover most of the E.F. ladies:

Before the next update, I'm releasing a small patch with the few bugs yet to correct for recent chars.

Coming next: Samus Aran, Sakura Haruno and, though I wanted Kos-Mos to join the E.F. chars above as soon as possible, probably not next update. Not sure if Kanu will make it in time...

Edit (02-01): The small patch to fix a few recent mistakes/typos: Mirror/Sendspace.

Edit2 (02-05): Updated the What is QB page with the latest char, Queen's Gate Pyrrha.


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  2. Wow Kaguya, and Xiaomu? I never expected them! but Super Robot Taisen Endless Frontier is one of my favorite DS games so that makes me exceedingly happy!
    Also I'm glad to hear KOS-MOS is coming soon also since she is one of my all time favorite video game characters.

    One character I'm hoping will make it in eventually is Lucy from Elfen Lied, but I don't know what the chances of that are.
    Also it's good to see Sakura, who I don't hate as much as other people do (She gets a lot of hate for some reason, and people say she's "Useless" despite everything she has done.), but I'm really hoping Konan also makes it in too since she is my favorite Naruto character.

    Anyways thanks so much once again for everything that you do for us!
    Ahh yes, and now for some of my favorite quotes from Xiaomu

    "BUMPU!!!" (When she bumps the enemy with her booty!)
    "PEACHY BOMBER!!!" (Same as when she gives em the butt bump!)

    Also a couple quotes from Aschen Brödel (The green android girl from Endless Frontier.)

    "LET'S GYO!!!"

  3. Awesome release/update!

    I'll scratch Momiji and substitute her for Mei-Fang from Arcana Heart...a Chun-Li worthy adversary?

  4. Been playing this for a while. I really like some of the new characters that have come out so far. I was especially surprised by Bayonetta. You guys are awesome?

    Any chance we could see the following:

    Revy from Black Lagoon
    Anyone from KOF other than Mai (Shermie, Vice and Mature, etc)
    And finally Maria or Yoko from Castlevania.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. @joshuahalberg: You know, I was planning for Aschen Brodel to complete the set, but (for some reason) there aren't nearly enough fanart pics of her, so she'll have to wait for now.

    @Okami: Ah, Arcana Heart? The dojin fighters are flying past my radar lately, but sure, she seems good enough, and I'm all for trying to adapt weird mechanics from different games.

    @rumormonger: As a KOF fan, I do intend to feature as many as I can.
    And for a Castlevania representative, I had thought of the one you didn't mention, Shanoa, who is kinda more recent, but we'll see.

    I'll keep in mind your suggestions, though I can't promise anything, searching for good pics is quite time-consuming after all.

  6. Here's Mei-Fang from Arcana Heart!

    I have never played that fighting game series so I don't know her moves, but judging by the pics, she must kick a lot...haha...anything that looked extra spiffy I placed it under "special"...and oh yeah, she's a robot...

    Time for your 3 choices and 1 of mine!

    Soul Calibur V came out and I might get it though I'm disappointed some characters are not in...Zasalamel's kick-ass scythe combos will be missed...and I have never liked Tira!

  7. By the way, you missed a line on Menace's restriction page for Cursed Slap (you typed in only Jump instead of only move Jump) which I have to keep replacing with each update. :P There may be others, I'll let you know. I think there's a little bug with Emma Frost and her Toughness skill as it kept going to Psychic Bedlam Low instead.

  8. @rumormonger: Ah, thanks for telling me (and Menace was one of the first chars I added, too ^^U). I'm aiming to release the small patch to fix these little mistakes before tomorrow.

    @okami: Mei-Fang doesn't actually kick that much (she mostly uses flaming punches), but great work nonetheless!

    And, for the characters, I'm going for kind of an anime theme this time:

    -Revy (Black Lagoon): a gun-toting crazy girl with unparalleled skill, that sometimes uses other weapons

    -Lina Inverse (Slayers): an expert in black magic, that can use shamanism and white magic, as well as a short sword

    -Musubi (Sekirei): a raw fighter from a series where girls fight to become the best, I can't believe I didn't think of it

  9. Haha...well, now you got a challenge with Mei-Fang and her over-abundance of kicking...

    I'll pick Lina Inverse! I laughed a lot back in the day when I watched Slayers...the good thing with Lina is that if I don't find enough pics of her, she can easily be assisted by her comrades-in-arms...btw have you heard of League of Legends? I think there's a Lina Inverse character that you can play as...

  10. My personal pick will be the under-liked long-legged African, Elena from Street Fighter 3!

  11. Revy and Elena would be awesome additions.

  12. I agree. As the only girl left in SF3, Elena will need to have the famous "Parry" (not the usual parry, I mean). And, Capoeira always rules.

    Also, it's rather weird for SCV to come out, and us getting QG Pyrrha just the following month.

  13. Hundreds of pics of Lina Inverse and only one with her using her I guess she'll play like a full mage...

    It's been a while since I've seen Slayers and I saw three of them (NEXT and TRY?), so I don't know if she would be the mage that runs out of mana and needs to recharge (a la Sakuya's daggers) or if she'll just be using minor/medium spells until she unlocks her Dragon Slaver, Giga Slaver, Ragna Blade or whatever else...some of this would have some drawback due to how powerful they are, like loss of life or something...u work it out as always!

    It's funny that I liked that show a lot with a lead that was very much flat-chested...well, that's why we got Naga the Serpent and the dragon lady...good times!

  14. And now Street Fighter 3's long-legged Elena!

    lotsa kicks....I'm pleased to see that she is quite popular...too bad she didn't make the cut for the latest Street Fighters...

  15. I wonder how Elena's parry would transcribe in book form. A parry in 3rd Strike gives you a small bit of meter (if you're using that) and frame advantage, enough to allow her to strike back under some circumstances. The closest thing might be to direct the player to Off Balance, ignoring the score on either side (Parries do not do any block damage and just about anything can be parried except throws)

  16. Amazing work on those two! (I've only watched the first Slayers series myself, couldn't find the other series without horrible dub)

    I see Lina is all about magic, I'll try to cook up something nice, maybe consuming magic points that boost your spells or something...

    As for the Parry, perhaps it'll be a scoreless block with meter gain, that autohits on score, something like Irma/Echidna?

  17. That could work. This is rumormonger by the way, I'll be using this name from now on when I can. Damn Google mixing with my Youtube and everything else.

    I'm still playing around, looking for bugs. I love this game, so I'm willing to lend a hand in La Batalla del Acero de la Reina. Lol.

    Think I found one with Captain Liliana. Her Break Jaw isn't doing temporary damage, and I can't see why. In fact it does nothing on score.

  18. Temporary damage is supposed to work only if it defeats the character this turn, or else it actually does nothing, so if it's working fine, that's why nothing seems to happen.

    I guess for clarity purposes, I could actually substract those points and restore them the next turn... if I don't forget and it's not needlessly complicated :p

  19. Oh I get it. I guess you could do it for clarity's sake.

  20. Pyrrha's the next book, huh? I wonder if the alternate cover will be the player 2 outfit, or Pyrrha Omega (or female Nightmare as I call her). I did find a leaked image from the book on eBay (apparently the listing is a pre-order for the book going for $69).

    And while on the topic of Soul Calibur, I did happen to create Alleyne, Nanael, and Annelotte (both light and dark versions) is Soul Calibur 5's character creator.

  21. Nice. I thought I saw a link to someone making Queen's Blade characters in Soul Calibur 4. I think it was 4 anyway. The link went like this.

    1. That is indeed SC4. Here's the pictures of the characters made in SC5...

      Dark Annelotte: