Thursday, February 12, 2015

Queen's Blade Music Collection

About the quiz, in the end we got 53 participants, and only 14 of them got any of the 10 answers wrong, most in the 90-100% range, only like 3 in the 70-80%. So yeah, pretty easy after all, next one should be more of a challenge.

And next poll, who'd make a better resurrected fighter? Not an easy choice, that's for sure~

So about this week's post, we don't really use to do this, but I was asked not long ago in the wikia, so here it is, a collection of all the QB music CDs that I know of. Are there some hidden gems in there? Yes. Are any of the songs better than Buddy Body? Hm...~


Next week, we finish off all the Gate gals' freetalks, yay!


  1. The music is actually one of my favorite things about the QB series (among many other things). Not just the OPs and EDs, but even the background music. I like Buddy Body but I think my favorite is actually the intro from the first PSP game. Then there's also this:

    Damn, I haven't heard that in a while. It's really epic! Most people would never think it comes from an anime full of bare breasts. But it's not the only anime like that, cuz even Seikon no Qwaser has some music like that:

    As for the poll... yeah it's a tough one. Anarista is a true hotty, but then so is Shizuka, who has the better personality to boot (not to mention she's a ninja), so I have to go with her. Then again the other element to this is that the revived will belong to the Swamp Witch, won't she? :/ Well then Anarista would be more fitting, but still Shizuka would make for more interesting drama (especially with Tomoe).

    1. I agree, the music is the only part in Queen's Blade nobody could criticize, and yeah, the second theme was awesome, but they used it a bit too much in season2 and ova beautiful fighters.
      some friends of mine who I persuade to watch season 1 and 2 did not like it (meh, too much breasts^^) but all of them agreed to say the music was awesome!
      concerning this poll... Dude, your polls are harder than your quizz X)
      Anyway, I shall recommend Anarista to thee, master, for she is the one who has the power and the will to destroy monarchy! Therefore, to destroy the queen.

  2. The music in Queen's Blade is incredible. It goes a long way towards making QB much more than just fanservice.

    My vote easily goes to Shizuka. Shizuka returning would be great for deepening the story (especially if Shizuka was brainwashed to be evil), especially for Tomoe; plus, it would undo QB's only (and unnecessary) death. Plus, as a Tomoe/Shizuka fan, it would make me very happy, heh.