Sunday, November 7, 2010

QB Battle 16.0

Update for the app and media:

Megaupload: App + Media + Extra chars
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra chars

Added Arcade Mode endings for Elina, Nanael and Nyx, and edited Stella and Tanyan & Sainyan into english.


  1. hey leech keep up the good work....if think that you dnt have fans....well guess do XD great idea in creating this type of game....i really love it... xD

  2. Hey, first of all, thank you very much for this nice app, please keep up with the nice and good work.

    And second, It`s a problem I have I have 1 PC and 1 laptop, they are in the same network (my home) but I tried to play this in the online mode, and couldn`t, tried with LAN, and WAN, also tried with hamachi and there is the message that says that the connection was succefull, then in the character selection screen only the one who created the season could play, and the other was waiting for response forever, also the one who could play, it was always a character vs same character, and even did the same move as the ones you chose from. I hope you can help me, and sorry for my bad english, it isn´t my mother language

  3. That sounds as if you didn't cross the ports (for now, the ports must be different and your friend's listen port must be the same as your send port, and the other way around; I want to improve the netcode in the future). You can try it yourself by opening two apps side by side and selecting your own IP, like in these pics.

  4. Thank you very much!! that solved the problem, buy mainly because one of us was connecting to his IP ¬¬ (that was way too stupind XD) anyway thank you very much!, hope to see new improvements, Im trying the actualized version that today you lanched :D