Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Queen's Blade Rebellion Zero 7

First, for some assorted news, a big thanks to Waku-Subs for translating VQ OVA 2, with Nanael, Laila & Airi on it, plus our pal Gabriel tipped me in about this Mega Hobby event where you can see some original art by the QB artists (scroll towards the end of the page).

And with that said, here's the last part of this weird arc about the dwarves:

Download it here, and enjoy!


  1. That little bit at the end ("a few years later...") made the entire arc worthwhile.

    1. Yeah, and that's exclusive of the volume too, a pity we won't see the girl again, she was cute...

      Btw, we've been calling her half-jokingly "Bainn"... though that'd be "Boing" or "Baboing" now, I see :p

    2. Sorry to disappoint! I'll try and remember to change that when I get around to compiling this.

    3. Huh? No no, I was kidding, of course I expected you to translate the bouncy sounds properly ^^U

  2. It's a shame that none of the supporting cast in this arc were named, since that's sort of the template for giving them a wiki page (for me, at least).

    And F_A, no worries on the sound effects translation. Even if I didn't know Japanese, I knew what they were trying to indicate.