Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vanquished Queens 3 (3)

Edit(12-12): Seiten previewed at last, translated the thing here~

On the latest poll about new artists, Takeda Hiromitsu and Mogudan took it with 13v-32% and 7v-17%, then Amami Takatsume and Syun Matsuena tied up for third place with 6v-15%, and lastly a tie with Yukimi and Hanaharu Naruco with 3v-7%, then last place for Bai Asuka with 2v-5%.
Then, next poll is about armors, not that easy now, is it...?

And so, one more installment, up for grabs here. Liliana's part ahoy! Probably my favoritest VQ so far, not for the reasons you might expect though. Oh, and lookie Sainyang down there, lol.


Unfortunately, an intermission next week, d'oh.


  1. How many pages has this book in total?

    1. 19 as usual, plus comments and stuff.

    2. Uh scratch that, 19's the number of scenes. If you're counting the pages properly, that'd mean around 45, that is.

    3. Thanks, I said pages but actually I meant number of scenes.

  2. Dogura continues to be the worst thing about Queen's Blade.